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Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 1275 Spring 2017 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.

Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

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Name City State Program
Bui, Phuoc M.Master of Business Admin
Ofosu, Antonia NyambaAccraMaster of Science
Wick, Kasandra M.AlbionILBachelor of Science
Drews, Kali H.AlgonquinILBachelor of Arts
Kneip, Michael F.AlgonquinILBachelor of Science
Banahan, Jason D.AlsipILBachelor of Arts
Giertuga, Timothy F.AlsipILBachelor of Science in Bus
Jedrzejak, Jessica S.AlsipILBachelor of Science
Hunt, Sierra R.AltamontILBachelor of Arts
Reardon, Laura L.AltamontILBachelor of Science in Bus
Hornung, Hannah E.ArcolaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Jenkins, Jon J.ArcolaILBachelor of Arts
Stutzman, Noah J.ArcolaILBachelor of Arts
Anderson, Michael P.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Arts
Hansen, Sean P.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Minuskin, Jamie B.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Music
Reynolds, Hillary J.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Wilber, Allison R.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Arts
Wilber, Allison R.Arlington HeightsILBachelor of Music
Stack, David F.ArthurILMaster of Science
Gribbin, Stephanie K.AshkumILBachelor of Arts
Gent, Noah R.AshmoreILBachelor of Science in Bus
Neuman, Kala M.AuburnILMaster of Science
Jefferson, Cody J.AugustaILBachelor of Science
Elkins, Ashley C.AuroraILBachelor of Arts
Manser, Colleen E.AuroraILBachelor of Arts
Pinninty, KavithaAuroraILMaster of Science
Reinle, Molly A.AuroraILBachelor of Arts
Taylor, Richitta A.AuroraILBachelor of Science
Freeman, Brendan A.AustinTXBachelor of Science
Morrow, Derek E.AustinTXBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Jahncke, John T.BarringtonILBachelor of Arts
Pokrajac, Nicholas W.BarringtonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Thompson, Shane T.BartlettILBachelor of Arts
Garrity, Michael A.BataviaILBachelor of Science
Gordon, Melody A.Beecher CityILBachelor of Arts
Myers, Kelsey S.Beecher CityILBachelor of Science in Ed
Petty, Michelle D.Beecher CityILMaster of Business Admin
Shields, Hilary K.Beecher CityILBachelor of Arts
Shields, Hilary K.Beecher CityILBachelor of Arts
Wolf, Janae R.Beecher CityILBachelor of Science
Brown, Chamira M.BellevilleILBachelor of Science
Cox, Conner J.BellevilleILBachelor of Arts
Johnson, RachelBellevilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kaltenbronn, Nicholas R.BellevilleILBachelor of Science
Jenkins, Joy V.BellwoodILBachelor of Science
Bentley, Christina M.BementILBachelor of Science
Nimmer, Krystle K.BensenvilleILBachelor of Arts
Moore, Danielle L.BentonILMaster of Science in Education
Blanco, ElizabethBerwynILBachelor of Arts
McClurge, Terryne M.BerwynILBachelor of Arts
Still, Rachel E.BethanyILBachelor of Arts
Slay, Julian M.BloomingdaleILBachelor of Arts
Angus, Rachel K.BloomingtonILBachelor of Fine Arts
Harrison, Halee L.BloomingtonILMaster of Business Admin
Heckelman, Lauren D.BloomingtonILMaster of Science in Education
McMorris, Mara S.BloomingtonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Petsas, Stephanie M.BloomingtonILBachelor of Science
Sigunick, Jordan A.BloomingtonILBachelor of Science
Field, Christina M.Blue MoundILMaster of Science in Education
Reed, Eric D.BlufordILMaster of Science in Education
Akins, Courtney N.BolingbrookILBachelor of Science
Dalton, Kristlyn E.BolingbrookILMaster of Science in Education
Dalton, Kristlyn E.BolingbrookILCertificate Program
Jahn, Hannah M.BolingbrookILBachelor of Arts
McNulty, Alex L.BolingbrookILBachelor of Arts
Radecki, JillBolingbrookILBachelor of Arts
Hahs, Benjamin M.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Science
Mesenbring, Alyssa K.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Arts
Webber, Zachary M.BourbonnaisILBachelor of Arts
Woodard, George D.Bowling GreenKYBachelor of Arts
Griffith, Cecilia N.BradfordILBachelor of Science in Ed
Mohr, Philip B.BridgetonMOMaster of Arts
Harvey-Lemons, LynetteBroadviewILBachelor of Arts
Brown, Danielle J.BroctonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Johnson, Sarah A.BrookfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Rada, Sequoia M.BrookfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Gracyalny, Nicholas A.BrownsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Holloway, Dillon L.BrownstownILBachelor of Arts
Block, Matthew S.Buffalo GroveILBachelor of Science in Ed
Doherty, Todd A.BurkeVABachelor of Arts
Alber, Kathryn L.BurlingtonWIBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
McDaniel, Samantha L.CahokiaILBachelor of Arts
Stevenson, Leatia N.CahokiaILBachelor of Science
Williams, Wayne C.Calumet CityILMaster of Science
Brame, Sara L.CarmiILMaster of Science in Education
Taylor, Ashley D.CarmiILMaster of Science in Education
Capezio, Bianca M.Carol StreamILBachelor of Arts
Esposito, Bianca C.Carol StreamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Garza, Lisa N.Carol StreamILBachelor of Music
Adams, Brian R.CartervilleILMaster of Science in Education
Grochocinski, Danelle L.CaryILBachelor of Science
Kibler, Brittany L.CaseyILBachelor of Arts
Stout, Kacie L.CaseyILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ferguson, Kathleen G.CatlinILMaster of Business Admin
Brashear, Amy F.CentraliaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Chapman, Jacy L.CentraliaILBachelor of Science
Marcum, Lance A.CentraliaILSpecialist in Education
Sanders, Travis J.CentraliaILBachelor of Science
Shelton, Jesse J.CentraliaILBachelor of Music
Shay, Derek J.Cerro GordoILBachelor of Science
