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More than 380 undergraduate students have been named to Eastern Illinois University’s Spring 2021 Deans' List.

The Deans’ List at EIU recognizes undergraduates with a declared major whose academic performance has been excellent. Students who achieve a GPA of 3.80 to 4.00 (on a 4.00 scale) while completing a minimum of 12 graded semester hours, excluding credit/no credit grades, in a fall or spring semester will be named to the Deans’ List. (Zip code information has been included for media use.)

Name College Department
Suzuki, TsuyoshiLiberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design


Name City State Zip College Department
Robinson, Brianna L.AlbionIL62806-4421Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Beyer, Marie S.AlgonquinIL60102-2535Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Nebergall, Harper M.AllentonMI48002-2708Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Becker, Emily M.AltamontIL62411-1633Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Crum, Morgan E.AltamontIL62411-1119Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
McBride, Jake R.AltamontIL62411-1744Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
York, Davalyn D.AltamontIL62411-3521Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Comer, Taylor J.AntiochIL60002-3131Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Karimu, Lois A.AntiochIL60002-2465Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hutton, Lucas J.ArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Lopez, Daniela A.ArcolaIL61910-1603Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Rivera, Rosa M.ArcolaIL61910-1726Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Vega Anguiano, Ixcell V.ArcolaIL61910-1109Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Clearwater, Jessica C.Arlington HeightsIL60004-1301Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Hamilton, Jarren B.Arlington HeightsIL60004Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Abercrombie, Abigail D.ArthurIL61911Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Medler, Jesse R.AssumptionIL62510Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Lendy, Caroline R.AthensIL62613-9629Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Crowder, Kayla C.AuroraIL60502-7171Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Figueroa, Nicole L.AuroraIL60503Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Kennedy, Aidan C.AuroraIL60504-6140Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
McEuen, ChloeAuroraIL60504-4097Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Mitchell, Shawn W.AuroraIL60504-5961Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Neis, Aidan E.AuroraIL60506Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Vinson, Alana R.BargersvilleIN46106-9047Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Schulz, Autumn C.BarryIL62312-2424Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Otto, Dylan M.BataviaIL60510-8310Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Moore, Kendra N.BellevilleIL62226-6555Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Zimmerman, Cheyenne M.BellflowerIL61724Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Castilla, Carlos A.BerkeleyIL60163-1514Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Ruppert, Hope L.BethanyIL61914-9507Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Serez, Melanie R.BethanyIL61914Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Driskell, Jordan C.BloomingtonIL61704-3680Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Fong, Jonathan L.BloomingtonIL61704Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Howard, Elissa M.BloomingtonIL617055214Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Rasmus, Elizabeth P.BloomingtonIL61705-7108Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Papavasilopoulos, Rachel K.Boca RatonFL33428-5725Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Voss, Serena E.BreeseIL62230-1224Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Kieronska, Justyna K.BridgeviewIL60455-2800Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Celestin, BreAnna J.BrookfieldIL60513-1200Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Thomas, Janie M.BrookfieldIL60513-1912Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Walk, Makenzie R.BrownstownIL62418-4535Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry


Name City State Zip College Department
Chavis, Sophia G.CantrallIL62625-9766Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Johnson, Naudia N.CarbondaleIL62901-2006Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Wills, Candace M.CarpentersvilleIL60110-1714Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Robinson, Madelyn K.CartervilleIL62918-5207Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hagen, Paeton L.CaseyIL62420-1103Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Miller, Ethan B.CaseyIL62420-3542Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Lewis, Morgan J.Cedar RapidsIA52404-7349Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Denzer, Haylie R.ChampaignIL61822-7573Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Leverton, Andrew J.ChampaignIL61820-6548Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Phillips, Jonas T.ChampaignIL618203333Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
VandenBerg, Alexis L.ChannahonIL60410-5549Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Amstalden Bannwart, Jose A.CharlestonIL61920-3942Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Ashley, Rachel N.CharlestonIL61920-3855Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Barrio Sanchez, PilarCharlestonIL61920-3393Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Bonnstetter, Abigail E.CharlestonIL619203713Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Bowers, Zoe G.CharlestonIL61920-3137Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Chen, ZhiYongCharlestonIL61920-4911Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Cheney, Nicholas C.CharlestonIL61920-3858Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Cho, SungeunCharlestonIL61920-3947Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Cope, Willem D.CharlestonIL61920-7884Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Crowder, Aleigh M.CharlestonIL61920-2873Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Deremiah, McKenzie E.CharlestonIL61920-2110Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Fanale, Natalie N.CharlestonIL619201817Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Fifield, Alexa M.CharlestonIL61920-3731Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Fuller, Resa L.CharlestonIL61920-3470Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Geisler, Benjamin L.CharlestonIL619203154Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Gillaspie, HannahCharlestonIL61920-3759Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Gjerde, Dean O.CharlestonIL61920-4131Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Gladu, Addison R.CharlestonIL61920-1059Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Gonski, Karen M.CharlestonIL61920-2798Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gray, Tanner W.CharlestonIL61920-6618Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Johnson, Collin R.CharlestonIL61920-3465Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Jones, Presley A.CharlestonIL61920-3639Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Kindel, Jolynn M.CharlestonIL61920-1622Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Lewis, Katie L.CharlestonIL61920-4124Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Linker, Benjamin S.CharlestonIL619203175Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Magee, Rebekah H.CharlestonIL61920-3423Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Moore, Raven E.CharlestonIL61920-4028Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Morrow, Miranda S.CharlestonIL61920-3734Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Mummel, Sarah N.CharlestonIL61920-2170Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Murphy, Trevor D.CharlestonIL61920-7480Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Oakley, Noah T.CharlestonIL61920-8604Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Papageorgiou, ElisavetCharlestonIL61920-3011Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Philip, Joan M.CharlestonIL61920-3213Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Sipes, Anna J.CharlestonIL61920-8504Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Skowronski, Ryan A.CharlestonIL61920-3313Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Thomas, Chavionne D.CharlestonIL61920-3318Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Tozer, Kennedy C.CharlestonIL61920-3143Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Vosburgh, Heather M.CharlestonIL61920-4010Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Wilson, Makenna P.CharlestonIL61920-1889Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Zoch, Abigail M.CharlestonIL61920-4032Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Bettenhausen, Alyssa J.ChatsworthIL60921-9269Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Beltran, Anthony O.ChicagoIL60638-4120Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Berk, Zoe E.ChicagoIL60618-6289Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Brown, Ronald M.ChicagoIL60626-7312Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Buford, Camerin X.ChicagoIL60636-3909Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Cunningham, Jalyn S.ChicagoIL60649-3302Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Granat, Kayla J.ChicagoIL60609-4428Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Hall, Kennedi K.ChicagoIL60623-2530Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hernandez, JayleenChicagoIL60652-1346Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Hudson-Barnes, Raje Dameena Y.ChicagoIL60628-7008Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Jackson - Gladney, Amani T.ChicagoIL60637-5467Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
King, Katie E.ChicagoIL60630-4613Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
King, Lauren T.ChicagoIL60605-3736Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Kurczak, Andrew J.ChicagoIL60630Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Ngo Ngimbous, Eurydice GeorgiaChicagoIL60626Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Powell, Marcus A.ChicagoIL60652-3839Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Rogel, Diana A.ChicagoIL60632-1342Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Rogers, Destiny R.ChicagoIL60624-1818Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Thurman, Darriona D.ChicagoIL60608-2220Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Walker, Erykah M.ChicagoIL60628-4334Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Adams, Alicia M.Chicago HeightsIL60411-1003Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Melvin, Jackson R.ChristopherIL62822-1521Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Ettien, Savannah L.ClintonIL61727-9115Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hicks, Sarah V.ClintonIL61727Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Wills, John M.Coal CityIL60416-1032Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Farley, Amayah K.CollinsvilleIL62234-3354Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Carter, Destinee S.Country Club HillsIL60478-5827Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Craig, Caitlyn M.Crystal LakeIL60014-8875Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism


Name City State Zip College Department
Estes, Karrin R.DanvilleIL61832-4211Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
McQueen, Madeline L.DanvilleIL61832-1856Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Owen, Jacob M.DanvilleIL61832-1807Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Smith, Nevaeh J.DanvilleIL61834-1283Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Egan, Payton R.DavisIL61019-9428Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Edwards, Allison G.DecaturIL62521-8585Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Walton, Madison R.DecaturIL62526Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Beltran, Angel A.DeKalbIL60115-4289Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rahman, MahjabinDhaka1214Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Karki, PrabinDhankuta44600Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Garbe, Lauren N.DieterichIL62424-3428Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Walker, Grace M.DieterichIL62424-2148Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Huffman, Trevor J.DonovanIL60931-8028Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Kennedy, Claire M.Downers GroveIL60516Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
File, Delainey M.Du QuoinIL62832-2526Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Sharpmack, Bailey L.East AltonIL62024-1864Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Wetherill, Ryan R.EdwardsIL61528-9401Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Romano, Francesco W.EdwardsvilleIL62025-5337Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Baker, Austin M.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Flaig, Luke H.EffinghamIL62401-4650Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Hansen, Andrew M.EffinghamIL62401-2632Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
McCammon, Noah T.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Quast, Jayci L.EffinghamIL62401-6506Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hernandez, Isabella L.ElginIL60123-8857Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Hickey, Mariah J.ElginIL60123-4103Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Schorsch, Jayson C.ElginIL60124-4503Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Rouley, Thalia K.ElliottIL60933-1007Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design


Name City State Zip College Department
Seder, Ashtyn J.FairmountIL61841-6141Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Seely, Jillian D.Fairview HeightsIL62208-3635Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Zander, Alesia W.Farmer CityIL61842-1437Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Underwood, Cambria A.FarmersvilleIL62533Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Jackson, Kyra N.FindlayIL62534Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Worstell, Tamra A.FisherIL61843Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Maulucci, Jacqueline G.FishersIN46040-8133Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Steffen, Lynsey D.FlorenceKY41042-9685Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Fushi, Skylar R.FrankfortIL60423-1043Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Martell, Shelby G.GalesburgMI49053-8709Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Kollross, Molly R.Gibson CityIL60936-1239Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Smith, Casey E.GiffordIL61847-9532Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Keith, Emma E.Gig HarborWA98332-8051Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Shulman, Adrian A.Glen EllynIL60137-6417Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Sandora, Jasmine M.GrayslakeIL60030-1464Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Sego, Morgan M.Green ValleyIL61534-9499Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hughes, Jordyn C.GurneeIL60031Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Leverich, Makayla R.HamburgIL62045-2052Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Prusow, Alexis A.HartlandWI53029-2012Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Rupnow, Abigail M.HartlandWI53029Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Preston, Corbin R.HerrinIL62948-6348Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Smith, Kaitlyn N.HerrinIL62948-4231Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Baisden, Alonna J.Hickory HillsIL60457-1309Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Edwards, Helena E.HillsboroIL62049-1071Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Inman, Michel R.HobokenNJ07030-5273Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Lattuca, Olivia A.Homer GlenIL60491Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Edwards, Chyna F.HumboldtIL61931Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Fulk, India K.HumboldtIL61931Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology


Name City State Zip College Department
Wood, Lindsey A.IoniaMI48846-8435Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Hetzel, Kirsten R.JerseyvilleIL620521556Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Lay, Ryan J.JohnsburgIL60051-8458Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Jones, Emily C.JolietIL60431-7884Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Chavez, Frida S.JonesboroGA30238-4874Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Nagel, Ava R.KankakeeIL60901-8398Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Shick, Cristine E.KansasIL61933Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Patterson, Tess M.KentlandIN47951Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
McPhedran, Makayla E.La SalleIL61301Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Raye, Evan D.Lake ForestIL60045Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Collins, Isabella R.Lake MillsWI53551-2009Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Melgoza, Cristian J.Lake VillaIL60046Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Frick, Lauren M.LancasterOH43130-8122Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Hill, Lucy R.LawrencevilleIL62439-4416Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Hubbard, Ainsli B.LawrencevilleIL62439-4035Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Barnes, Nicole A.LexingtonKY40514-1816Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Crovetti, Kincer G.LibertyvilleIL60048Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Slaughter, Matthew M.LibertyvilleIL60048-2752Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Steiner, MadelineLincolnIL626565088Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Eldrenkamp, Christine L.LisleIL60532-2061Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Quarton, Caroline R.LitchfieldIL62056-1717Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Frye, Raigan A.LouisvilleIL62858-1209Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Menna, Christina S.LovingtonIL61937-9366Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Sterling, Megan E.MACKCO81525-8400Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Thomas, Tristan D.MahometIL61853-3609Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Parsley, Caleigh J.MansfieldIL61854-6938Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Jacobucci, Alyssa N.MantenoIL60950-3443Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Mallaney, Patrick J.MantenoIL60950-3380Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Bullock, Willard T.MariettaGA30064-2648Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Woods, Gracie L.MarshallIL62441-4450Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Branson, Garrett W.MartinsvilleIL62442Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Wooten, Savanna G.Maryland HeightsMO63043-1722Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Jacobs, Kathryn E.MattoonIL61938-2016Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Janes, Creed L.MattoonIL61938-2017Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Morrow, Peyton S.MattoonIL61938-8732Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Osborn, Jolie P.MattoonIL619385075Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Ramage, Jacob C.MattoonIL61938-9021Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Roy, Jaycie M.MattoonIL61938-8301Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Tomer, Brennan J.MattoonIL61938-4624Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Veach, Haley R.MattoonIL61938-9297Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Watson, Jacob B.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Morris, Faith D.MetcalfIL61940-1011Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Tripod, Alyssa M.MinierIL61759-7547Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Constanzo, Aaron C.MinookaIL60447-8744Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Daly, Maura E.MoneeIL604497215Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Evans, Madalin G.MoneeIL60449-8676Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Britton, Maggie C.MontroseIL62445-3020Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Birch, Hunter L.MorrisIL60450-2118Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Weston, Anakin M.MorrisonIL61270-2424Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Risinger, Angela M.MortonIL615501837Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Walsh, Keaton P.MortonIL61550-2317Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Rice, Preston C.Mount AuburnIL62547-9524Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Wilson, Samuel G.Mount CarmelIL62863Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Snow, Hannah R.MoweaquaIL62550-1319Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Frank, Anders E.Mt HorebWI53572Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Humes, Rachel G.Mt SterlingIL62353-1501Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
McDunn, Steven P.MunsterIN46321Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Cole, Kylan A.MurfreesboroTN37130-1496Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Mitlyng, Natalie M.NapervilleIL60564-4920Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Haarman, Mikaela D.NewtonIL624481406Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hemrich, Connie G.NewtonIL62448-3440Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Massey, Anissa C.NewtonIL62448-1311Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Ross, Emily K.NewtonIL62448-1610Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Stoops, Noelle J.NewtonIL62448-1243Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Zumbahlen, Sydney A.NewtonIL62448-3940Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Bryan, Robert W.NianticIL62551-9714Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Dahler, Ashlyn T.NokomisIL620753715Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Keller, Sophia R.NokomisIL62075-1609Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Boomgarden, Jason D.NormalIL61761Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Fleming, Ethan D.NormalIL61761-5436Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Havens, Madeline A.NormalIL61761-9555Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Miller, Meagan M.NormalIL61761-3639Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Sieg, Hannah K.NormalIL61761-5604Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Granberg, Alice M.Norrköping60385Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Hicks, Elizabeth C.Oak LawnIL60453-2301Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Palacios, Ian M.Oak LawnIL60453-1044Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Hemrich, Brandi J.OaklandIL61943Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Veach, Taylor A.OaklandIL61943-7100Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Adams, Allyssa B.OblongIL62449-1153Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Sharkus, Ashley M.OconomowocWI53066-6912Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Logan, Nathan J.OgdenIL618599755Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Robinson, Kathryn E.Oklahoma CityOK73170-2621Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
McCorvey, Madison G.OlneyIL62450-6913Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
McDowell, Coen S.OlneyIL62450-4443Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Stafford, Parker A.OmahaNE68105-1757Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Abalos, MarielleOnargaIL60955-1223Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Diaz, AisleenOnargaIL609551144Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Kurza, Kendall M.OswegoIL60543-4029Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Treadway, Michal J.OswegoIL60543-9145Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Smith, Katherine M.ParisIL61944-6106Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Taylor, Elizabeth G.ParisIL61944-1902Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Fouse, Brooke L.PaxtonIL60957-1611Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Kennedy, Molly A.PaxtonIL60957-1662Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Ellison, Benjamin J.PekinIL61554-3602Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Kmety, Cynthia E.PeotoneIL60468-8832Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Kurowski, Isabelle J.PeotoneIL60468-9289Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Morales, Mitzi S.Pingree GroveIL60140-6437Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Ford, Ambria A.PlainfieldIL60586-6292Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Adams, Cydney L.PlymouthMA02360Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Anglin, Halee K.PontiacIL61764-1516Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Corso, Caitlin R.Poplar GroveIL61065-8538Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Lay, Emily S.RamseyIL62080-0019Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Wellbaum, Faith H.RamseyIL62080-4172Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Brown, Anna L.RankinIL60960-8109Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Hill, Israel M.Richton ParkIL60471-1229Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Walker, Tiffany C.Richton ParkIL60471-1552Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Boyd-Johnson, Jerimiah A.RiverdaleIL60827-1135Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Hunt, Madeline R.RiversideIL60546-1726Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Cole, Mel'Linda R.RobbinsIL60472-3031Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Abazi, XhylaRobinsonIL62454-5335Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Solis, AlondraRobinsonIL62454Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Hidalgo, Allison M.RochelleIL61068-8828Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Thing, Paige M.RochesterIL625639566Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Page, Shaelyn R.RockfordIL61108-4136Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Reed, Bailey A.RockfordIL611094572Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Gillam, Paulette F.RoselleIL60172-1854Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Kouri, Nathan M.RoselleIL60172-2211Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Lis, Christina M.Round LakeIL60073-8163Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Alcozer, Brandon C.Round Lake BeachIL60073-4909Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Barnes, Jarad L.RoxanaIL62084-1212Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology


Name City State Zip College Department
Grindley, Lucas D.Saint JosephIL618738960Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Mabry, Samantha G.Saint JosephIL61873-8415Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Durbin, Amanda J.Saint LouisMO63129-3709Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Etuk, Destiny U.Sauk VillageIL60411Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Turner, ChristopherSavoyIL61874-7106Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Thomas, Jaclyn M.ScherervilleIN46375-1815Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Neuberg, Miranda R.ShabbonaIL60550-9787Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Beck, Emma L.ShelbyvilleIL62565Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Paape, Kirsten M.ShilohIL62269-5409Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Hill, Isaiah A.ShorewoodIL60404-8155Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Lyne, Magen M.ShullsburgWI53586-7108Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Barnard, Jennifer A.SidneyIL61877-9679Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Schaefer, Keleigh K.SigelIL62462Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Vogt, Jenelle R.SigelIL62462-2013Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rivera, Arriette C.South ElginIL60177-3208Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Huhman, Bethany A.SpartaIL62286-2002Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hamrick, Grace E.SpringfieldIL62712Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Johnson, Jayci L.SpringfieldIL62712-5872Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Robbins, Jenna L.SpringfieldOH45502-6912Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
McCann, Madison L.StanfordIL61774-7532Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Baker, Ryan A.SullivanIL61951-1513Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Elder, Trevor W.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ellis, Tatum C.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Gardner, Dayden W.SullivanIL61951-1205Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Merryman, Jarod D.SullivanIL61951-9404Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
Molzen, Kara N.SullivanIL61951-1657Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Nichols, Adalee J.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Pearson, Alyssa M.SullivanIL61951-1662Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Selby, Taylor R.SullivanIL61951-2338Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Thompson, Madison M.TeutopolisIL62467-1021Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Webb, Camden M.TeutopolisIL62467-1033Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Nohmer, Amber M.TiltonIL61833-8000Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Budrick, Rebekka N.Tinley ParkIL60487-2789Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Gerfen, Harper C.Tinley ParkIL60487-7026Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Ames, Lilly L.ToledoIL62428Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Downen, Brandon G.TolonoIL61880-0565Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Hancock, Audrey L.TolonoIL61880Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Harmon, Jordan S.TolonoIL61880-9609Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Boyd, Makenna E.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Kauffman, Audrianna M.TuscolaIL61953-7540Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Koester, Alexis L.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ring, Claire E.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Spillman, Bridget M.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory


Name City State Zip College Department
Bishop, Makenna G.UnionKY41091-7418Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Becker, Trevor A.UrbanaIL61802-4405Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Bien, John C.UrbanaIL61802-7507Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Regan, Katie L.UrbanaIL61802-6813Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rogers, Tayler M.UrbanaIL61802-2819Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Barringer, Beth A.VandaliaIL62471-1450Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Philpot, Tessa P.VandaliaIL62471-3904Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Watterson, Vanessa N.VandaliaIL62471-2712Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Reidy, Killeen R.Vernon HillsIL60061-4134Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Shoemake, Nicole F.Vernon HillsIL60061-1115Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Hill, Reagan L.ViennaIL62995-2633Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Pike, Jason R.Villa GroveIL61956Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Brewer, Maggie E.Villa ParkIL60181Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science


Name City State Zip College Department
Keltner, Heather M.Walnut HillIL62893-1333Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Keltner, Lauren J.Walnut HillIL62893-1333Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Luttrell, Mary R.WashingtonIL61571-2805Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Albin, Alexis L.WatsonIL62473Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Harris, Tyra E.WatsonIL62473-2258Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Blanchard, Paul A.WaukeganIL60087-5339Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Canale, Joseph T.WaukeganIL60085-3339Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Galindo, Kevin A.WaukeganIL60087-4536Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Marcano, Pheobe A.WaukeganIL60085-1385Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Mckay, Mariah G.WaukeganIL60085-3814Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Sivia, Emily A.WaukeganIL60085-4102Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Zrenner, Peter E.Webster GrovesMO63119-2446Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Cunningham, Caleb J.WeldonIL618828971Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Cruz, Maria T.West ChicagoIL60185-2724Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Morrison, Grayson M.West YorkIL62478Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Evans, Jurnee J.WestfieldIL62474-1031Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Humblet, Patience K.WestvilleIL61883-1225Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wright, Noah W.WestvilleIL61883Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hedman, Lauren E.WheatonIL60187-4623Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Smith, Shane A.WheatonIL60189-7862Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Yusef, JasmineWheelingIL60090-4933Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Allen, Hanna J.WillisvilleIL62997-0252Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Lettner, Charles J.WilmetteIL60091-2513Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Alexander, Katelynn N.WinnebagoIL61088Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Bowman, Emilie J.WorthIL60482Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Cleveland, Alexander S.YorkvilleIL605601681Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Manning, Emily S.YorkvilleIL60560Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish

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