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EIU Graduate School

Lumpkin College of Business and Technology

School of Business

Faculty Member Degree University Degree Year Date Received/Renewed Expiration Date
Regular Members
Akalin, Gurkan Ph.D. University of Texas- Arlington 2013 Sep-18 Sep-23
Bayer, Mark Ph.D. University of Texas-Austin 2014 Mar-19 Mar-24
Boggs, David # Ph.D. University of Texas- Dallas 1998 Automatic
Chiou, Ingyu Ph.D. New York University 1999 Nov-15 Nov-20
Costello, Thomas Ph.D. University of Illinois 2000 Sep-18 Sep-23
Dobbs, Michael Ph.D. University of Texas at Dallas 1999 Nov-15 Nov-20
Grünhagen, Marko Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1999 Apr-17 Apr-22
Illia, Abdou Ph.D. Laval University 2003 Apr-17 Apr-22
Kozlowski, Stephen Ph.D. Rutgers, State University of New Jersey 2016 May-18 May-23
Lee, Simon Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2002 Sep-14 Sep-19
Lin, Crystal Ph.D. Old Dominion University 2004 Sep-14 Sep-19
Minnis, William Ph.D. St. Louis University 2001 Automatic
Sallehu, Stu Ph.D. Drexel University 2011 Sep-15 Sep-20
Shinde, Jay Ph.D. SIU 2010 May-16 May-21
Wang, Nan Ph.D. University of Oklahoma 2015 May-18 May-23
Wen, Chao Ph. D. University of North Texas 2012 May-18 May-23
Willems, John R.* Ph.D. Indiana University 1994 Automatic
Wollan, Melody Ph.D. University of Nebraska 2002 Automatic
Associate Members
Chahyadi, Candra Ph.D. University of Oklahoma 2008 May-18 May-19
Robinson, Nicholas LL.M. University of Miami School of Law 2007 Dec-18 Dec-19
Sadeh, Farhad Ph.D. ABD McMaster University 2018 Sep-18 Sep-19
Adjunct Members

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School of Technology

Faculty Member Degree University Degree Year Date Received/Renewed Expiration Date
Regular Members
Boonsuk, Wutthigrai Ph.D. Iowa State University 2009 Feb-16 Feb-21
Cabage, John Ph.D. University of Tennessee 2014 Feb-16 Feb-21
Chadd, Julie Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2003 Feb-16 Feb-21
Cheney, Austin* Ph.D Vanderbilt University   Automatic
Cloward, Jerry Ph.D. Utah State University 2009 Feb-16 Feb-21
Chinchilla, Rigoberto # Ph.D. Ohio University 2003 Automatic
Drage, Karen S. Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2004 Mar-16 Mar-21
Grant, Gabe Ph.D. Indiana State University 2016 Apr-19 Apr-24
Hogan, R. Lance Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2005 Feb-16 Feb-21
Israr, Toqeer Ph.D. University of Ottawa 2014 Feb-16 Feb-21  
Liu, Peter Ping # Ph.D. Iowa State University 1991
Melton, David# Ph.D. Utah State University 2007 Automatic
Slaven, Isaac Ph.D. Purdue University 2010 Apr-19 Apr-24
Steinke, Luke Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2006 Feb-16 Feb-21
Associate Members
Barnard, Bruce M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2004 May-19 May-20
Best, Kelly MBA Eastern Illinois University 2008 Feb-19 Feb-20
Bhutta, Ammar M.Sc. University of Illinois 2005 Apr-19 Apr-20
Bruns, Todd M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2012 Apr-19 Apr-20
Khasawneh, Odai Ph.D. Eastern Michigan University 2015 May-17 May-18
Kleine, Todd M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2006 Nov-16 Nov-17
Schultz, Shawn Ph.D. Illinois State University 2019 Apr-19 Apr-20
Adjunct Members
Dinc, Murat Ph.D. West Virginia University 2015 Apr-19 Apr-22
Garrett, Norm Ed.D. Arizona State University 1986 Apr-19 Apr-22
 Gee, Glenn M.S.  Indiana State University  1979  Feb-19  Feb-22
Kethe, Ravi M.S. Sri Venkateswara University 2000 Apr-19 Apr-22
MacMullen, Thomas M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2005 Apr-19 Apr-22
Smith, Lorenzo M.A. Webster University 2001 Feb-17 Feb-20
Turner, Gail Ed.S Eastern Illinois University 2015 Apr-19 Apr-22

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# — Graduate Coordinator
* — Department Chair

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The Graduate School

1201 Blair Hall
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue Charleston, IL 61920
Fax: 217-581-6020

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