Atwood, James E.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Bailey, Kayley M.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Brink, MarkChampaignILMaster of Science
Broga, Eric M.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Craciun, Alexandru I.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Craciun, Megan N.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Davis Johnson, Bryson J.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
Flodstrom, Anders G.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Ed
Frederick, Andrea L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Freeman, Jerrad L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Jensen, Erik A.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Kueker, John R.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Kunkel, Kelesia E.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Lagos, EmilyChampaignILBachelor of Science
McDaniel, David L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
McFarland, Kyle R.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
McGath, Jessica N.ChampaignILBachelor of Science
McGill, Colin D.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
McMullen, Brendan M.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Moe, Sarah L.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Ed
Outlaw, Paula J.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Reichard, Amber R.ChampaignILBachelor of Science in Bus
Reinhold, Brenda S.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
Risken, Shannon M.ChampaignILSpecialist in Education
Schulz, Amber L.ChampaignILMaster of Business Admin
Shiffer, Ashlee M.CHAMPAIGNILMaster of Science
Williams, Chantell L.ChampaignILBachelor of Arts
McDowell, Michael A.ChannahonILBachelor of Arts
Aitken, Alex J.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Anderson, Ronnica Q.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Baker, Eric N.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Ball, Kady J.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Bear, Jordan C.CharlestonILMaster of Science in Education
Beasley, Lana I.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Berry, Kacie L.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Borrelli, Elizabeth A.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Cannon, Sherell D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Closson, David J.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Coffey, Erika R.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Cranstoun, Jeffrey S.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Cunningham, Roger I.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Dailey, Madison E.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Davidson, Nicole R.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Durr, Ciera D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Dust, Adele L.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Eden, Mark G.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Edwards, Lacy J.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Euker, Eleanor G.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Fazio, Alisha D.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Frederick, Chelsea L.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Frederick, ChristopherCharlestonILMaster of Science
Gadiparthy, SrikanthCharlestonILMaster of Science
Garbrough, Nichole E.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Grimes, Laney K.CharlestonILMaster of Science in Education
Iwanski, Abriana M.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Janiga, Brian A.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Jaques, Charles A.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Jerrica C.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Luke D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Loughridge, Adam J.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Martin, Kent D.CharlestonILMaster of Science
McDonald, Katie M.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Melton, Russell O.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Missick, Faythe A.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Moody, Cassi J.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Myers, John R.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Nattee, Alexis S.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
O'Rourke, Mitchell J.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Patino, CesarCharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Paul, Whitney L.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Rice, William A.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Robison, ChristopherCharlestonILMaster of Arts
Russell, Jordan D.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Rykard, Jeremy J.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Smiley, Megan N.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Stopka, Michael P.CharlestonILMaster of Arts
Trombi, Jaquelyn N.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Wagner, Jody L.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Watkins, Monica I.CharlestonILBachelor of Science
Whitehead, Britney M.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Williams, Raisia D.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Wlezien, Heidi J.CharlestonILMaster of Science
Wright, Holly K.CharlestonILBachelor of Arts
Young, Azurae K.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Zuber, Lucas S.CharlestonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bentley, Brett A.ChathamILBachelor of Science
Gray, Dana L.ChathamILMaster of Science in Education
Wells, Lindsey A.ChathamILBachelor of Music
Mills, Shannon L.ChatsworthILMaster of Science in Education
