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Gerry B. Dudley- What Did You Learn?


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Coles County



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10 Ideas to Consider...


  • Medicine remained a significant part of World War I

  • Captain Gerry B. Dudley, a prominent member of the Charleston community, participated in this historical event and his experiences offer tremendous insight into a WWI soldier's existence

  • Military training during this period involved more than just physical drills

  • The Atlantic voyage may have been one of the most difficult, but uniting experiences in a soldier's war time adventures

  • Living circumstances varied and greatly tested a soldier's strength

  • The revolutionary systematic hospital system assisted in saving many lives

  • The atrocities of war reached beyond the front lines and into medical personnel's physical and emotional realm

  • As evidenced by their tremendous work, physicians such as Captain Dudley retained an abundance of dedication to their profession and country

  • Whether in institutional archives or in a family photo collection, photographs illustrate significant historical information

  • Preserving photographs and using them as educational tools should become a common practice



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