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EIU School of Extended Learning

Advisory Council Agenda

Full Meeting
May 30th, 2024
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

  • Social/Headshots - First Hour
  • Discussion of Upcoming Programs
  • Summer Plans for Academy
  • Instructional Technology Center - How to Get the Community Involved


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Past Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Promotion Committee
(Members Present: Shelley Crouch, Alice Shonk, Terry Smith)
March 22nd, 2024
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Dean's Conference Room, Suite 1420

The meeting begins at 1:04 PM.

  • Day of Giving (December 3, 2024) Ideas
    • Not to be confused with EIU Giving Day (April 24, 2024)
  • Program Guide Distribution Efforts
    • ~490 Community Program Guides Remain
    • Over 1,000 distributed
    • Daniel would like to keep ~150 – 200 on hand for speaking events and records.
    • Sign Out List
      • Not an Effective Strategy
      • Problems with Follow-Through
    • It is mentioned that we should narrow our distribution “hot spots” where the Community Program Guide is dropped off.
      • This has the benefit of making the distribution process easier.
      • This also has the benefit of allowing us to check more easily to see if guides are stocked.
      • Lastly, this has the benefit of allowing us to advertise the pick-up spots online and in flyers.
      • It is mentioned that we should be thinking about where these hot spots will be.
        • All local libraries should be involved.
        • Lincoln Garden/Honeybee Café are other great spots.
        • We will need at least a few more. 7 – 10 in Mattoon, 7 – 10 in Charleston, and libraries outside of the two major towns.
        • It is mentioned that perhaps the libraries could distribute them via the interlibrary loan system. Daniel will check on this.
      • Outreach Strategy
        • Speaking Events
        • Facebook/Instagram Marketing
        • Committee Suggestions
          • We could take registrations at the door and make it clear that we do not require pre-registration, much like they do for the Past/Forward Memoir Group
          • We could use surveys as a form of attendance, much like other organizations. This would also allow us to collect more complex data about attendees and their thoughts.
          • Facebook Events could be used to help promote events. These are useful because they streamline the process of adding events to your calendar and remind you of the event as the date draws nearer. The only issue is that they do not have a system requiring registration, which may damage our recorded numbers.
          • We could encourage attendees to bring their friends.
        • Things We Could Be Doing Better
          • E-Mail Marketing
            • All members seem to think that MailChimp subscription is a good idea.
          • Reminders/Texts
          • Thank You Notes
        • Other Ways to Promote the Academy
          • It is suggested that using the phrase “Back by Popular Demand” for repeat sessions would be a meaningful marketing strategy.

The meeting ends at 2:06 PM.


Fundraising Committee
(Members Present: Roxanne Frey, Jamie Willis, Dr. Rich Wandling, Judy Brown)
March 14th, 2024
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Dean's Conference Room, Suite 1420

  • The state of the current Academy budget
    • There are two accounts for the Academy of Lifelong Learning:
      • Ledger 2 Account (Receives class funds, pays for phone, postage, and other costs of operation) - 222B14 – Balance: $121.80
      • Foundation Account (Receives Donations) - 930723 (gift account) - $8,917.29
    • These numbers are not final, as they are updated by hand and we still must update them for the funds received for Hops and Harmonies as well as Psychology of a Serial Killer, which will go into the Ledger 2 account.
  • Fundraising efforts
    • Past events
      • Hops and Harmonies (net ~$410 to Ledger 2)
        • Total in admissions - $1860
        • Total in expenditures - $1200
        • Amount given to the EIU Music Department - $250
        • Total profit - $410
      • Psychology of a Serial Killer (net ~$1510 to 222B14)
        • Total in admissions - $1960
        • Total payment to instructor - $450
        • Total profit - $1510
      • Donations (“memberships”) - $3300.00 to date - goes in 930723.
        • It was asked how this compares to years when we had memberships. The answer was not readily available, but here are the numbers:
          • 22 – 23 memberships: $2885
          • 21- 22 memberships: $3255 (there may be potential in re-recruiting some of these people)
        • It was suggested that monthly donations could be made, which may make donations more financially feasible for some.
          • This is not currently possible, but Daniel will add it to his agenda to discuss with the Foundation.
          • We will also need to advertise this possibility.
          • Daniel expressed some concern about parking passes and people canceling memberships mid-year, but this is a relatively minor concern.
        • Partner Organizations
          • United Way
            • An e-mail and the application were distributed.
            • Daniel proposed that the Academy apply for United Way funding to pay for the Community Program Guide (~$10,000 annually, or ~$5,000 per semester) and to pay instructors who will require fees for their time.
            • Daniel notes that he is in the process of clearing this with University Advancement and that the only contingency may be the October blackout on fundraising.
              • If the United Way is willing to accept a blackout on behalf of the Academy, instead of EIU as a whole, this may be one way to work out the blackout situation.
              • We are still waiting for the situation to clear up.
            • It is suggested that this could also be used as an honorarium for instructors who are not currently paid/do not ask that we pay them.
            • It is noted that it will be important to note that the funds are for needs that are not funded by the university directly.
            • It is noted that we should mention that we do not get any government funding for being a “senior program,” so we should make special note that all members of the community are welcome at our programs.
            • It is noted that we should give a narrow focus of 3 – 5 topics that we are interested in pursuing using instructor funds.
            • Roxanne volunteers to write up some ideas to help craft a refined narrative for the application.
            • The deadline for the application is April 2nd at 11:59 PM, so we will need to move quickly.
          • The Academy is open to suggestions about other partner organizations.
            • The Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation is suggested.
              • Daniel will investigate this.
            • Other organizations/businesses should be solicited for underwriting the Community Program Guide, which has already been cleared by Ken Wetstein et al. at EIU.
              • Daniel asks that Fundraising Committee members be on the lookout for organizations/businesses that would help to underwrite the guide.
              • It is suggested that we check with University Advancement and the legal department of EIU about this.
            • Future fundraising ideas
              • Daniel would like to do something with low overhead during the Day of Giving on December 3rd, 2024.
                • Daniel mentions dressing as Santa when he worked for CASA to solicit donations for the organization. It would be nice to do something similar.