Altobelli, Nicole F.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Amponsah, LindaChicagoILBachelor of Science
Ashford, Angelica E.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Banks, Takieshyanna C.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Barnard, Rebecca L.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Brooks, Tristan A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Cook, Hali R.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Cramarosso, Allison A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Davis, Danielle S.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Dineen, Dylan T.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Farr, Chavonne J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Green, Felicia N.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Haynes, Andre L.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Henderson, Darnell L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Jackson, Dana A.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Koehne, Jacob S.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Larnce, Secia J.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Lutzow, Katherine M.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Marcotte, Helen M.ChicagoILMaster of Science
McNulty, Ryan W.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Miles, Jasmine L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Neven, Blake E.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
O'Machel, Kristin A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Ed
Overton, Jordan A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Posey, TimothyChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Poston, ChanelChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Sabbs, Aisha T.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Scott, Margery A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Smith, Christopher T.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Tapling, Adam T.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
Teague, Sierra L.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Terry, TiAndrea R.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Thomas, Lauren L.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
Vander Ploeg, Catherine A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Vargas, Francis J.ChicagoILBachelor of Arts
White, Jabari L.ChicagoILBachelor of Science
White, Thomas A.ChicagoILBachelor of Science in Bus
Haywood, MyronChicago HeightsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bunting, Scott A.ChristopherILMaster of Science in Education
Riley, Leslie D.CisneILMaster of Science in Education
Cunningham, Kaitlyn A.ClemsonSCMaster of Science
Kapellas, Kevin M.ClevelandOHBachelor of Arts
Muser, Melissa R.Coal CityILBachelor of Science in Bus
West, John L.CobdenILMaster of Science
Marshall, Morrisa L.CollinsvilleILBachelor of Arts
McKenzie, Danielle N.CollinsvilleILBachelor of Music
Dexter, Robyn E.ColumbiaILBachelor of Arts
Boehm, Brett A.CowdenILMaster of Science in Education
Cleghorn, Tara C.Crest HillILBachelor of Arts
Formosa, Christopher B.CreteILBachelor of Science
Dougherty, Jacqueline K.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Arts
Peisker, Stephanie A.Crystal LakeILBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
Barnes, Susan L.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Beyers, Jennifer A.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Bott, Amy N.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Burson, Crystal R.DanvilleILMaster of Science
Davis, Amber D.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Gerling, BrittneyDanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hale, JordynDanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Heidrick, Rachel L.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Jones, Brittany F.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Klett, Karin M.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lohrberg, Christina E.DanvilleILMaster of Science in Education
McCray, Ken L.DanvilleILCertificate Program
Sermersheim, Katie F.DanvilleILBachelor of Arts
Siefert, Kevin L.DanvilleILCertificate Program
Tuggle, Kristen K.DanvilleILBachelor of Science
VanCamp, Christopher T.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Williams, Lisa Y.DanvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Awtry, Erin O.DarienILBachelor of Science
Jopa, Brett S.DarienILBachelor of Science in Bus
Jacobs, Neil F.De LandILBachelor of Arts
Austin, Jonathan M.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Craft, Brian C.DecaturILBachelor of Arts
Edwards, Matthew B.DecaturILMaster of Science in Education
Fabley, Kari M.DecaturILBachelor of Science in Ed
Foster, Leslie G.DecaturILMaster of Science in Education
Glasper, Shirley Y.DecaturILBachelor of Arts
Harter, Christopher J.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Hymes, Carla M.DecaturILMaster of Science in Education
Kresse, Jeffrey M.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Miller, Stephanie L.DecaturILMaster of Science in Education
Parks, Kelsey E.DecaturILBachelor of Arts
Peck, Angeline E.DecaturILMaster of Science in Education
Sebok, Andrew P.DecaturILBachelor of Arts
Shuff, Elizabeth A.DecaturILBachelor of Science
Broderick, Lisa M.Des PlainesILBachelor of Science
Williams, Michaela A.DieterichILBachelor of Arts
Worman, Deanna M.DieterichILBachelor of Science in Ed
Wells, Tosha S.DoltonILBachelor of Science
Binder, Rose C.Downers GroveILBachelor of Science
Conrad, Daniel J.Downers GroveILBachelor of Science
Duffy, Marina A.Downers GroveILBachelor of Arts
Jones, Caitrin M.Downers GroveILBachelor of Science in Ed
