Waiver and Appeals Process

Waiver of a Policy on Graduate Education: The Council on Graduate Studies, in consultation with the Dean of the Graduate School, establishes policies on graduate education to insure that graduate degree programs and graduate courses are rigorous and meet the highest standards of graduate scholarship. It is expected that all graduate students will remain in compliance with requirements for degrees or post-baccalaureate study established by the Graduate School. On rare occasions, circumstances beyond the student's control may warrant a variation from the established requirements. Any variation from the policies must be approved through the Graduate School waiver and appeals process. All waivers must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School prior to initiating the policy variation. Students may appeal waivers denied by the Dean to the Council on Graduate Studies Waiver and Appeals Subcommittee. The Waiver and Appeals Subcommittee will review the appeal and recommend a decision to the Council on Graduate Studies which will appear in the Council's Minutes.
Policies on graduate education that may not be waived or appealed.
  • The 16 graduate semester hour load limit for fall and spring terms
  • The 13 graduate semester hour load limit for summer term
  • The required 3.00 cumulative graduate GPA for graduate degree completion
  • The minimum number of semester hours for a masters degree
  • The minimum number of semester hours of new course work for the specialist's degree
  • The minimum number of semester hours in residency for all graduate degrees
  • The 3.00 cumulative GPA for assistantship eligibility

The Graduate School Application Fee is a mandatory fee approved by the Board of Trustees (BOT Regulations VJ3L) and can only be waived by the Board of Trustees.

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Name : E#:

Address : Phone:
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Semester/Term of Request :

Department/Degree Program Name:

Policy to be waived (Cite catalog page, if applicable):

For policy waivers, 1) cite the circumstances beyond the control of the student and 2) explain why the variation will not diminish the quality of graduate scholarship:

Please deliver this form to your Graduate Coordinator and they will record their decision below.
Graduate Coordinator's Decision:  I do NOT support the request 

I support the request for the following reasons:




Department Representative on Request of Coordinator:
The Graduate Coordinator may request that other department representatives provide additional input regarding the waiver appeal.  Additional input [if required by the coordinator] should be provided in the space below.

    The decision of the Dean of the Graduate School and the Council on Graduate Studies (when applicable) will be provided to all parties.