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More than 700 undergraduate students have been named to Eastern Illinois University’s Fall 2018 Deans' List.

The Deans’ List at EIU recognizes undergraduates with a declared major whose academic performance has been excellent. Students who achieve a GPA of 3.80 to 4.00 (on a 4.00 scale) while completing a minimum of 12 graded semester hours, excluding credit/no credit grades, in a fall or spring semester will be named to the Deans’ List. (Zip code information has been included for media use.)


Name City State Zip College Department
Grimes, Taylor E.AlbionIL62806EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Sedam, Tyler C.AledoIL61231Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Boston, Cerys L.AlexanderIL62601EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Smith, Kilee A.AlexanderIL62601-7004Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Cieslak, JohnAlgonquinIL60102Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gayaldo, Savanah D.AlgonquinIL60102Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Westfall, Ian L.AlgonquinIL60102-5443Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Miller, Jacob C.AltamontIL62411Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Frosch, Jackson R.AltonIL62002Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Brown, Nicole M.AltonaIL61414-9582Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Scullen, Brenna R.AndoverMN55304-2598Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Manderscheid, Rachel A.AnkenyIA50023Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Fino, Hannah L.AntiochIL60002-2730Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
McIlvaine, John E.APOAP96205Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Kuhns, Valerie D.ArcolaIL61910EducationSpecial Education
Miller, Macie A.ArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Myers, Hannah K.ArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Smothers, Hannah R.ArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Clearwater, Jessica C.Arlington HeightsIL60004-1301Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Rehwinkel, Kate E.ArnoldMO63010-1341Business & TechnologySchool of Business
LaGrou, Kayley L.ArthurIL61911Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Pinney, Ashlynn K.Ashland IL62612Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Lawson, Devanne R.AshmoreIL61912EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Garner, Madisyn L.AssumptionIL62510Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Ludwig, Caleb H.AssumptionIL62510-8022EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Richardson, Hannah M.AssumptionIL62510EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Schuette, AllisonAtlantaIL61723Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Hilliard, Sarah E.AtwoodIL61913-1000Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
MacKenzie, Karlie J.AuburnIL62615-1115EducationSpecial Education
May, Stephanie N.AuroraIL60502Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Willis, Nathan S.BarringtonIL60010-2842Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Johanson, Allen E.BartlettIL60103-6513Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Christianson, Colton A.BataviaIL60510Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Eckberg, Erik M.BataviaIL60510Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Horan, Hannah K.BataviaIL60510Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Stolfa, Kayla L.BataviaIL60510Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Stanevich, Rachel M.BeecherIL60401Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Hu, QihuaBeijing102600Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Bosworth, Emily R.BellevilleIL62223Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Cherry, Ke'Ara N.BellevilleIL62226-2164Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Gallaher, Katherine N.BellevilleIL62220EducationSpecial Education
Harrison, William S.BellevilleIL62223Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Hill, Whitney D.BellevilleIL62226Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
King, Chermaine M.BellevilleIL62221Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Morris, Willie J.BellevilleIL62223Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Reinhardt, Alana L.BellevilleIL62223Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Sauerwein, Katey L.BellevilleIL62221Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Wilkes, Katryna N.BellevilleIL62226Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Moody, Travis L.BellmontIL62811Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Watzlawick, Karl J.BementIL61813-1553Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Puzzo, Matthew P.BensenvilleIL60106Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Birch, Savannah N.BethanyIL61914Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Monroe, Amy E.BethanyIL61914Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Monroe, Blair K.BethanyIL61914Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Yeakel, Seth W.BethanyIL619149515Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Albert, Matthew J.BettendorfIA52722Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Horan, Rebecca A.BloomingtonIL61704Liberal Arts & SciencesPhilosophy
Klein, William B.BloomingtonIN47404Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Olson, Kate L.BloomingtonIL61704-8191Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Vincent, Alexa J.BloomingtonIL61701Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Esparza, StephanieBlue IslandIL60406-2112Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Jones, Mikayla E.BOURBONNAISIL60914-2214Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Meents, Olivia N.BourbonnaisIL60914Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Naranjo, Abigayl M.BourbonnaisIL60914EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Schuh, AubreyBourbonnaisIL60914EducationSpecial Education
Swisher, Holly M.BracevilleIL60407-9757EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Gunning, Caleb W.BradfordIL61421Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wunder, Aleah C.BradleyIL60915Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Gonski, Karen M.BraidwoodIL60408-1826Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gonski, Laura M.BraidwoodIL60408EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Harbison, Dexter T.BrightonIL62012Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Harbison, Mya J.BrightonIL62012-1340Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Bielenberg-Gilbert, Gabriel C.BroadlandsIL61816EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Kuester, Tamra R.Buckley IL60918Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Keane, Megan K.BurbankIL60459Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Allen, Danielle A.BurlingtonONL7N 2T1Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hennegan, Samantha A.BurlingtonWI53105-9107Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Reynolds, Veriah A.CahokiaIL62206Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Kingsmith, Gage R.CalgaryABT2S 1E6Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Wells, Lindsay E.CamargoIL61919-3361EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Andrews, JakeCambridgeCB223DGBusiness & TechnologySchool of Technology
Andrews, TobyCambridgeFCCB22 3DGBusiness & TechnologySchool of Technology
