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On the Home Front: War Bonds and Stamps


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War bonds were sold during World War II to raise money for the war and national defense. They allowed the United States to purchase the best planes, tanks, and guns to fight the war. In the eight war bond drives that were sponsored during the war years, Illinoisans purchased $1,689,000,000 worth of bonds.  Coles County played a large role in campaign drives to sell thousands of dollars worth of war bonds. Organizations throughout the County collected money toward the purchase of bonds. The Girl Scouts of Charleston donated one stamp per girl, which were then traded into the national organization for the purchase of war bonds. Local newspapers ran advertisements that encouraged residents to use their money toward the acquisition of bonds. Ads, from the Savings & Loan companies to local supermarkets, urged people to donate their money for the war effort. The money raised from the war bonds was used by the American government to purchase better equipment and ammunition than their enemies.

Stars and Stripes 

Look at the following advertisements from the Charleston Daily Courier. What does the reader feel or understand when looking at the ads? What emotions were the newspapers trying to convey in order to convince its readers to buy war bonds?


Times a wastinWanted Fighting Dollars
 The Charleston Daily Courier, February 26, 1942                   The Charleston Daily Courier, February 27, 1942


Now is your chance to use your artistic ability. Take out a blank sheet of paper or print out this page and draw an advertisement of your own that is selling war bonds to your neighbors. How would you convince people that this is something they need to do? What images and words would you use to encourage citizens to spend their hard earned money on bonds to support their government?

Blank Page