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EIU Graduate School

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding Admissions

Questions Regarding Assistantships

Questions Regarding Graduation


Could I receive a graduate catalog in the mail?
  • We no longer print a graduate catalog. Click here to access the online catalog.
What master's degree programs are offered at Eastern?
  • A list of all graduate programs, including links to Web pages for each individual program, can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.
How do I apply to The Graduate School?
  • You can apply online by setting up a MyEIU account. or download a paper application. After processing of your initial application you will receive a program-specific application within your MyEIU account.
What is the minimum GPA I can have and still be admitted to Graduate School?
  • The Graduate School requires a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.75. If necessary, your GPA can be determined from your last 60 hours of undergraduate work. If your GPA is still below 2.75, you may be admitted as a “provisional” student with an opportunity to earn a 3.00 GPA on 12 hours of graduate course work. If you manage to do so, your provisional status is removed. Please note that programs reserve the right to require a higher GPA for admission; contact the program coordinator for information.
If I am classified as a provisional graduate student, do I still qualify for federal loans?
  • The term "provisional" means your GPA is below the required 2.75. If you are a provisional student, you are not eligible for federal loans. You can, however, apply for private loans. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for additional information.
I was provisional, but have taken 12 hours and earned a 3.00 GPA. What do I do to become fully admitted?
  • After each semester, provisional students are checked. If they meet the requirements, their statuses are changed. Remember, the courses in which the provisional student enrolls must be graduate courses. All departmental requirements must also be met.
Can I get an application fee waived?
  • The application fee is only waived for university employees, McNair Scholars, veterans, and GN4U qualified participants. No fee waivers are awarded under any other circumstances.
Does my program require test scores?
  • The following programs require submission of these test scores:
  1. GRE General: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Clinical Psychology (*Requirement waived for Fall 2023), Communication Disorders and Sciences,  Mathematics, MBA (or GMAT), School Psychology, Sustainable Energy (or GMAT).
  2. GMAT: Business Administration (or GRE), Sustainable Energy (or GRE).

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How do I apply for a graduate assistantship?
  • The application for assistantships is available at You must indicate the program/department(s) you are applying to on the application. The employing program/department forwards your nomination to The Graduate School for processing. The Graduate School mails your contract to you for a signature.
Does an assistantship cover the cost of my fees?
  • No. You are entitled to a tuition waiver scholarship when you are hired as a graduate assistant. This waiver covers your tuition only; you must pay your fees when you receive your bill.
My program does not have any openings. Which other departments will hire a graduate assistant?
  • The following units/departments hire assistants from a variety of disciplines: Panther Dining Services, Athletics Department, International Students and Scholars, Study Abroad, School of Extended Learning, The Graduate School, Housing, Student Recreation Center, Office of New Student Programs,  Career Services, Undergraduate Admissions, Health Services, and the University Union.
Can I get a graduate assistantship if I am in a certificate program or working on a second bachelor's degree?
  • No, you must be enrolled in a degree-seeking graduate program.
I worked as a graduate assistant this past year and would like to use my summer tuition waiver. How do I do that?
  • As a graduate assistant, you are entitled to one summer tuition waiver per academic year, regardless of whether or not you are working in the summer. You must inform The Graduate School of your intentions to use this waiver by filling out a summer tuition waiver form by April 1.
I got my summer bill and my tuition waiver is not on it. Why?
  • Did you fill out a summer tuition waiver form? If so, go ahead and pay your fees like you normally would; often times there is a delay in the posting of the waiver to your account. If not, fill out a tuition waiver form online.
I am a graduate assistant and would like to take more than the maximum number of hours allowed by my tuition waiver scholarship. What do I need to do?
  • You will need to complete and submit a waiver and appeals restoration of candidacy process form, it is available here: Have your graduate coordinator sign it and return it to The Graduate School for the dean's review. The Graduate School will notify you of its decision via e-mail. If approved, copies will be sent to the Office of Financial Aid in order for them to process your tuition waiver for the additional hours.

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How do I apply and reapply for graduation, and where do I find the application deadline dates?
  • You can apply and reapply for graduation using the PAWS system. The deadline dates differ each semester, so be sure to check the dates on PAWS or the academic calendar.
How do I get transfer courses approved?
  • First, check with your department to see if it will approve the transfer course(s). Then, make sure the transfer courses meet the transfer course requirements listed in the graduate catalog. If you still have questions, contact the certification officer in The Graduate School office. If transfer course(s) meet requirements, The Graduate School will need an official transcript showing the transfer course(s).
What is the latest that I can submit requirements in order to graduate?
  • We like to have all requirements by the close of the semester; however, there is usually a two- to three-week period after the semester closes in which a student can still be certified to graduate. This time frame is different each semester, so you will need to contact the certification officer in The Graduate School if you don't complete the requirements by the last day of the semester.
Can I participate in the commencement ceremony even though I am not completing requirements this semester?
  • Requests for participation in a commencement ceremony by exceptionality may be granted according to the following guidelines:
  1. Students who have applied to graduate summer term and are able to complete all graduate degree requirements by the end of the summer term may be granted permission to participate in the preceding spring commencement ceremony.
  2. Students with only thesis, internship or practicum to be completed may be granted permission to participate in the commencement ceremony preceding their final term.
  • Those qualifying for participation in a commencement ceremony by exceptionality must submit a request form prior to the deadline.

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