Tran, Amanda L.Downers GroveILMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Davis, Mitchell A.East PeoriaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Vasser, Xaviera J.East St LouisILBachelor of Science
Briney, RebeckaEdwardsvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Enge, Daniel J.EdwardsvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ponce, Thomas J.EdwardsvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Rhoten, Christian P.EdwardsvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Tetzlaff, Jason J.EdwardsvilleILBachelor of Arts
Thomas, Christopher A.EdwardsvilleILBachelor of Arts
Breedlove, Samantha M.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Burke, Janelle L.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Ed
Calhoon, Emily K.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Ed
Crivilare, Andrew J.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Cunningham, Holly A.EffinghamILMaster of Science in Education
James, Lauren N.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Kinkelaar, Jennifer M.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Koerner, Blake P.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Bus
Lowry, Zachary R.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Allison N.EffinghamILBachelor of Science
Paul, Oindrila P.EffinghamILMaster of Science
Repking, Rebecca R.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Repking, Rochelle L.EffinghamILBachelor of Science in Ed
Reynolds, Amy J.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Workman, Lauren M.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Worman, Tara N.EffinghamILBachelor of Arts
Tompkins, Mark F.ElginILBachelor of Arts
Dunlap, Ashley L.Elk Grove VillageILBachelor of Science
Seebacher, Maureen A.Elk Grove VillageILBachelor of Science
Tyler, Arwen W.Elk Grove VillageILMaster of Arts
Gidcumb, Brian D.ElmhurstILBachelor of Science
Guca, Alicia K.ElmhurstILBachelor of Arts
Knebelsberger, Nicole M.ElmhurstILBachelor of Science in Ed
Whaley, David L.ElmhurstILBachelor of Arts
Machalski, Alexander P.Elmwood ParkILBachelor of Arts
Anderson, Theresa A.EurekaILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Schahrer, Daniel S.FairburyILBachelor of Science
Wade, Joel M.FairburyILBachelor of Science
Lyons, Tiffany J.FairfieldILMaster of Science in Education
Harlan, Michelle L.FairmountILBachelor of Science in Ed
Griffen, Michelle D.Farmer CityILBachelor of Science
Arnold, Caitlin J.FisherILBachelor of Science
Bayler, Travis M.FisherILBachelor of Science
Racop, Kathleen D.Flat RockILBachelor of Arts
Reeves, Brittany A.FlorissantMOBachelor of Arts
Hall, Brooke C.Fort WorthTXBachelor of Science
Hanks, Ross A.FrankfortILBachelor of Arts
Hogan, Joseph P.FrankfortILBachelor of Arts
Judge, Kyle J.FrankfortILBachelor of Arts
Lisiecki, Kyrianne K.FrankfortILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lucca, Lacie J.FrankfortILBachelor of Science in Ed
Stremplewski, Nicole A.FrankfortILBachelor of Science in Ed
Zegley, Zachary R.FrankfortILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Taylor, Deanna V.GaryINBachelor of Arts
King, Caleb T.GeneseoILBachelor of Arts
Garcia, Raymond L.GeorgetownILBachelor of Science
Cotton, Elizabeth R.Gibson CityILBachelor of Arts
Tompkins, Ryan S.Gibson CityILMaster of Science in Education
Mack, Timothy R.GiffordILBachelor of Arts
Hasara, Ashley N.GirardILBachelor of Arts
McNamara, Molly A.Glen EllynILBachelor of Science in Ed
Quigley, Kayla A.Glen EllynILBachelor of Arts
Flammini, Jessica L.Glendale HeightsILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lee, Destiny L.Glendale HeightsILBachelor of Science
Baumann, Alyssa A.Granite CityILBachelor of Science in Ed
Buchanan, Haleigh R.Granite CityILBachelor of Science in Ed
Keil, Karlye M.Granite CityILBachelor of Science in Bus
Kim, Jennifer J.Granite CityILBachelor of Science
Anglin, JamesGrayslakeILBachelor of Arts
Bajgert, Michael P.GrayslakeILBachelor of Arts
Chilicki, Samuel M.GrayslakeILBachelor of Arts
Spontak, Matthew G.GrayslakeILBachelor of Science in Bus
Stojanovich, Milan A.GrayslakeILBachelor of Science
Callen, Joseph M.Green OaksILBachelor of Science
Nelson, Daniel J.GreenupILBachelor of Arts
Parks, Steffani R.GreenupILBachelor of Science in Bus
Stults, Sydney A.GreenupILBachelor of Science in Ed
Taggart, Melanie N.GreenwoodINMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Gass, AnthonyHainesvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Gruner, Stephanie M.HampshireILMaster of Arts
Chavez, Emily A.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Levine, Rebecca J.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Arts
Siemers, James C.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Arts
Stewart, Justin R.Hanover ParkILBachelor of Science
Reid, Bruce L.HarveyILMaster of Science
Mischke, Bridget E.Harwood HeightsILBachelor of Arts
Zizzo, JamesHawthorn WoodsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Day, Jenna E.HaysKSMaster of Science
Lawrence, Demetris D.Hazel CrestILMaster of Science
Parks, Shatierra J.Hazel CrestILBachelor of Arts
Michaels, Mark G.Hickory HillsILBachelor of Arts
Worst, Jonathan M.Hickory HillsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Campbell, Jessica J.HighlandINBachelor of Arts
Fuehne, Gabe A.HighlandILBachelor of Science in Bus
Gourley, Luke T.HighlandILBachelor of Science
Held, Hillary C.HighlandILMaster of Science
Hoyt, Kelsey M.HighlandILBachelor of Arts
Passmore, Amanda J.HighlandILBachelor of Arts
Ruffolo, BrittanyHighwoodILBachelor of Fine Arts
Winn, Dane W.HindsboroILBachelor of Arts
Davis, Kenasha P.HobartINBachelor of Arts
Moxley, Kristen E.HodgkinsILBachelor of Science
OBrill, Danielle K.Hoffman EstatesILBachelor of Science in Bus