Kauzlarich, Lani M.CantonIL61520-1935EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Kurili, Luke A.CantonMI48187Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Oetzel, Alysh O.CarbondaleIL62901-2245Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Reiher, Madeline M.CarlinvilleIL62626Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Blankenberger, Carrie A.CarmiIL62821EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Curtiss, Samantha R.Carol StreamIL60188Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Laleian, Theodore E.Carol StreamIL60188-3394Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Spathies, Jacquelyn M.Carol StreamIL60188Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Cox, Victoria K.CaseyIL62420EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Tutewiler, Ellie N.CaseyIL62420-3130Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Wilkins, Chelsey N.CaseyIL62420Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Dexter, Spenser D.CasperWY82601-3830Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Balakhani, Madalyn M.CentraliaIL62801EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Crane, Katie L.CentraliaIL62801Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Hamilton, Brandon N.ChampaignIL61821-4823Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Maxwell, Kayla M.ChampaignIL61821Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Salmon, Taylor G.ChampaignIL61822-9767EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Storm, Brooke D.ChampaignIL61822-2046EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Watson, Melissa C.ChampaignIL61821EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Binkowski, Ireland K.ChannahonIL60410-3345Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Haritopoulos, Kallie P.ChannahonIL60410Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Zalewski, Victoria A.ChannahonIL60410Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Arterburn, Brian T.CharlestonIL61920Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Barnett, Corinne G.CharlestonIL61920-3493Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Bayer, Addison R.CharlestonIL61920-3156Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Bayer, Jackson C.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Burton, Ashlee M.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Carlson, Madison B.CharlestonIL61920-0293Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Coffey, Kamae R.CharlestonIL61920EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Cole, Dylan T.CharlestonIL61920-3808Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Conley, Masyn M.CharlestonIL61920Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Crowder, Dakota L.CharlestonIL61920EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Dillon, Jacey R.CharlestonIL61920Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Durham, Jenna M.CharlestonIL61920-3905Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Endsley, Allison N.CharlestonIL61920Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Fifield, Alexa M.CharlestonIL61920-3731Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Ford, Rick L.CharlestonIL61920-4104Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Fuller, Caleb J.CharlestonIL61920Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Gerengo, Arsene K.CharlestonIL61920Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Gingerich, AndrewCharlestonIL61920-2797Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Goodwin, Madison C.CharlestonIL61920EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Harris, Christiana M.CharlestonIL61920-4913Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Hasprey, Katlyn V.CharlestonIL61920-3331Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Hoover, Cole D.CharlestonIL61920EducationSpecial Education
Kennedy, Grace M.CharlestonIL61920EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Knight, Abigail L.CharlestonIL61920-3334Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Lovejoy, Jessica P.CharlestonIL61920-3646EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Magee, Rebekah H.CharlestonIL61920-2644Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Maulding, Lacy J.CharlestonIL61920Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
McInerney, Colin R.CharlestonIL61920Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Mensah, Shirley T.CharlestonIL61920-2723Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Miller, Christine L.CharlestonIL61920-4225EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Miller, Miranda L.CharlestonIL61920-2139Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Miller, Robert S.CharlestonIL61920-2438Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Noll, Keegan B.CharlestonIL61920-2325Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Ochs, Damon S.CharlestonIL61920Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Okrasinski, Jeffrey M.CharlestonIL61920Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Pankey, Sydney E.CharlestonIL61920Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Scroggins, MacKenzie F.CharlestonIL61920-4923Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Smith, Jakira D.CharlestonIL61920-4037Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Tozer, Kennedy C.CharlestonIL61920-3143Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Walker, Shawn A.CharlestonIL61920EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Wilson, Justin L.CharlestonIL61920-4313Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Carlson, Lindsey R.CharlotteMI48813Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Ward, Catherine M.ChathamIL62629Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Bettenhausen, Alyssa J.ChatsworthIL60921-9269Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Matusik, Morgan D.ChelseaMI48118Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Atchison, Morgan E.ChesterIL62233Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Martin, Claire E.ChesterfieldMO63017Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Asama, CaitlynChicagoIL60649Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Burke, Ryan J.ChicagoIL60655Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Collins, Carlos D.ChicagoIL60616Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Cunningham, Jalyn S.ChicagoIL60649-2614Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Dorsey, Dymine S.CHICAGOIL60652-3439Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Frye, Amani M.ChicagoIL60628-3224Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gonzalez, Matthew R.ChicagoIL60633-1323Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Granat, Kayla J.ChicagoIL60609Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Jackson - Gladney, Amani T.ChicagoIL60649Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Marcos, Jaime A.ChicagoIL60630Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Moedano, CynthiaChicagoIL60623-3640Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Reynolds, Simone G.ChicagoIL60628Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Smith, Mariah A.ChicagoIL60649Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Wei, FoyChicagoIL60630-3331Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Barker, Halee E.Chicago RidgeIL60415EducationSpecial Education
Puterbaugh, Tara A.ChillicotheIL61523Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Alexander, Joshua J.ChrismanIL61924-1700Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Witmer, Chelsea N.ChrismanIL61924EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Melvin, Jackson R.ChristopherIL62822-1521Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Walker, Haylee A.CisneIL62823Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
McMath, Alek K.ClintonIL61727Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Matusiak, Alicia E.Coal CityIL60416Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Barrio Sanchez, PilarCobena28863Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Karsteter, Mason R.CollinsvilleIL62234Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Philpott, Paige N.CollinsvilleIL62234Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Fletcher, Kelly L.ColumbiaIL62236EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Koch, MarieCrailsheim74564Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Dolehide, Morgan J.CrestwoodIL60445Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Haugh, Briana M.CrestwoodIL60445Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Campos, Araceli Y.Crystal LakeIL60014-1916Liberal Arts & SciencesForeign Languages
Craig, Caitlyn M.Crystal LakeIL60014-8875Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Craig, Jessica N.Crystal LakeIL60014EducationSpecial Education
Hannah, Ian R.Crystal LakeIL60014Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Oswald, Michael R.Crystal LakeIL60014Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Walper, Alexys N.Crystal LakeIL60014Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion


Name City State Zip College Department
Kim, JeonghyunDAEJEON34867Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Yang, Yong MoDaejeon34191Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Wahl, Abby N.DaleIN47523-9375EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Black, Grace M.DanvilleIL61834-6714EducationSpecial Education
Burton, Megan K.DanvilleIL61832Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Kitchens, Fallon R.DanvilleIL61834Liberal Arts & SciencesForeign Languages
Sackett, Stacey K.DanvilleIL61834EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Sermersheim, Gloria M.DanvilleIL61832-2441EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Tucker, Gary S.DanvilleIL61832EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Kull, Bailey M.DarienIL60561Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Runge, Margaret G.DavenportIA52807Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Irish, Chloe P.De PereWI54115EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Bartholomew, Nathaniel J.DecaturIL62521Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Bechtold, William H.DecaturIL62526-1330Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Cody, Lauren N.DecaturIL62521-5820Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Cook, Kieran A.DecaturIL62522Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Kupferschmid, Audrey M.DecaturIL62526EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
McCleery, Cassie S.DecaturIL62521Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Outzen, William R.DecaturIL62521Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Peeples, Destinee T.DecaturIL62526-2095EducationSpecial Education
Wall, Jacob D.DecaturIL62521-5042Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Dambek, Emma L.DecorahIA52101Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Mitchell, Bailey N.DelavanIL61734Liberal Arts & SciencesForeign Languages
Schmidt, Connor A.DeweyIL61840Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Robson, Cade H.DiamondIL60416-7081Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Hester, Drew C.DixIL62830Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Sanford, Marissa L.DixonIL61021-2034Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Mellen, Jade N.Downers GroveIL60516Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Ramus, MonikaDowners GroveIL60516Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Youngdahl, Megan N.Downers GroveIL60515EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Davis, Lindsey R.Du QuoinIL62832Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
File, Delainey M.Du QuoinIL62832-2526Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Keith, Sophia A.Du QuoinIL62832Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Roark, Emma J.DundasIL62425Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Stanley, Karri M.EarlvilleIL60518-8246EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Proctor, James M.East DundeeIL60118Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Jones, Dallas A.EdwardsvilleIL62025No College DesignatedUndeclared
Roberts, Craig W.EdwardsvilleIL62025No College DesignatedUndeclared
Romano, Francesco W.EdwardsvilleIL62025-5337Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Allen, Sarah A.EffinghamIL62401Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Arnold, Dydra M.EffinghamIL62401-2767Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Avery, Keegan R.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Bourgeois, Kyle L.EffinghamIL62401EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Conley, Kristen N.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Deweese, ValerieEffinghamIL62401Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Dillow, Ashlyn N.EffinghamIL62401-7449Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Durbin, Gabriella N.EFFINGHAMIL62401-2202Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Esker, Blake A.EffinghamIL62401EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Jansen, Luke J.EffinghamIL62401-6930Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Jones, Tanner C.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Meier, Megan A.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Mersman, Lauren M.EffinghamIL62401-6852EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Phillips, Brittany L.EffinghamIL62401EducationSpecial Education
Price, Jade M.EffinghamIL62401-4555Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Swan, Jami L.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wilson, Morgan R.EffinghamIL62401EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Aguilera, Lizette E.ElginIL60120-3614Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Morales, Mitzi S.ElginIL60123-4939EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Spinnato, Jake A.ElginIL60124Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Zipoy, Hannah N.ElginIL60124EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
House, Jason S.ElizabethtownKY42701-9400Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Smola, Bailey C.Elk Grove VillageIL60007EducationSpecial Education
Homeyer, Ethan M.ErieIL61250Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Becker, Daniel D.EssexIL60935Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Egan, Caroline N.Evergreen ParkIL60805Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Jackman, Ashley F.FairburyIL61739-1145Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Schonert, Jared W.FairmountIL61841Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Tabit, Jason D.FairportNY14450Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Castle, Makayla R.Farmer CityIL61842-1411Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Kueck, Austin W.FarmingtonMN55024EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
O'Brien, Freddie J.FarnhamBusiness & TechnologySchool of Business
Miller, Nicole L.FindlayIL62534Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Bayles, Brooke M.FLORAIL62839-2418EducationSpecial Education
Stanford, Alyssa N.FloraIL62839-2604Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Winka, Brooke T.FloraIL62839Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Greiner, Brooke R.FlorissantMO63034Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Miller, Michael D.FlorissantMO63033-3119Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Greaney, Erica F.FlossmoorIL60422EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Ebert, Kaitlyn M.FoleyAL36535Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Turner, Abigail E.ForsythIL62535-1038Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Wisner, Jennifer L.ForsythIL62535-1102Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Cunningham, Jack E.Fox River GroveIL60021-1117Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Fushi, Skylar R.FrankfortIL60423Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
O'Connor, Thomas R.FrankfortIL60423Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Rascop, Rachael M.FrankfortIL60423Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci


Name City State Zip College Department
Hicks, Lillian M.GalesburgIL61401Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Martell, Shelby G.GalesburgMI49053-8709Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Peck, Sean M.GalesburgIL61401-1311Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Knieling, Luka L.Gauting82131Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Wetzel, Haleigh M.GaysIL61928-7030EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Grepares, MandyGeffIL62842-1066Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Raschke, Logan R.GeneseoIL61254Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Burke, John T.GenevaIL60134-6102Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Hughes, Anne E.GenevaIL60134-3723Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Kliros, Alexis N.GenevaIL60134EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Howard, Hunter R.GeorgetownIL61846-2019EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Winslow, Rachel M.GeorgetownIL61846-1843EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Hahn, Benjamin M.Germantown HillsIL61548Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Lohman, Sarah A.GilbertAZ85233Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Poulsen, AmandaGilleleje3250Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
Honn, Dillon N.GilmanIL60938Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Robinson, Ashlee R.Glen CarbonIL62034-1491EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Svoboda, Amy E.Glen CarbonIL62034Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Yurik, David R.GlenviewIL60025Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Bogert, McKenzie R.GodfreyIL62035-2502EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Vemmer, Nathan A.Grand JunctionCO81501-4774Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Dove, Landon T.Green RidgeMO65332-2804Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Kobleska, Janelle M.GreendaleWI53129-2239EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Murphy, Jacob D.GreenupIL62428-3147Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Alderman, Kassidy L.GreenvilleIL62246Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Hughes, Jordyn C.GurneeIL60031Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Stingle, Gerald P.GurneeIL60031Business & TechnologySchool of Technology


Name City State Zip College Department
Carpenter, Siera L.Hanover ParkIL60133Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Sagez, Susanna L.HardinIL62047EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Harkrader, Cole G.HarrisonvilleMO64701Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Hickerson, Lori M.HartfordIL62048Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Ley, Madison N.HavanaIL62644-1555EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Hadley, Alicia L.HerrickIL62431-4104Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Litzenburg, Claire E.HighlandIL62249EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Mueller, Bret J.HighlandIL62249Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Nation, Rebecca K.HighlandIL62249-4208Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Steele, Taylor M.HighlandIN46322Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hudson, Alexandrea N.HindsboroIL61930EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Kenny, Alexander P.HometownIL60456-1137Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Jones, Logan J.HomewoodIL60430Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Myler, Macie L.HoopstonIL60942-1487Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Billy, Jeremy B.HuntleyIL60142-6013Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Khamisani, Noor Ul HaashHyderabad00009Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Adediran, Adeboye O.IkejaFC100232Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Lee, JiyeonIncheon22762Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Wood, Lindsey A.IoniaMI48846-8435Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Mason, Amanda M.Island LakeIL60042-8480Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Horton, Grace E.IukaIL62849-1161Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology


Name City State Zip College Department
Hall, Jocelyn M.JacksonvilleIL62650Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Massey, Sarah L.JacksonvilleIL62650Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Bryden, Sarah S.JerseyvilleIL62052Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Ames, Kristen N.JolietIL60431Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Butler, Nia A.JolietIL60432EducationSpecial Education


Name City State Zip College Department
Flesner, Maddie D.KansasIL61933-6129Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Staggs, Kylie R.KansasIL61933-9721Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wilson, Ashton A.KansasIL61933Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Roka, PrinsaKathmanduBusiness & TechnologySchool of Business
Welgat, Courtney L.KewaneeIL61443-3075Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Fazio, Megan E.KirklandWA980346337EducationSpecial Education
Leedham, Sarah R.KnoxvilleIL61448Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci


Name City State Zip College Department
McPhedran, Makayla E.La SalleIL61301Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Bund, Bryan T.Lake ForestIL60045Business & TechnologySchool of Business
LaBrasca, Eric A.Lake in the HillsIL60156-4898Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Wasserman, Jessica R.Lake in the HillsIL60156Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Fitzpatrick, Emily N.LakewoodCO80227EducationSpecial Education
Mwalongo, Sihile P.LakewoodIL600143325No College DesignatedUndeclared
Hill, Lucy R.LawrencevilleIL62439Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
McDonald, Taylor R.Le RoyIL61752Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Morgan, Kelli D.Le RoyIL61752-9461EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Morrow, Miranda S.Le RoyIL61752-1838Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Lamarque, Caro J.LeclaireIA52753Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Bradford, Cory A.LeeIL60530-9032Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rex, Audrey N.LemontIL60439-6478Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Freeman, Roger S.LernaIL62440-2223Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Scurlock, Cullen M.LexingtonIL61753Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
E, YancongLiaoyang111000Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Mackey, Samantha A.LibertyvilleIL60048EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Moran, Michael J.LibertyvilleIL60048-4611Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Conrady, Claire E.LincolnIL62656Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Gernady, Karleen L.LindenhurstIL60046Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Nance, AmandaLindenhurstIL60046-7019Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Zurek, Erin E.LisleIL60532Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Evans, Megan D.LitchfieldIL62056Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Komor, Brooke M.LitchfieldIL62056-1862Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Poffinbarger, Connor L.LitchfieldIL62056Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Chrzanowska, CarolineLockportIL60441-4025EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Pierce, Haley L.LockportIL60441-3004EducationSpecial Education
Salutric, Amber L.LockportIL60441Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Wisz, Autumn M.LockportIL60441Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Woodley, Jasmine I.LombardIL60148Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Lovett, Miranda L.LouisvilleIL62858-2188Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Schrock, Leah D.LouisvilleIL62858EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Sweeney, Trey T.LouisvilleKY40291-4105Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Workman, Ethan J.LouisvilleIL62858-2936Business & TechnologySchool of Technology


