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Eastern Illinois University Police

Parking and Vehicle Control Regulations


University Police Department 

Parking Services Division

(217) 581-5416



Authority and Purpose
Parking Permits and Fees
Parking Areas
Parking and Traffic Regulations
Immobolized Vehicles

Towed Vehicles

City of Charleston Streets
Bicycle, Roller Blade, and Skateboard Policy
Handicap Parking

Authority and Purpose

By the authority of Chapter 144, Section 1007-1009, Illinois Revised Statutes, as amended, the following rules and regulations have been adopted for control of vehicles on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in order to promote the safety and convenience of students, faculty, staff, and visitors and to facilitate the general operation of the University.  These regulations are established to insure the maintenance, control, and maximum equitable use of parking facilities and shall apply to all property owned and/or controlled by the University.  The University may amend these regulations at any time. Advance public notice of changes will be given.

The Board of Trustees delegates to the administration of the university authority to prescribe parking areas on campus, change the designation of parking areas as necessary, appoint members of the Parking Appeals Committee ( Hearing Board ), and to adopt hearing and appeals procedures compatible with the regulations herein stated. Police officers of the University Police Department have the authority and power of peace officers for the protections of property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees and the University, the prevention of trespass, the maintenance of peace and order, and the enforcement of regulations controlling vehicles on that property. All fees collected for parking permits and for parking permits and for sanctions shall be devoted to defraying the costs associated with registration and parking activities and costs associated with the establishment and maintenance of parking lots.

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A. It is the responsibility of each member of the university community to read, understand and abide by the regulations.

B. All faculty, staff and students who operate or expect to operate a motor vehicle (whether privately owned, leased, or borrowed) on the University campus, either regularly or occasionally, must register with the University Police, Parking Services Division, and secure and display a valid parking permit while the vehicle is on the Eastern Illinois University campus. This registration must occur before a vehicle is parked in any campus parking lot that requires a permit.

C. The registered user/owner has sole responsibility for the parking permit and all citations with the following exception: if it is determined by the University Police Department that a person attending the University,receives a parking ticket on a vehicle to which the registered owner is not affiliated with the University, the operator of that vehicle will be responsible for all tickets issued to that vehicle.

D. Seldom is the operator of an unregistered vehicle known. Establishing responsibility for parking violations involves the reasonable assumption that a student, faculty, or staff member with the same address as the registered owner of the vehicle is the operator of that vehicle that receives the parking citation(s). When two or more students, faculty, or staff members reside at the same address, the assumption is that one or more are operators.

E. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of parking spaces is not justification for illegal parking.

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A. FACULTY and STAFF refers to all academic and non-academic employees, whether full-time, part-time ,or temporary.

B. STUDENTS refers to persons registered for classes at the University, whether for credit or non-credit, undergraduate or graduate, full-time or part-time. Students who have less than 60 semester hours and are under the age of 21 are considered Underclass. All other students, including graduate students, are considered Upperclass. 

C. VISITORS refers to persons other than faculty, staff, or students who park their vehicles on campus.

D. MOTOR VEHICLES include automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, motor bikes, moped type vehicles, and all other motor-powered passenger carrying vehicles.

E. PARKING refers to stopping or waiting, regardless of whether a vehicle is attended or not.

F. PERMIT refers to an authorization to park and/or operate vehicles on Eastern Illinois University property.

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Parking Permits and Fees

Permits may be purchased  here. Here is how to navigate the new police portal. 



A. A valid Eastern Illinois University parking permit must be displayed during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, in all lots, except for those that are specifically marked 24 hour lots or metered lots.

B. *Faculty, staff, and students may purchase online here. *.. and spouse of faculty, staff or student while residing in university housing.  

      Current costs are listed below:
Type of Permit Cost per Year Cost per Semester Summer Semester
Staff $100 $50.00 $45.00
Student $100.00 $50.00 $45.00  
Fresh/Soph $200.00 $100.00 $45.00  
Motorcycles $10.00 $5.00  
    1. Permits are renewable annually.
    2. Absolutely no refunds will be issued.
    3. Rates are subject to change.

C. All permits will be valid for the time issued.

D. Permit applications are processed and in effect the day before the first official day of classes.  Applicants must present a valid drivers license and a validated Eastern Illinois University identification card at the time of application for the permit.

E. Sale of student permits will be conducted on the day before the first official day of classes for the Fall and Spring Semesters or as otherwise scheduled. Student Permits must be attached on the lower right side of the front windshield. All paper must be removed from the permit. 

F. Only one permit will be issued for each eligible person.

G. Prior authorization by the University Police Department is required for purchase of permits for other individuals vehicles.

H. All hang tag permits must be attached to the rear view mirror with the decal facing the windshield.  Vehicles without rear view mirrors must display permit face up on the driver's side of the dash.