Turinsky, Timothy M.Hoffman EstatesILBachelor of Arts
Lacombe, Leah M.Homer GlenILBachelor of Arts
Kuersten, Lisa M.HomewoodILBachelor of Science in Ed
Robertson, Kristin A.HomewoodILBachelor of Science in Ed
Dunavan, Josh R.HoopestonILBachelor of Science
Pierce, Ethan R.HoopestonILBachelor of Arts
Plaza, William H.HoopestonILBachelor of Arts
Ramos, Erika N.HoopestonILBachelor of Science
Brown, Jordan E.HopdaleILBachelor of Science
Larkin, ConnorHuntleyILBachelor of Arts
Hari, Phani KrishnaHyderabadMaster of Science
Katta, RavaliHYDERABADMaster of Science
Vemuri, LakshmipriyankaHyderabadMaster of Science
Yedavilli, Sai Kameswara KarthikHyderabadMaster of Science
Keerthipati, DivyaHyderbadMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Skalla, Morgan E.ImperialMOBachelor of Science
Raschke, Robert J.IndianapolisINMaster of Science
Reese, Janelle S.IndianolaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Villalobos, Ashley M.IukaILBachelor of Music
Magsamen, Alicia R.IvesdaleILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Gent, Levi R.JacksonvilleILBachelor of Arts
VanHyning, Lauren E.JacksonvilleILBachelor of Science
Wilkinson, Scott M.JewettILBachelor of Music
Johnson-Tefft, Paula J.JolietILBachelor of Science
Kaski, Kelsey M.JolietILBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
James, Jordan C.KankakeeILBachelor of Arts
Whitley, Merritt E.Kansas CityMOBachelor of Arts
Muhammed Khalid, Fathima N.KuruneglaMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Ruppert, Kyle S.La SalleILBachelor of Arts
Ruppert, Kyle S.La SalleILBachelor of Arts
McCallen, Emily S.LafayetteINCertificate Program


Name City State Program
Ejikeme, Nonso A.lagosMaster of Arts


Name City State Program
Graham, MonicaLake BluffILBachelor of Arts
Piecuch, Anthony T.Lake ZurichILBachelor of Science
Douglas, Diamond A.LansingILBachelor of Arts
Hearon, Paris S.LansingILBachelor of Science
Hunt, Nikko R.LansingILBachelor of Science in Bus
Schell, Lauren K.LansingILBachelor of Science
Ericson, Austin M.LasalleILBachelor of Science
Griffith, Thomas J.LemontILBachelor of Arts
Wojnowski, Brianna N.LemontILBachelor of Arts
Wohltman, Heather D.LernaILMaster of Arts
Erwin, Margaret M.LewistownILBachelor of Science in Bus
Jaeger, ClaireLibertyvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kavanagh, Niamh M.LibertyvilleILBachelor of Arts
Witucki, Alison V.LibertyvilleILBachelor of Science
Schneider, Kimberly D.LincolnILMaster of Science in Education
Dennison, Matthew M.LisleILBachelor of Music
Catterson, Stacey E.LockportILBachelor of Arts
Chavez, Daniel R.LockportILBachelor of Science
Nasinska, Anna B.LockportILBachelor of Arts
Sanders, Kasey L.LodaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Rumsey, Tiffany N.LombardILBachelor of Science
Berrien, Claude A.LynwoodILBachelor of Science
Thompson, Jazmine E.LynwoodILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Nalley, Marissa K.MackinawILBachelor of Fine Arts
Morgan, IreneMadisonILBachelor of Science
Burdette, Christopher J.MahometILBachelor of Science
Gerst, Kayla A.MahometILBachelor of Science
Hennigh, Darin C.MahometILMaster of Science
Lamb, Jason A.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Larocque, Justin M.MahometILBachelor of Science in Bus
Louret, Zachary J.MahometILBachelor of Science in Ed
Morrow, John H.MahometILBachelor of Science
Myers, Karen A.MahometILBachelor of Science
Overmyer, Hillary R.MahometILBachelor of Arts
Patterson, Sandra K.MahometILBachelor of Science
Stutsman, Monica B.MahometILMaster of Science in Education
Shackles, Tracie E.MakandaILMaster of Science in Education
Crampton, Alicia K.ManhattanILBachelor of Fine Arts
Thompson, Meagan C.ManitoILBachelor of Science
Goguri, DeepthiMansfieldMAMaster of Science
Emerson, Justin E.MantenoILBachelor of Arts
Flores, Michael J.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Harrington, Nathan M.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Hill, James M.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Matthew S.MantenoILBachelor of Science
Wilwers, Christopher T.MarengoILBachelor of Arts
Chatman, Adonna R.MarkhamILBachelor of Science
Ray, Kahina S.MarkhamILBachelor of Arts
Ray, Makeda T.MarkhamILBachelor of Arts
Lindgren, Whitney J.Marquette HeightsILBachelor of Science in Bus
Evers, Todd D.MarshallILMaster of Science in Education
Hewitt, Brandon L.MarshallILBachelor of Science in Bus
Shay, Kyle J.MarshallILMaster of Science in Education
Lafond, Courtney N.MartintonILBachelor of Science
Bennett, Ray D.MattoonILMaster of Arts
Bergfeld, Daniel J.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Camfield, Chase A.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Camfield, Jamye R.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Douglas, Sarah M.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Eastin, Luke J.MattoonILMaster of Arts
Fonner, Nichole M.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Grady, Cooper S.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Bus
Hettiger, Jessica L.MattoonILMaster of Science in Education
Hunter, Margaret M.MattoonILMaster of Arts
Marriott, Kelli R.MattoonILBachelor of Arts
Mefford, John W.MattoonILMaster of Arts
Morris, Brian J.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Rogers, Kendra S.MattoonILMaster of Science in Education
Stremming, Matthew S.MattoonILBachelor of Science
Thomas, Julia D.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Tinch, Jennifer N.MattoonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Passolt, Bradley J.MchenryILBachelor of Science
Schwalenberg, Jon R.McHenryILBachelor of Science in Ed
McCall, Lequince R.McKinneyTXBachelor of Arts
Harrawood, Laura F.McLeansboroILMaster of Science in Education
Dawson, Christopher J.MelvinILBachelor of Science in Bus