Name City State Zip College Department
McArthy, Tess E.MackinawIL61755Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Gillaspie, HannahManchesterMO63088-1435Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Armstrong-Benson, Naomi P.MansfieldIL61854Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Moxley, Emily E.MansfieldIL61854Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Mallaney, Jezel I.MantenoIL60950Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Reardanz, Mark W.MantenoIL60950-3058Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Weishaar, Morgan A.MantenoIL60950-1542Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Bullock, Willard T.MariettaGA30064-2648Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Gleeson, Jacob O.MariettaGA30064-4194No College DesignatedUndeclared
Berger, Zachary R.MarseillesIL61341Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Meyer, Alexandria E.MarshallIL62441Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Washburn, Izabella G.MarshallIL62441Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Worstell, India M.MarysvilleOH43040-1438Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Fleming, Mary E.MattesonIL60443-2717Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Adams, Melanie M.MattoonIL61938-2137Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Brand, Kara C.MattoonIL61938EducationSpecial Education
Brockman, Jaida S.MattoonIL61938-5911Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Browning, David K.MattoonIL61938Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Carpenter, Nathan J.MattoonIL61938-9049Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Cox, Brooke N.MattoonIL61938Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Drum, Macie B.MattoonIL61938-3630Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Easton, Breanna M.MattoonIL61938Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Eveland, Dylan M.MattoonIL61938-5335Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Gosnell, Kathrine M.MattoonIL61938-5620Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Grant, Morgan M.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Hawkins, Blake A.MattoonIL61938Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Henness, Craig P.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ingram, Brandon C.MattoonIL61938-3571Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Janes, Creed L.MattoonIL61938-2017Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Johanpeter, Mayla J.MattoonIL61938-2505EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Kinnett, Rebecca A.MattoonIL61938-5033EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Levingston, Hunter E.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Love, Hillary A.MattoonIL61938-6543Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Nichols, Alyssa N.MattoonIL61938-8504Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Nichols, Jessica L.MattoonIL61938-8451Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Orr, Ashley N.MattoonIL61938-3614Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Padgett, William C.MattoonIL61938-9356EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Patel, Palak M.MattoonIL61938Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Pearson, Kaitlyn M.MattoonIL61938Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Reeder, Danielle E.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rhine, Alexander L.MattoonIL61938Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Sharp, Will C.MattoonIL61938-9737Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Smith, Taylor S.MattoonIL61938EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Smith, Whitney S.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Snow, Dominique P.MattoonIL61938EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Spidle, Marlo A.MattoonIL61938Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Billingsley, Matthew W.McLeanIL61754-7617Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Keigher, Estelle E.MelvinIL60952-4069EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Schwartz, Brooke S.MenomonieWI54751-4702Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Manning, Grant W.MetamoraIL61548-8586Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Morris, Faith D.MetcalfIL61940-1011Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Sylvester, Allie M.MidlothianIL60445-2585Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Thompson, Valerie J.MilfordOH45150-9751Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Baltz, Conor L.MillstadtIL62260Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Fuller, Katelynn E.MinookaIL60447Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Hebeda, Brittany M.MinookaIL60447-8828EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Redmon, Danielle E.MinookaIL60447EducationSpecial Education
Butz, Andrew C.MokenaIL60448Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Caria, Nicole M.MokenaIL60448Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Walters, Ashley N.MoneeIL60449Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Alexander, Allison J.Monroe CenterIL61052EducationSpecial Education
Edwards, Julia C.MontgomeryIL60538-2501EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Woolley, Alex A.MonticelloIL61856Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Flach, Courtney M.MontroseIL62445Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
VanOudt, Macarthur R.MorrisIL60450-9026No College DesignatedUndeclared
Sutfin, James E.Morton GroveIL60053Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Mann, Abigail K.Mount AuburnIL62547-3531Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Henson, Breeanna S.Mount CarmelIL62863-2830Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Whittler, Julia R.Mount CarmelIL62863EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Caputo, JosephMount ProspectIL60056Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Smith, Alexandra R.MoweaquaIL62550EducationSpecial Education
Smith, Jameson P.MoweaquaIL62550-1104EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Noll, Isabella M.Mt CarmelIL62863EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Hauge, Laura J.Mt ZionIL62549EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Jones, Mason D.Mt ZionIL625491388Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Poland, Shonna A.Mt ZionIL62549EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Watson, Jacob D.Mt ZionIL62549-1024Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Acosta, Jocelyn Y.MundeleinIL60060-3088Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Aguilar, CarolineMundeleinIL60060-3072Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
DeVito, Maria T.MundeleinIL60060Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Parola, Ashley A.MundeleinIL60060Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Rieger, Louisa F.Munich81735Business & TechnologySchool of Business


