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Music Minor

The Department of Music offers a Music Minor for students who are interested in pursuing studies in music in addition to their current degree plan.  Students with a Music Minor participate in department ensembles, complete four semesters of applied lessons, and take some of the same music theory and history coursework that a Music Major does. 

Admission as a Music Minor generally requires interested students to complete a short audition for a Department of Music faculty member.  Please contact the studio instructor for your instrument/voice or the department chair to receive more information.

Requirements for the Music Minor:

Applied Study (4 credit hours)

Music Theory (8 credit hours)

  • MUS 1501 (1541, 1543) - Comprehensive Musicianship I. Credits: 4
  • MUS 1502 (1542, 1544) - Comprehensive Musicianship II. Credits: 4

Music History ( 3 credit hours)  Choose From:

  • MUS 3584 - Music History and Literature I. Credits: 3
  • MUS 3585 - Music History and Literature II. Credits: 3
  • MUS 3586 - Music History and Literature III. Credits: 3

Electives in Music (7 credit hours)

Must include three credit hours upper-division music courses and can include up to four credit hours in ensembles. (MUS 3553G may not be used to satisfy the Music Minor elective requirement; MUS 3550G or MUS 3562G will fulfill both the Music Minor elective and Fine Arts General Education requirements.)

Total Hours: 22