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mattoon booster 1928

The Mattoon Boosters in 1928


mattoon indians 1949

The Mattoon Indians, 1949. The two young men on the end of the second row are the ball boys, Red and Ralph Carter.


festival banquet 1950

Festival Banquet, 1950. 
Left to right: Dick King- Indian Mattoon Manager; Jim Wade- Board member; Harry Carey- Cardinals Announcer; and Stan Musial- famous Cardinals player.

chuck hawley 

"Chuck Hawley is very fondly thought of- pitcher and manager that held the team together- it was on account of him that our yearly baseball players reunion started." (Ralph Carter, 1999) 

Photographs courtesy of Ralph Carter, trainer for the Mattoon Indians in 1950-51, co-coordinator of the  baseball players reunion in Mattoon. These are accessible in the Local History Room, Mattoon Public Library.