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On the Home Front: Rationing


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Ration books were distributed to every man, woman, and child in Coles County during World War II. They were used to limit excess spending on certain food items, such as fruits, vegetables, sugar and coffee. At various periods in the year, new booklets were handed out. The stamps in that book were to be used only for the specified time period. If all of the stamps were used, no additional stamps would be given until the next period. It was best to be cautious about how many stamps were used during the time outlined by the ration book.


Why Fruits and VeggiesRationbook
                   The Charleston Daily Courier, February 26, 1943                        


In peacetime, there are plenty of food staples. There is not a need to feed soldiers overseas. It would be difficult to understand what it is like to have certain fruits and vegetables unavailable to you. It may be easier to think in terms of new luxuries that have become available in the past 50 years.


 Stars and Stripes

Think about these questions:

Can you limit yourself to 5 hours of television in one week? Be sure to choose what you will watch carefully. You cannot watch more shows one week and shorten your time the next. Use every hour in the week because you cannot save unused hours for the next week.


Can you spend only three hours per week on your computer? Are you able to utilize the time you have for its best use?


FOR THE KIDS ONLY:  What if you were only able to spend three minutes a day for recess? What would you do and how would you use that time.