Name City State Zip College Department
Gallione, Alexa M.NapervilleIL60565EducationSpecial Education
Kiessling, Amanda B.NapervilleIL60564Liberal Arts & SciencesForeign Languages
Lewin, Lauren E.NapervilleIL60564Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Wurst, Meghan L.NapervilleIL60564EducationSpecial Education
Beard, Kelsey D.NeogaIL62447Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Blazich, Jessica J.NeogaIL62447Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Brandenburg, Nicholas W.NeogaIL62447Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Brown, Tachel N.NeogaIL62447-2720Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Effner, Kieran L.NeogaIL62447Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Gresens, Taylor L.NeogaIL62447Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Herring, Brandi K.NeogaIL62447Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Watson, Jessica L.NeogaIL62447Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Goff, Eric R.New BadenIL62265-2205Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Goff, Justin A.New BadenIL62265Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Washburn, Rachel E.New BadenIL62265EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Austin, Morgan C.New LenoxIL60451Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Pedziwiatr, Scott J.New LenoxIL60451-8634Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Hemrich, Anna J.NewtonIL62448Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Shamhart, Ashley N.NewtonIL62448-4285Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Wengerski, John C.NilesIL60714Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Shulk, Erin K.NoblesvilleIN46060Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Boomgarden, Samantha A.NormalIL61761Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Havens, James L.NormalIL61761Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Havens, Madeline A.NormalIL61761Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Jordan, Maresa J.NormalIL61761Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
McCormick, Clarice R.NormalIL61761-9635Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Ruter, Elijah J.NormalIL61761-4895Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Sieg, Hannah K.NormalIL61761-5604Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Wilson, Madelyn K.NormalIL61761-3211Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Bolton, Kali B.O'FallonIL62269Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Hanalla, Mina A.Oak ForestIL60452Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Fadden, Natalie A.Oak LawnIL60453Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Hicks, Elizabeth C.Oak LawnIL60453-2301Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Jedry, Madison P.Oak LawnIL60453EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Walsh, Liliana J.Oak ParkIL60304Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
McBurney, Benjamin R.OaklandIL619435258Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Barnes, Michael A.OakleyIL62501-7093Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Carson, Emily K.OakwoodIL61858EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Morton, Alexa L.OakwoodIL61858EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Webb, Ashley-Joy H.OakwoodIL61858-9602Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Madrid, Kalle M.OblongIL62449-4032EducationSpecial Education
Smothers, Connor E.OblongIL62449EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Wood, Elizabeth H.OconeeIL62553-4124Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Anderson, Paige N.OlneyIL62450Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Carie, John D.OlneyIL62450-5431Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Dunn, Madelyn E.OlneyIL62450Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Melcom, Shane H.OlneyIL62450Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Satterfield, Ryan C.OlneyIL62450Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Snyder, Rachel L.OlneyIL62450-6911EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Volk, Robin M.OlneyIL62450-4356Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Zwilling, Rachel L.OlneyIL62450EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Abalos, MarielleOnargaIL60955-1223Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Abalos, MarielleOnargaIL60955-1223Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Pool, Kyle J.OnargaIL60955-1344Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Poole, Caleb W.Onarga IL60955Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Jones, Gillian D.OreanaIL62554-9780Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
DeZutter, Angel L.Orland HillsIL60487Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Manning, Jason T.Orland ParkIL60462Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Pelegrino, Jessica A.Orland ParkIL60467-5284Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Ellam, Nicolette K.OSWEGOIL60543Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Labora, Brandon M.OswegoIL60543Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Murgas, Erin X.OswegoIL605437114Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Treadway, Michal J.OswegoIL60543-9145Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Griglione, Hannah L.OttawaIL61350Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Jacobs, Matthew D.OttawaIL61350Business & TechnologySchool of Business


Name City State Zip College Department
Carlson, Nathaniel H.PalatineIL60067Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Radovanovitch, Sophia L.PalatineIL60074Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Fuller, Resa L.PalestineIL62451Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Bradford, Timothy A.Palos HillsIL60465Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Groves, Samuel D.ParisIL61944-0292Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Henness, Luken R.ParisIL61944Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Holloway, Mary M.ParisIL61944Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Jones, Johnathan D.ParisIL61944Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Land, Conner W.ParisIL61944Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Lau, Everett C.ParisIL61944-6077Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Lawson, Elizabeth J.ParisIL61944-2404EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Mace, Britan A.ParisIL61944-2053EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Smith, Katherine M.ParisIL61944-6106Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Tegeler, Amber D.ParisIL61944Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Yantis, Jessica A.ParisIL61944-6018EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Slaria, SrishtiPATHANKOT145001Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
Dennis, Abigail E.PeoriaIL61604-2445Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Theisen, Kathryn G.PeoriaIL61607Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Wiedeman, Madison R.Peoria HeightsIL61616-6435EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Kmety, Cynthia E.PeotoneIL60468Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Kurowski, Isabelle J.PeotoneIL60468-9289Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Ed, Kristen M.PetersburgIL62675Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Welch, Jillian L.PHOENIXAZ85032-4426EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Griffin, Megan H.PlainfieldIL60586EducationSpecial Education
Fox, Danielle L.Pleasant PlainsIL62677-3788EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Moore, Alyssa M.PocahontasIL62275-1048Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Patterson, Tess M.PontiacIL61764-2329Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ricketts, Caitlyn J.PontiacIL61764-1752Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Young, Kayla J.Prairie Du RochIL62277Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci


