Advanced Placement & CLEP Credit

EIU to Award AP Credit for Scores of 3 or Higher.  See below*.

Students who submit scores for Advanced Placement Tests and/or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Tests administered by the College Entrance Examination Board will have their records evaluated by the Registrar in accordance with standards established by the appropriate departments to determine proper placement and credit. College credited granted will be treated as credit without a grade; such credit will count toward graduation and may be used in fulfilling requirements. Credit may be allowed as indicated above only if the student was not obliged to use the credit to meet minimum high school graduation requirements.

You may check the Advanced Placement listings here. Students should check the CLEP listings to determine which examinations are honored by EIU and whether essay portions of the exams are required. Only the Natural Science tests and the Humanities test of the CLEP General Exams may carry credit.

The following conditions apply to the granting of credit for CLEP and/or Advanced Placement examinations:

1.  Credit will be awarded only if the original test scores are sent directly to Eastern.  Credit will not be awarded based on scores listed on another institution's transcript.

2.  The applicant may receive credit only once in a given course in a given subject.

3.  Credit will not be granted if:

*The course substantially duplicates one or more courses accepted for college entrance or for transfer credit.

*There is an entry on the applicant's permanent record for the course.

*The applicant has earned college credit in one or more courses in the subject more advanced than the given course.

*The applicant is currently enrolled in the course or in a course in the subject more advanced than the given course and more than one month of the semester has elapsed.

*EIU to Award AP Credit for Scores of 3 or Higher.  

Eastern Illinois University will be accepting scores of 3 or better in all AP exams by the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic year in accordance with HB 3428, now Public Act 099-0358.  Students who have previously submitted scores for exams where EIU offered no credit, or where the required score was higher than a 3, may request a reevaluation of their AP scores by completing the form found here.  In accordance with EIU policy, students may receive credit only once in a given course and credit will not be granted if there is already an entry on the applicant’s permanent record for the course.