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Eastern Illinois University Police

Emergency Phones

There are 22 emergency phones placed strategically throughout high traffic areas on campus. The phones are located in tall blue towers and easily identifiable by the ever lit blue light. A push of the button activates the phone and causes the blue light to flash. A dispatcher will answer and ask if police, fire, or medical authorities are needed. Regardless of if there is a voice answer, an EIU UPD officer is dispatched immediately to the activated phone. These phones are for EMERGENCY use only and prank activation will result in prosecution of the offender.

Locations and Map

emergency phones

  • Northeast of Burl Ives, near 9th St. & Johnson Ave.
  • West exterior of Phipps Lecture Hall (Physical Science Bldg.)
  • Northeast of McAfee, Between McAfee & Food Court
  • Northwest corner of UPD
  • Northwest corner of Rec Center / at J-Lot & alley exit
  • Southeast of Lantz, near south outdoor basketball court
  • Southwest gate O'Brien Stadium
  • Physical Plant, near fuel pump
  • Northwest of Life Science Annex
  • South Quad, near south side of Lumpkin
  • Northeast of Klehm Hall, on 7th St. near Stop sign
  • East side of Tarble Arts, 9th St. & Cleveland Ave.
  • Southwest corner of W-Lot, near University Apts.
  • Northwest corner of University Apts., near mailboxes
  • Northwest corner of University Court, near swimming pool
  • Northwest of Carman Hall, south of 9th St. Hall on 9th St.
  • Greek Court Road, SE corner of 9th St. Lot, by the bus stop
  • Greek Court, south of Building 2 (Alpha Sigma Alpha)
  • Greek Court, North of Building 3 (Alpha Phi)
  • Greek Court, Building 8 South
  • Greek Court, Building 8 North
  • Southeast side of Pemberton Hall

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Contact Information

Eastern Illinois University Police Department

7th & Grant
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL 61920
For emergencies call 911
Non-Emergency Dispatch – 217-581-3212
Police Records & Administration – 217-581-3213

Eastern Illinois University Police Parking

Parking Services – 217-581-5416

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