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Charleston Courthouse Square Block 11


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Charleston, Illinois


Coles County



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600 Jackson Ave.

Construction Date: possibly 1869

600 Jackson

Two story, brick building with a corbelled brick cornice. There is a recessed facade framed by brick pilasters located in the center and at each end. Shingled awnings are located over the second and first floor windows. The first floor windows are surrounded by vertical wood siding.












704 Jackson Ave.

Construction Date: possibly 1869

Two story commercial building with decorative brick insets, dentils and a frieze. There is one Chicago-style window on the second floor. The facade shows remnants of a store sign. The first floor windows are surrounding by vertical wood siding and the building has a recessed entryway.


606 Jackson Ave.

Construction Date: possibly 1869

606 Jackson


A two story commercial building with corbelled brick brackets on the cornice. The second floor has a Chicago-style window and a plaque that reads "19-Jeffries-14." There is also a plate-glass storefront set in a metal frame.












610 Jackson Ave.

Construction Date: 1870-early 1900's

610 Jackson


Two story, brick building. There are two double hung windows with black shutters and evidence of an original cornice. Decorative iron scrollwork is located above the plate glass, steel frame storefront.












612 Jackson Ave.

Construction Date: 1960

612 Jackson

A one story brick building with an angled store front. The word "Charleston" is found on the honeycombed, false front.















614 Jackson Ave.

Construction Date: 1855

614 Jackson

A two story building with limestone veneer. There is a large segmented arched window on the second story. The store front is black tiled and has a semi-circular bay window with a recessed entryway.













618 Jackson Ave.

Construction Date: 1855

Three story, two-part commercial block. The second and third stories are made of brick and first floor is stone. The entire building has Art Deco decoration. There are tripartite windows with fixed center panes on the second and third floors. Each is framed by smaller casement and multi-transom windows and decorative brick headers. There is a recessed entryway surrounded by display windows and a plaque that reads "Frommel."


620 Jackson Ave.

Construction Date: 1870

620 Jackson

Three story, red brick building with a white cornice and decorative brick detailing. There are Italianate arched windows with keystones and five cameo windows.










609 6th St.

Construction Date: 1905

609 6th

A two story brick block with a bracketed, metal cornice and pilasters located in the center and corners of the building. The second floor has limestone lintels over the window sills. There are plate-glass windows with a brick base and frame located on the store front. The cornice has a plaque that reads "Dick 1937."




610 7th St.

Construction Date: possibly 1878-1879

Large garage with an addition located to the right of the building. The garage and shop have two different types of brick. The garage has S brackets, recessed windows, and a small, white garage. The shop has plate glass windows above a cement base.


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