I. All motorcycle permits must be permanently affixed to the registered vehicle and must be clearly visible from the front of the vehicle.

J. Restricted permits or identifiers must be displayed next to the University parking permit.

K. Replacement permits can be purchased at the University Police.

L. Temporary permits and day passes may be issued and purchased on a limited basis at the discretion of the University Police Department with an appropriate charge to be determined by the University Police Department.

M. All permits remain the property of the University and must be surrendered at the request of an officer of the University Police Department. Parking permits shall be canceled under any of the following conditions:

    1. Change of student vehicle ownership.
    2. Termination of the eligibility of the faculty/staff member or student to whom the permit was issued.
    3. Termination of the period for which the permit was issued.
    4. Receipt of a new permit superseding a prior permit.
    5. Cancellation for cause.

If permit is lost or stolen report it to the UPD. A new permit will be issued for a fee.

If you get a different vehicle, remove your parking permit from your old vehicle. If it tears or won't stick, exchange it at Parking Services. If it does, give Parking Services your new vehicle information.

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Parking Areas

A. Parking lots and areas will be designated as follows:

    1. Staff (Faculty and Staff) - Red Signs
    2. Upperclass Student  -  White (Upperclass Only) signs, Green (Staff/Student) signs, and Blue (Student) signs
    3. Underclass Student - Green (Staff/Student) signs, and Blue (Student) signs
    4. Metered (free 15 minute and pay)
    5. Pink Signs (extended enforcement hours)
    6. Visitor Parking (free-permit required obtain at UPD lobby)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

B. Designated disabled parking spaces are located in virtually all parking areas on campus.

C. Specifically designated spaces in various lots on the campus are available for motorcycle parking.  Motorcycles with proper permits must park in these areas.

D. Short term metered parking is provided primarily for visitors.  Primary locations are adjacent to the Student Union.

E. Large group visitor parking should be arranged through the University Police Department, Parking Services Division.

F. Visitor Lot

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Parking and Traffic Regulations

Pedestrians have the right of way at all crosswalks


Below is a partial list of violations and fines.  The person to whom a parking ticket is issued is responsible for all violations.

A. Curbs painted yellow and yellow striped areas indicate "No Parking Zones".  Parking in yellow zones or by loading docks or entrances to buildings and driveways:  


B. Parking vehicle on pedestrian paths, grassed areas, side walks, or safety zones:  

Fine: $40.00

C. Parking a vehicle in such a location as to obstruct a properly marked vehicle:

Fine: $40.00

D. Parking a vehicle on a driveway posted for use by emergency vehicle

Fine: $40.00

E. Parking outside of painted lines on parking spaces

Fine: $20.00

F. Parking motorcycles, motor scooters, motor bikes, or mopeds in bicycle racks

Fine: $40.00

G. Parking 4 wheeled motor vehicle in motorcycle zones

Fine: $40.00

H. Parking in handicapped zones without proper authorization

Fine: $250.00

I. Parking in a lot with a permit designated for another type of lot

Fine: $40.00

J. Driving into or parking a vehicle in any area on the University campus which has been closed by the use of barricades, chains, or other traffic - control devices 

Fine: $40.00

K. Driving a motor vehicle (including motor scooters, motorcycles, or motor bikes, or mopeds) on pedestrian paths, sidewalks, grassed areas, or safety zones 

Fine: $ 40.00

L. Falsification of registration 

Fine: $ 100.00 + Ban from parking on campus for 16 weeks

M. All persons found in possession and/or displaying an altered or reported lost or stolen parking permit/day pass shall be subject to a criminal charge and/or $200.00 campus fine and loss of parking privileges for one year.

N. Any person loaning his permit to another to use, and displaying another students permit shall be subject to the Parking Department revoking the permit for 16 weeks with no reimbursement Plus $100.00 fine.

O. Failure to report any change which would affect parking privileges

Fine: $10.00

1. Miscellaneous Violations and Fines:

          A. 15 minute Zone: $40.00

          B. Expired Permit: $40.00

          C. Meter Violation: $15.00

      D. Parking in Lots without Permit: $40.00

          E.Improper Display of Permit: $5.00


Tickets can be paid online here or at the UPD.


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Immobilized Vehicles

The immobilizing clamp may be removed by paying a boot ticket of $40.00 and payment of all other fines to the University Police Department. 

A. Persons having 5 or more delinquent parking tickets may have the vehicle immobilized without notice at the operators or owner's expense.

B. Any motor vehicle in any University designated parking lot that is owned or operated by persons having 5 or more delinquent parking tickets may be immobilized without notice.

C. Any motor vehicle parked on campus displaying a stolen, altered, improperly purchased permit, or a permit that is not registered to that vehicle or registered owner of that vehicle, may be immobilized without notice.

D. A vehicle that has been immobilized shall be subject to tow without notice at the operator's or owner's expense if the immobilizing charge has not been paid within 24 hours from the time of the original immobilization.

