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Lord Teacher

The ideal teacher. What are his qualities? ...in character, he must be truthful with a passion for getting things right – one of integrity of mind, of wholeness and wholesomeness of mind ...He must be courageous to say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I was unjust,’ not lacking the heart to do his duty when such duty is unpleasant; with strength of purpose and will – not only one who can, but one who will...

Livingston C. Lord, Address delivered for the Department of Superintendents, 1921


Livingston C. Lord: The Teacher

Throughout his life, Livingston Lord referred to himself as a teacher.  At Eastern, he sought to create an atmosphere of learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.  When the question arose of whether Eastern should become a four year school, Lord discouraged it.   He felt that the environment in which students learned were extremely important to developing a well-rounded education, and the more places a person explored, the broader their experiences in learning and in life.

His career in education spanned over sixty years, during which he has been referred to as teacher of teachers.  Lord hand-selected the faculty of Eastern, reviewing application letters, conducting interviews, and administering evaluations.  He provided guidance and support to all teachers he came in contact with, not just those at Eastern, assisting them with curriculum development and advising them on teaching methods.  

His life’s work and passion towards education can be summed up by the inscription on his tombstone, “HE WAS A TEACHER.”


Request for Advice 

Many people from all over the state went to Lord for advice on teaching methods.


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Request for Advice, Lord's Reply



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Being the smallest public college in Illinois, the size of the library's collection reveals Eastern's priorities