Dawson, Christopher J.MelvinILBachelor of Arts
Frantik, Katelyn R.MetamoraILBachelor of Science in Ed
Getzloff, Austin J.MidlothianILBachelor of Arts
Mundy, Paige M.MillstadtILBachelor of Music
Kapala, Nicole L.MinookaILBachelor of Science
Santillo, Andrew V.MinookaILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Diyagama Arachchi Ralalage, Dilini s.mirigamaMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Fansher, Allison L.MokenaILBachelor of Science in Ed
French, Andrew M.MokenaILBachelor of Science
Holstrom, Ashley L.MokenaILBachelor of Arts
Krupecki, LauraMokenaILBachelor of Arts
Mueller, Daniel R.MokenaILBachelor of Science
Pergolizzi, Nicholas H.MokenaILBachelor of Science
Yazbec, Ian T.MolineILBachelor of Arts
Foster, Christine L.MomenceILBachelor of Science in Ed
Eades, Stanley R.MonticelloILBachelor of Science
Meyer, Jesse A.MonticelloILBachelor of Arts
Partlow, Shannon L.MonticelloILBachelor of Arts
Connon, Molly R.MorrisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Fejzoski, Alije M.MorrisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Irons, Teala M.MorrisILBachelor of Arts
Noethe, Stefani J.MorrisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Smith, Matthew D.MorrisILBachelor of Science
Sutfin, Melissa B.Morton GroveILBachelor of Science in Bus
Zaring, Brittany A.Mount CarmelILMaster of Science
Stopher, Donovan L.Mount ErieILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bach, Briana K.Mount ProspectILBachelor of Science in Ed
Collins, Nicholas C.Mount ProspectILBachelor of Arts
Etchingham, Jessica R.Mount ProspectILBachelor of Science
Staples, Elbert L.Mount VernonILMaster of Science in Education
Clark, Andrew W.MoweaquaILBachelor of Science
Lamb, Kelly A.MoweaquaILMaster of Science in Education
Pygott, Andrew E.Mt ZionILSpecialist in Education
Downard, Regina M.MulkeytownILBachelor of Science
Fletcher, MichaelMulkeytownILMaster of Science in Education
Funk, Chalanea M.MundeleinILBachelor of Arts
Krause, Kimberly E.MundeleinILBachelor of Arts
Soltwisch, Emily E.MundeleinILBachelor of Arts
Graff, Cheryl R.MurphysboroILSpecialist in Education
Schmid, AjMurphysboroILMaster of Science in Education
Seplak, Alexandra H.Myrtle BeachSCBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City State Program
Pannala, Nithin K.NalgondaMaster of Science
Apala, SrinivasNalgonda DistrictMaster of Science
Komati, Krishna TejaNalgonda,Master of Science
Bakke, Kyle R.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Baznik, Jordan M.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
Buettner, Allison M.NapervilleILBachelor of Music
Burgermeister, Ashley M.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Fabris, Kayla L.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
Gaughan, Natalie M.NapervilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Hsieh, Tyler D.NapervilleILBachelor of Science
Johnson, Rebecca A.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
Richter, Kathryn J.NapervilleILBachelor of Arts
Claybaugh, Ellise A.NeogaILBachelor of Science
Coen, Amanda M.NeogaILBachelor of Arts
Miah, Patsy S.NeogaILBachelor of Arts
Maruszak, Jason D.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Maruszak, Jason D.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Miller, Jordan A.New LenoxILBachelor of Science
Schutzbach, Nicholas A.New LenoxILBachelor of Science in Bus
Hanna, Hailee R.Newbury ParkCAMaster of Arts
Frey, Kari Anne E.NewmanILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kincaid, Dianne L.NewmanILBachelor of Arts
Collins, Brandon K.NewtonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Goad, Tamara S.NewtonILBachelor of Arts
Storer, Brittany N.NewtonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Mothkur, Sachin KumarNIRMALMaster of Science
Breeden, Hayley M.NobleILBachelor of Science in Bus
Hansen, Bryce A.NormalILMaster of Science in Education
Murray, John C.NormalILBachelor of Arts
Scharf, James J.NormalILBachelor of Science
O'Connell, Chris J.North AuroraILBachelor of Science
McCoy, Sean P.North RiversideILBachelor of Science
Schmitz, Abigail J.NorthbrookILBachelor of Science in Ed
Clark, Adam C.NorwoodOHBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Wagner, Tonya J.O FallonILBachelor of Arts
Wolff, Robert C.O FallonMOBachelor of Arts
Curry, Elleshya D.O'FallonILBachelor of Arts
Curry, Elleshya D.O'FallonILBachelor of Science
Meyer, Cameron M.O'FallonILBachelor of Science
Altenburg, Ryan P.Oak LawnILBachelor of Science
Clapp, Melanie A.OaklandILBachelor of Science in Ed
Nohren, Kari S.OaklandILBachelor of Science
Lucas, Laura B.OakwoodILMaster of Science
Thiede, Jordan E.OakwoodILBachelor of Arts
Stephens, Martha I.OblongILBachelor of Arts
Henschen, Desiree L.OconeeILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kuhn, Emily A.OCONEEILBachelor of Arts
Garrett, Allison E.OlneyILBachelor of Arts
Shryock, Jennifer N.OlneyILBachelor of Arts
Walker, Gabrielle D.Olympia FieldsILBachelor of Arts
Rodriguez, AlfredoOnargaILBachelor of Arts
Arnold, Stephanie P.OregonWIBachelor of Science
Arvidson, Nicholas R.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Balaskas, Alexandra A.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Burnett, Gina M.Orland ParkILBachelor of Arts
Burns, Diana N.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Campian, James R.Orland ParkILBachelor of Fine Arts
Crowley, William P.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Garvey, Patricia L.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Jenkot, JakeOrland ParkILBachelor of Science
Jilek, Katelyn R.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kelly, Corey C.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Libby, Cynthia M.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science
