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The Origins and Development of the Greenwood School


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Greenwood School Programs

Nativity Scene

Here are a few of the programs presented at the Greenwood School Museum.

  • Christmas Program in 1993.
    • The children are participating in a play that depicts the Nativity Scene. This is an example of the types of plays one room school students performed for the community.
  • Greenwood School 5th grade spelling bee in 1981.
Christmas Program. Children participating in a play  that depicted the Nativity Scene
  • Greenwood School President’s Day Program, February, 2005.                 
    • Third graders in the Charleston community received the opportunity to see what it was like to attend a one room school for a day at the Greenwood School Museum. These     children followed the rules and lessons that one room students followed. In addition, they rehearsed a play similar to those presented by former Greenwood School students when this institution was open.
  • Life in a One Room School: speaker Helen Wood, September 2014.


    • Helen Wood spoke to current Eastern Illinois University students about her experiences when she attended a one room school.


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The Greenwood School Christmas Program