Name City State Zip College Department
Hollenstine, Sarah K.QuincyIL62301Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Wharton, Victoria M.Quinte WestONK0K1H0Business & TechnologySchool of Business


Name City State Zip College Department
Lay, Sydney D.RamseyIL62080-0019EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Diaz, Luis F.RantoulIL61866EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Baldwin, Nathaniel T.RICHMONDIL60071-9223EducationSpecial Education
Hurd, Samantha M.Richton ParkIL60471-1419Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Hose, Ethan J.RobinsonIL62454Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Martin, Shay N.RobinsonIL62454-2536Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Mullins, Candace M.RobinsonIL62454EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Neese, Cameron M.RobinsonIL62454Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
York, Delaney D.RobinsonIL62454-6366Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Weston, Anakin M.RochelleIL61068-1359Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Dokken, Lindy J.RockfordIL61108Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Matthews, Brandy R.RockfordIL61101Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Page, Shaelyn R.RockfordIL61108Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Szostakiewicz, Jagoda U.Rolling MeadowsIL60008Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Bushnell, Samantha M.RoodhouseIL62082Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Calabrese, Morgan L.RoselleIL60172Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Donaldson, Daniel M.RoselleIL60172Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Linek, David Z.RoselleIL60172-4039Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Peck, Connor A.RoselleIL60172Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Garza, Isabella R.Round Lake BeachIL60073-4406Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Gross, Ingrid A.Saint CharlesIL60175Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Durbin, Amanda J.Saint ElmoIL62458-1150Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Emmert, Abigail L.Saint JosephIL61873Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Mabry, Samantha G.SAINT JOSEPHIL61873-8415Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Hager, Rachel N.Saint LouisMO63144-1114Health & Human ServicesNursing
Suber, Jekeel C.Saint LouisMO63146-5053Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Stucker, Morgan N.Sainte MarieIL62459Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Barnfield, Jennings L.SalemIL62881-2557Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Fitzwater, Morgan E.SalemIL62881Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Mark, Sienna S.SalmonID83467Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Gilbert, Samantha R.SandwichIL60548Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Barnes, Nicole A.SavoyIL61874Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Heitman, Robyn O.SchaumburgIL60194Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Mayer, Michael J.SchaumburgIL60193Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Kowalski, Mikolaj R.Schiller ParkIL60176Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Domko, Lillianna F.SenecaIL61360-9202Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Jeon, MinjuSeongnam city13112Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Jeon, MinseoSeongnam city13112Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Lee, Eui JinSeoulLiberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Benson, Abby A.SerenaIL60549-9775EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Stacey, Alecia B.SesserIL62884-1815EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Lu, Pascal Y.Shanghai, ChinaAL201315Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Brachbill, Garrett T.ShelbyvilleIL62565Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Foor, Dallas C.ShelbyvilleIL62565EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Powers, Taylor D.ShelbyvilleIL62565-4609Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Price, Rachel D.ShelbyvilleIL62565-2224Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Skinner, Marcus A.ShelbyvilleIL62565Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Nie, YaoShenyang11001Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Peart, Molly M.ShorewoodIL60404EducationSpecial Education
Dillman, Nicole L.SidneyIL61877-9602EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
West, Grace M.SidneyIL61877-7621Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Will, Kaitlyn M.SigelIL62462-2100Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Matchett, Amber R.SmithtonIL62285-2941Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Anderson, Samantha L.South ElginIL60177EducationSpecial Education
Grove, Kailey N.South ElginIL60177Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Milner, Dontae J.South HollandIL60473Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Schmidt, Molly E.South JacksonvilleIL62650-3519EducationSpecial Education
Cassiday, Rebekah S.Spring GroveIL60081-9231Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Baer, Katie D.SpringfieldIL62704-5236Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Blatz, Abigail K.SpringfieldIL62712Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Hammen, Bridgett L.SpringfieldIL62704-2453Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Hamrick, Grace E.SpringfieldIL62712-4807Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Oxby, Katie C.SpringfieldIL62704Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Peyton, Andrea M.SpringfieldIL62707Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Smith, Lacey M.SpringfieldIL62703-5305No College DesignatedUndeclared
Grindley, Alexis L.St JosephIL61873Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Poulter, Madylin J.St JosephIL61873Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Knernschield, Ryan M.St LouisMO63128Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Johnson, Brooke N.St PetersMO63376Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Conder, Jill D.StewardsonIL62463-4151Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Schultz, Jonathan H.StewardsonIL62463-4160Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Slifer, Kaitlin A.StewardsonIL62463Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Olrog, SebastianStockholm11523Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Curtin, Emma J.StoningtonIL62567-5333Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Pfeiffer, Claire M.StrasburgIL62465Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Benner, Mollie M.StreatorIL61364Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Elzy, Hannah R.SullivanIL61951EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Freeman, Shelby A.SullivanIL61951Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Harris, Carlton D.SullivanIL61951Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Jones, Aaron A.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Kruckeberg, Keegan W.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Miller, Whitney J.SullivanIL61951-6608Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Scribner, Brodie L.SullivanIL61951-6820Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Shumard, Kaleb B.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Shumard, Keaton A.SullivanIL61951-9332Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Webb, Kaitlyn D.SullivanIL61951-2154Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Wiley, Torie H.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Im, NaYeongSUWONIL16688Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Loellke, Madelyn C.SycamoreIL60178Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Adare, Charles J.SydneyNSW2093Business & TechnologySchool of Business