Madonia, Anthony M.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Naples, Sarah L.Orland ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Skrzypek, PiotrOrland ParkILBachelor of Science
Dilley, Nicholas O.OttawaILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Galster, Alyssa M.PalatineILBachelor of Science
Murphy, Michael E.PalatineILBachelor of Science
Yurcheshen, Victoria L.PalatineILBachelor of Science in Bus
Vickers, Jayce C.Palos HillsILBachelor of Arts
Boehlke, Stephanie L.Palos ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Voyles, Whitney A.PanaILBachelor of Arts
Babyak, Megan O.ParisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Lackey, Mary K.ParisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Lueken, Sarah E.ParisILBachelor of Arts
Mettler, Tamara D.ParisILBachelor of Science
Milbourn, Mattesyn N.ParisILBachelor of Science
Tarr, Lucy K.ParisILMaster of Science in Education
Wilber, Heather K.ParisILBachelor of Science
Wright, DabneyPark ForestILBachelor of Science
MacEwan, ChristinaPekinILMaster of Science in Education
Bixby, Rebekah J.PensacolaFLBachelor of Science
Johnson, Darrius E.PeoriaILBachelor of Arts
Mahieu, Kelsey A.PeoriaILBachelor of Arts
Sobol, Jeffrey A.PevelyMOMaster of Science
Conlon, Jonathan N.PhiloILBachelor of Science
Ellars, Jamie L.PhiloILMaster of Business Admin
Happ, Andrew E.PhiloILBachelor of Arts
Kampmueller, Emily R.PhiloILMaster of Business Admin
Koeberlein, Janelle M.PhiloILBachelor of Science
Langley, Elisabeth E.PhiloILBachelor of Science in Ed
Dissanayake, Anjali U.PiliyandalaBachelor of Science
Balaminut, Lucas S.PiracicabaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Dziedzinskyj, Olivia A.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Heidkamp, Cassidy J.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Murphy, Taylor C.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Ward, Nicole M.PlainfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Howell, Brittany L.PlanoTXBachelor of Science
Leineweber, Meghan J.PortlandORMaster of Science


Name City State Program
Genenbacher, Mariah L.QuincyILBachelor of Science
Robertson, Amy L.QuincyILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Baskis, CarolynRantoulILBachelor of Fine Arts
Conner, Gerry L.RantoulILBachelor of Arts
Nuss, Erin K.RantoulILMaster of Science in Education
Baumiller, Tuesday A.Rapid CitySDBachelor of Arts
Nava, JorgeRichton ParkILBachelor of Science
Bouton, Dawna D.Ridge FarmILBachelor of Science in Ed
Smith, Randy A.Ridge FarmILBachelor of Science
Howe, Alyssa K.RinardILBachelor of Science in Ed
Tyler, Amara B.RiverdaleILBachelor of Science
Rusciolelli, Regina M.RivertonILMaster of Science in Education
Worsham, William C.RivertonILBachelor of Arts
Carter, Richard S.RobertsILMaster of Science in Education
Flessner, Debra A.RobertsILBachelor of Arts
Allensworth, Brian P.RobinsonILMaster of Science in Education
Conrad, Karlie N.RobinsonILBachelor of Arts
Wolfe, Jessica M.RobinsonILCertificate Program
Melchiorri, Lindsay M.RochesterILBachelor of Science
Hall, Dominique D.RockfordILBachelor of Science
Mioni, Madeline A.RockfordILBachelor of Science
Trail, Scott A.RockfordILMaster of Arts
Faflik, Jennifer L.Rolling MeadowsILBachelor of Science
Balleto, Patrick M.RoselleILBachelor of Science
Resillez, Jeremy E.RoselleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Kinnett, Emily L.RossvilleILBachelor of Arts
Conrad, AngelaRound LakeILBachelor of Arts
Nicoline, John R.Round Lake BeachILBachelor of Arts
Worthington, Mary J.RushvilleILBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Tofte, Austin J.Saint AnneILBachelor of Science
McManus, John M.Saint CharlesILBachelor of Arts
Andrews, Camille R.Saint JosephILBachelor of Science
Hesselmann, Gregory A.Saint JosephILBachelor of Science
Jannusch, Rachael E.Saint JosephILMaster of Science
Steele, Zachary R.Saint JosephILMaster of Science in Education
Detmer, Kenneth M.SalemILMaster of Science in Education
Johnson, Andrew R.SalemILMaster of Science in Education
Jones, Jordan M.SalemILBachelor of Science
Lybarger, Matthew R.SalemILMaster of Science in Education
McGreer, KevinSalemILMaster of Science in Education
Horn, Joseph L.San JoseILBachelor of Arts
Brown, Marcus S.SavoyILBachelor of Science in Bus
Grube, Joshua S.SavoyILBachelor of Arts
IDEDEVBO, KUME V.SavoyILBachelor of Arts
Nappe, Gina C.SavoyILBachelor of Science in Ed
Ritter, Karen M.SavoyILBachelor of Science in Bus
Bielfeldt, Kyle A.SaybrookILMaster of Science in Education
Altman, Kelly J.SchaumburgILMaster of Science
Broadfoot, Emily A.SchaumburgILBachelor of Arts
Spentzos, Nicole M.SchaumburgILBachelor of Arts
Zammuto, RenaeSchaumburgILBachelor of Arts
Shanks, Tyler G.SenecaILBachelor of Science
Foran, Chelsea C.SeymourILBachelor of Arts
Helton, Cortland T.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Mehl, Samuel W.ShelbyvilleILMaster of Science in Education
Ray, Olivia B.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Woods, Grant D.ShelbyvilleILBachelor of Science
Janowski, Michael J.SheldonILMaster of Arts
Doom, HeidiShermanILBachelor of Arts
Gardner, Nicole A.ShumwayILBachelor of Science
Dasenbrock, Charity F.SigelILBachelor of Science
Hoene, Troy M.SigelILBachelor of Science in Bus
Sioni Bosoli, GustavoSorocabaMaster of Science
Dowdell, Ar'tavious L.South BayFLBachelor of Science
Kmety, Matt R.South BendINMaster of Science
Cluchey, DanielSouth ElginILBachelor of Arts
McAuliffe, Lacey R.Spring GroveILBachelor of Arts
Entwistle, Claire E.Spring ValleyILBachelor of Science in Ed
Castelon, Laura M.SpringfieldILMaster of Arts
Coe, Elizabeth M.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Crawford, Adrienne H.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Dicke, Rachel A.SpringfieldMOMaster of Arts