Meeting concludes at 12:05 PM.


Full Advisory Council
(Members Present: Judy Brown, Dr. Rich Wandling, Brenda Crimmins, Shelley Crouch, Roxanne Frey, Chris Houchens, Al Joyner, Alice Shonk, Terry Smith)
February 21st, 2024
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Dean's Conference Room, Suite 1420

  • Confirmation of Future Meeting Dates (all passed without objection)
    • Second Quarter: May 30th, 2024 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (first hour for headshots/social)
    • Third Quarter: August 15th, 2024 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Fourth Quarter: November 14th, 2024 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Additional details about headshots
    • Taken at beginning of next meeting
    • For the Fall 2024 Community Program Guide, since not everyone has a high-quality, professional headshot
    • Headshots will be given to Advisory Council members and can be used for other purposes (social media profiles, vitae, etc.)
    • A backup date will be set, if necessary
    • Advisory Council members can choose to opt-out, though it is strongly preferred that they participate
  • Spring 2024 Progress Report (Daniel)
    • Hops and Harmonies is slated to be a tremendous success (63 registered at the time of the meeting)
    • Psychology of a Serial Killer is turning out to be another tremendous success (67 registered at the time of meeting)
    • All programs, across the board, have increased numbers of participants.
    • Question: Are there any programs that aren't doing so well?
      • Every program is reaching about 10 - 20 registrants during the month before it occurs, which is also when we start advertising outside of the Community Program Guide.
    • Most of this progress is thanks to our Advisory Council members, who have made tremendous efforts to distribute the Community Program Guide and tell others within the community about the Academy of Lifelong Learning. Thank you, Advisory Council members!
  • Community Program Guide Progress Report
    • There were ~460 guides remaining, out of the 1,500 that were printed.
    • Of these guides, Program Coordinator Daniel would like to retain 70 (a box) for future speaking events throughout the semester.
    • This leaves ~390 left to distribute.
    • Advisory Council member Chris Houchens states that the Charleston Carnegie Public Library is most of the way through their second box. He anticipates that they will be able to go through a third box.
      • This will mean that ~390 guides will remain and that there will be ~320 to distribute.
    • Other Advisory Council members report that they have been checking back on the spots that they distributed to and are having to restock at certain locations
      • Locations that were mentioned that needed to be restocked included:
        • First-Mid
        • Lincoln Garden Family Restaurant
        • Charleston Carnegie Public Library
    • Again, the success of these efforts is due mostly to the efforts of the Advisory Council. Thank you!
  • Committees
    • Promotion Committee: Shelley Crouch, Alice Shonk, Ann Spear, Terry Smith, [Brenda Crimmins]
    • Fundraising Committee: Carolyn Stevens (unavailable until mid-March), Roxanne Frey, Jamie Willis, [Rich Wandling]
    • While there are plenty of committee members, it is noted that any additional help would be appreciated.
      • Volunteers to be added are denoted with brackets above. Brenda is not volunteering, but we will keep her on the mailing list and she will help when she can.
    • Polls will be sent out at 2:00 PM, around the end of the meeting, for each committee to agree to a time/date for their first meeting
  • Help for Hops and Harmonies is solicited (pouring/delivering beers, collecting admission fees at the door, collecting donations, filling in where otherwise needed)
    • Volunteers will be fed and allowed to taste the beers.
    • Rich Wandling, Brenda Crimmins, Judy Brown, and Terry Smith volunteer.
    • Volunteers may show up anytime after noon, but between 5 - 6 PM on the 29th of February will be most helpful. The event will take place at the Charleston Country Club.
  • Thoughts on an SMS reminder system for Academy Events (including events in the guide and Advisory Council meetings, among others) are solicited.
    • It was explained that this involves having individuals opt-in. Opting out is easy, by just sending a text that says "STOP". Individuals who opt-in will be manually tagged for the courses that they register for and automated reminder messages will be sent to those with certain tags.
    • Roxanne Frey asked about the cost of such a system.
    • Most had positive things to say about doing things this way.
    • This method avoids the rigor of manually sending e-mails for reminders, which is a very flawed method.