Name City State Zip College Department
Chang, Daphne T.Tainan City701Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Marler, Benn W.TampaFL33616EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Deavers, Ashley N.TaylorvilleIL62568-2732Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Smith, Abigail E.TaylorvilleIL62568-1118Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Cornell, JeanTeutopolisIL62467Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Pruemer, Maci K.TeutopolisIL62467-1277Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Thoele, Jordan M.TeutopolisIL62467-3703EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Patel, UnnatiTIKRAPARA, BILASPUR, CHHATTISGARH495001Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Hulne, EmilyTinley ParkIL60477Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Knippen, Alexis M.Tinley ParkIL60477Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wetzel, Amanda M.Tinley ParkIL60477-1582Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Ames, Lilly L.ToledoIL62428-3131Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Bayless, Chelsey I.ToledoIL62468-4002Health & Human ServicesHealth Promotion
Venatta, Jacob W.ToledoIL62468-1221Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Barnes, Amy C.TolonoIL61880EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Koeberlein, Makalah C.TolonoIL61880Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gratzl, Juliana C.TrentonIL62293Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Strowmatt, Kassandra A.TrillaIL62469-2101EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Hartman, Grace E.TroyMO63379-3446EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Murphy, Erin M.TroyIL62294Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Purnell, James M.TroyIL62294Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Lauzon, David P.Tupper LakeNY12986-2538Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Boyd, Makenna E.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Frye, David A.TuscolaIL61953-7576Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Hausmann, Jessie N.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Little, Dalani A.TuscolaIL61953EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
McCormack, Kailey V.Twin LakesWI53181Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology


Name City State Zip College Department
Baine, Emily E.UrbanaIL61802Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Chavez Diaz, Herbert N.UrbanaIL61801-6929EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Greifenkamp, Mary E.UrbanaIL61802-7588EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Inman, Kristina N.UrbanaIL61802-5458EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Jessee, April A.UrbanaIL61801Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Kennedy, Darnell D.UrbanaIL61802-9135Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Lard, Spencer M.UrbanaIL61801-5216Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Leunig, SandraUrbanaIL61801-4339Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
McCartney, Amy M.UrbanaIL61801EducationSpecial Education
Oldham, Emily J.UrbanaIL61802Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Quicksall, Jessica G.UrbanaIL61801-1736Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Reiter, Joseph D.UrbanaIL61802-2255Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Swedberg, Jinny M.UrbanaIL61801Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Hedgpeth, Emily A.VandaliaIL62471-2033EducationSpecial Education
Palau, VicencVilanova i la Geltr08800Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Cler, Emmaline G.Villa GroveIL61956Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hudson, Hannah J.Villa GroveIL61956-9798EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Aguero Campanon, ItxasoVILLAVA31610Health & Human ServicesKinesiology/ Sport/ Recreation
Nguyen, An N.Vinh Long+84Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci


Name City State Zip College Department
Monier, Joshua W.WalnutIL61376-9383Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Kiselewski, Megan F.WaltonvilleIL62894Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Kitowski, Jasie A.WaltonvilleIL62894-2517EducationTeaching Learning Foundations
Bridges, Kathryn L.WapellaIL61777Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Henning, Alicia M.WashingtonIL61571EducationSpecial Education
Williams, Jaelyn R.WashingtonIL61571Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Hunsucker, Ella M.WaterfordWI53185-3256Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Draegert, Megan E.WaucondaIL60084Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Lingad, Arnel G.WaukeganIL60085Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Sassmann, Alexis G.WentzvilleMO63385Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Held, Elisabeth J.West BendWI53095Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Dennison, Kylie A.West DundeeIL60118-9039EducationSchool of Extended Learning
Evans, Jurnee J.WestfieldIL62474-1031Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Young, Wyatt A.WestfieldIL62474Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Eilers, Penny J.White HallIL62092-1232Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Burton, Bhreana T.White HeathIL61884Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Carpenter, Abigail C.WildwoodMO63011Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Osborne, Ethan C.Willow HillIL62480-2263Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Zastrow, Tiah M.WilmingtonIL60481-7713Business & TechnologySchool of Technology
Cox, Isabella G.WinchesterIL62694-1162Health & Human ServicesCommunication Disorders Sci
Morlen, Kristen B.WindsorIL61957-1221Business & TechnologySchool of Business
Woolard, Paige K.WindsorIL61957-1438Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
DeMarr, Cassidie M.Winthrop HarborIL60096-1655Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Cachera, Kacie G.WittIL62094Health & Human ServicesSchool Family and Consumer Sci
Wilkes, Hannah M.Wonder LakeIL60097Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Mitchell, Haley D.Woodland HillsCA91303-5032Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Etheridge, Kelsey L.WyanetIL61379-4527EducationTeaching Learning Foundations


Name City State Zip College Department
Luttrell, Morgan G.XeniaIL62899Business & TechnologySchool of Technology


Name City State Zip College Department
Fisher, Garrett J.YorkvilleIL60560-9646Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science


Name City State Zip College Department
Morales-Rodriguez, Kyara N.ZionIL60099Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish

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