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On the Home Front: Victory Gardens


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Charleston, Illinois


Coles County



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Victory gardens were planted throughout the United States in order to provide the necessary food products for the soldiers overseas. The nation asked its citizens to plant vegetable gardens for their family and friends fighting in the war. Illinois became the leader in the number of Victory gardens in the country. Both urban and rural dwellers planted gardens for the war.  In 1942, Illinois had 750,000 cultivated gardens. A year later, the number had grown to 1,151,000 gardens in the State. Between 1942-1946, production figures totaled $234,500,000. Coles County residents provided a share of the production numbers. Their involvement helped the government supply the soldiers with food and provisions for their survival.

Stars and Stripes 


Vitamins for Victory 

This advertisement encouraged residents

 of Coles County to plant vegetable

 seeds for their own garden.



 The Charleston Daily Courier, February 27, 1945



Study the picture below of a Victory garden in Mattoon, Illinois.  What might have been planted in these gardens? How would the gardens have assisted residents of Coles County with rationing? What would you plant in your very own Victory garden?