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Towed Vehicles

Vehicles which may be towed away without notice at the operator's or owner's expense are:

A. Vehicles parked in restricted zones designated as "Tow Away", "No Parking", " Fire Lane', "Disabled" or other areas where parking is prohibited.

B. Vehicles abandoned in University property.

C. Vehicles whose operators or owners fail to pay the immobilizing service charge for removal or immobilizing clamp within a 24 hour period.

D. Vehicles found parked on campus that ore owned or operated by persons whose parking privileges have been revoked.

E. Vehicles listed on disabled log for more than 24 hours.

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City of Charleston Streets

Citations are issued by the Charleston Police Department for parking violations on city streets bordering the University campus.  All city violations are handled by the Charleston Police Department, and all fines are paid to the City of Charleston.

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The University reserves the right to remove and impound vehicles on campus without a permit; with an unauthorized, altered, or counterfeited
permit; without license plates; parked in a barricaded area; parked in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard or impediment to traffic or to the movement and operation of emergency equipment; or which have been abandoned.

Persons who habitually or flagrantly violate these traffic and parking regulations shall have their vehicles subject to impoundment. The University may require owners of such vehicles to satisfy any outstanding penalties prior to release of the impounded vehicle. In addition, students are subject to encumbrance of academic records.  Owners will be responsible for costs involved in removing, impounding, and storage of such vehicles.

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Citations must be paid prior to appeal.   A person wishing to appeal a parking citation must file a written form available at the University Police Department, Parking Services  Division.  An appeal must be made within ten working days of the issuance date of the violation notice. Each citation under appeal will be reviewed by members assigned to Parking Services Appeals Committee.  The Appeals Committee will consist of Faculty, Staff, and Students who are usually assigned by their respective Senates.  The Parking Appeals Committee may either confirm, reject, or modify the penalty specified by the notice.   The decision of the Parking Appeals Committee is final.  A person wishing to appeal campus citations for other than moving/traffic offenses must do so through the Office of Student Standards. Handicapped citations cannot be appealed. They are a violation of state law.

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By authority of the University's Internal Governing Policies, bicycle regulations are as follows:

A. The term "bicycle" shall include any two-wheeled vehicle which is propelled by human power.  It shall not include vehicles propelled by a motor engine of any kind.  The term "campus" shall include all property owned or controlled by Eastern Illinois University.

B. All University faculty, staff, or students who wish to operate, park, or store a bicycle on campus shall register the bicycle with the University Police Department.

C. All bicycles shall be operated reasonably and properly with due regard for safety of the rider, pedestrians, and other vehicular traffic.

Fine $5.00

D. Bicycles shall be parked in racks provided in the area(s) designated for bicycle parking. 

Fine $5.00

E. Bicycles operated at night must have headlights. 

Fine $5.00

F. Illegally parked bicycles may be cut free and impounded by the University Police at the owner's expense.

G. Bicycles parked at handicap ramps or in such a fashion  as to impede normal foot traffic may be immediately removed and impounded by the University Police. 

Fine $25.00

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Bicycle, Roller Blade, and Skateboard Policy

  1. Bicycles, roller blades, and skateboards may be used on sidewalks for safe transportation purposes only. They may not be used within buildings.
  2. Excessive speed, stunt riding, or any other use of bicycles, roller blades, or skateboards that may cause property damage or endanger self or others is prohibited.  Users may not ride on stairways, patios, dock areas, benches, picnic tables, or other irregular surfaces.
  3. Student, faculty, or staff violators are subject to institutional disciplinary proceedings.  Non- university persons can be required to leave the campus immediately and may be subject to restriction on subsequent access.

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Handicap Parking

A. Both a valid University Parking Permit and a valid Stated Handicap Permit or license plate must be displayed to utilize handicap zones on University property.

B. In addition to regular handicap spaces, vehicles displaying a valid handicap permit or license plate will be allowed to park in student, staff, or metered lots.  Meters do not require payment by vehicles displaying a valid handicap permit/plate.

C. Permanent and temporary handicap permits may be applied for at the Secretary of States Driver's License Facility. Applications are available at the A.D.A office in the Buzzard House. 

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A. When restrictions are placed on any parking areas, the University Police, Parking Services Division, will endeavor to notify permit holders through public notice in advance of such closures together with information on alternative parking.  Temporary removal of signs does not signal removal or restrictions for any given parking area.

B. Should a vehicle break down and it becomes necessary to park in an illegal manner, the driver must notify the University Police Department, Parking Services Division, immediately for authorization and recording in the official disabled vehicle log.You will have 24 Hours to move the vehicle. After 24 hours the vehicle will be towed. 

C. All accidents involving moving vehicles, which occur on University property, must be reported immediately to the University Police Department, Parking Services Division.

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