  • Suggestions for Fall 2024 Community Program Guide
    • Daniel introduces list of Road Scholars and explains that one may be picked for Fall 2024 since we will be having Chris Vallillo visit us using an ArtsTour & Live Music grant. Chris is booked up through the Road Scholar Speakers Bureau.
    • Daniel states that November will be Native American Heritage Month and that it may be meaningful to select a speaker that is related to that.
    • Daniel states that outside of EIU's Giving Day, which takes place in the summer, the Day of Giving (or Giving Tuesday) is celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Daniel would like to do a fundraiser on that day, which is December 3rd, 2024. He suggests something simple that involves families, such as having local families come to donate and get a picture with someone dressed as Santa.
  • Fall 2024 Community Program Guide suggestions are turned over to the Advisory Council membership.
    • The conversation begins with Road Scholar Kim Sigafus's presentation Singing Bird and the Importance of Native American Women in Illinois History.
      • Many seem to like this suggestion for November
      • It is suggested that this could be used for Women's History Month, next March if we cannot book Kim for Fall 2024.
    • Another suggests Ernest Whiteman's Road Scholar program, No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media. This is, perhaps, relevant because of the new Hulu series Reservation Dogs.
    • It is mentioned that a program about the Trail of Tears could be relevant and interesting.
    • Others suggest that we should host Untold African American Stories, which is done by Mary Frances, a Road Scholar. This may be meaningful for February.
    • Others said that they would like the presentation that Road Scholar Norman Moline does, The National Park Service in Our Region: Places to Experience Our Cultural History.
    • Enthusiasm is expressed for the presentation Latin Hip Hop as a New Poetry by Road Scholar Maria Johnson.
    • Daniel clarifies that the Academy may only host two Road Scholars per year (one per Spring/Fall semester).
      • It is suggested that some of these presentations could be brought in through a collaborative effort between the Academy and other departments on campus, who may use gift funds to help advance partner programs.
      • In the case of Latin Hip Hop as a New Poetry, organizations like LASO (Latin American Student Organization) may be interested.
    • The discussion turns to asking other departments for presenters who want to showcase new projects/work.
      • Roxanne Frey mentions that faculty lectures are occurring on Thursdays at Booth Library. She suggests that this may be a good place to solicit presenters. (Later research revealed that this series is called Authors@EIU)
    • It is suggested that Bill Passalacqua of Bill Poss Music may be able to host a songwriting workshop for adults, children, and teens. Contact information is relayed to Program Coordinator Daniel. Bill's organization is a 501(c)(3) that has conducted similar workshops at Casey, IL's library with a turnout of around 20.
    • Members discuss the value of technological help. Chris Houchens volunteers that the Charleston Carnegie Public Library offers one-on-one technological help as well as workshops for those who are interested.
    • It is mentioned that agism (read: not aging) would be an interesting topic to present.
      • Rich Wandling mentions that he vaguely recalls a presentation done at the Lifespan Center by the Academy about aging. He later revealed in an e-mail that it was in the Fall 2019 semester and included topics such as common myths about older adults, the effects of ageism, the impact of language, and advocacy/how to be an advocate.
      • Future presenters could include those from Social Psychology and Gerontology backgrounds.
    • Dancing is mentioned as another topic of interest (salsa, square dancing, line dancing, or any form)
      • It is mentioned that this may be best done as a series.
    • In the leadup to the election of 2024, it is mentioned that it may be a good idea to have presentations about topics such as the electoral college.
      • Discussion occurs about maintaining civil discourse and avoiding hostile environments when discussing political topics.
    • Having discussion groups with a slated topic is discussed briefly.
  • Daniel mentions that future meetings may use the OWL Camera so that members who cannot attend in person are more likely to be able to. Meetings will still occur in person and will be the same. This will just allow the addition of remote participants if necessary.
  • The meeting is adjourned at 2:06 PM.


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