Flowers, Mitchell E.SpringfieldILMaster of Science
Ramirez, Amalia M.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science
Rodgers, Rachel J.SpringfieldILBachelor of Arts
Westcott, Kasey D.SpringfieldILBachelor of Science
Marinacci, Nicole M.St CharlesILBachelor of Science in Ed
Tower, Anna F.St CharlesILBachelor of Science
Morgan, Andrea K.St JosephILBachelor of Arts
Hall, Sara M.StauntonILBachelor of Arts
Sayers, Kristine M.StewardsonILMaster of Science in Education
Slifer, Elijah D.StewardsonILBachelor of Science
Davis, Taylor L.StoningtonILBachelor of Arts
Tabbert, Joshua L.StrasburgILBachelor of Arts
Telgmann, Allison K.StrasburgILBachelor of Science in Ed
Shogren, William P.StreamwoodILBachelor of Science in Ed
Bryant, Adam G.SullivanILBachelor of Arts
England, Ernest S.SullivanILMaster of Science in Education
Ray, Jessica L.SullivanILBachelor of Arts
Typer, Chance D.SullivanILBachelor of Science
Zavala, AdrianSummitILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Patrick, Nicholas G.TaylorvilleILBachelor of Science
Aikman, Kortnee A.Terre HauteINBachelor of Arts
Weatherford, Scott C.Terre HauteINBachelor of Science in Bus
Bloemer, LisaTeutopolisILMaster of Science in Education
Collins, Audra M.TeutopolisILBachelor of Arts
Meyer, Samuel J.TeutopolisILBachelor of Science in Bus
Ruholl, Jenna M.TeutopolisILBachelor of Arts
Stuemke, Stephanie A.TeutopolisILMaster of Science
Zerrusen, Maci J.TeutopolisILBachelor of Science in Ed
Pinto, John V.Tinely ParkILBachelor of Arts
Adkins, Morgan J.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Caddigan, Sean P.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Deruiter, Julie L.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Giliberto, AnthonyTinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Joritz, Ashley M.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
McGrath, Daniel J.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Meneghetti, Miranda E.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Parker, Jonathan R.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Rudzki, Brianna J.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Schipits, Katelyn A.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Stachura, Jeffrey P.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Stec, Sara R.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Stubbs, Mary Lou F.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science
Wallock, Scott E.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Science in Bus
Wertz, Patrick S.Tinley ParkILBachelor of Arts
Bland, Emily K.ToledoILBachelor of Science
Bolin, Mariah L.ToledoILMaster of Science
Butler, Steven T.ToledoILSpecialist in Education
Burgener, Alex W.TolonoILBachelor of Arts
Deters, Anastasia D.TolonoILBachelor of Arts
Thinnes, Molly E.TolonoILBachelor of Science
Morrissey, Sarah A.ToulonILMaster of Science
Butts, PaulaTroyILBachelor of Science
Bowles, Justin K.TuscolaILBachelor of Science
Fox, Lindsey M.TuscolaILBachelor of Science
Hornaday, RyanTuscolaILMaster of Science in Education
Roley, Brandon G.TuscolaILBachelor of Science
Stille, Emily A.TuscolaILBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City State Program
Adam, Zainab L.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Armstrong, Angela M.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Becker, Zac S.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Black, Stacy A.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Black, Stacy A.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Boscolo, Amy L.UrbanaILMaster of Science in Education
Byndom, MariaUrbanaILMaster of Science
Canas, Rafael E.UrbanaILMaster of Science
Frost, Jeremy S.UrbanaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Lile, Andrea S.UrbanaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Liles, Benjamin J.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Marlow, Sara D.UrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Mitchell, Jeniece D.UrbanaILBachelor of Science in Ed
Morrison, Kathleen M.UrbanaILBachelor of Science
Murphy, Michael J.UrbanaILMaster of Arts
Pelmore McCoy, AnnaUrbanaILBachelor of Arts
Phillips, Latoya N.UrbanaILMaster of Science
Roth, Adam D.UrbanaILBachelor of Science in Bus
Stigers, Tara L.UrbanaILBachelor of Science


Name City State Program
Slater, Brent M.VandaliaILBachelor of Arts
Valluru, ManikantaVijayawadaMaster of Science
Suehiro, YuuVilla ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Toerpe, Mark A.Villa ParkILBachelor of Science in Ed
Winnick, Ryan D.Villa ParkILBachelor of Arts
Seaney, Adam S.VincennesINMaster of Science in Education


Name City State Program
White, Sherry J.WarrensburgILMaster of Science in Education
Young, Stacey A.WarrensburgILMaster of Science in Education
Spangler, Bryce D.WashburnILMaster of Science in Education
Myers, Ashley E.WaterlooILBachelor of Science
Gocken, Ashley E.WatsekaILBachelor of Arts
Goldstein, Kristi M.WatsonILBachelor of Arts
Brill, Steven G.West Des MoinesIABachelor of Arts
Price, Erika D.West FrankfortILBachelor of Science in Ed
Yandapalli, Ranjit kumarWest GodavariMaster of Science
Rodgers, Daniel A.West SalemILBachelor of Arts
Deisher, Jenny K.West UnionILBachelor of Music
Drabik, Paul F.WestmontILBachelor of Science
McFadden, Jane C.WestvilleILBachelor of Arts
Sparling, Nina M.WestvilleILBachelor of Science in Ed
Henderson, Sarah K.WheatonILBachelor of Science in Ed
Elliott, Cassie D.WheelerILBachelor of Science in Ed
Koebele, Alexander G.WheelerILMaster of Science in Education
Goetsch, Andrew W.WilliamsvilleILBachelor of Science
Groves, Amanda M.WinchesterTNMaster of Science
Besore, Marie F.WinfieldILBachelor of Arts
Demos, George A.WinfieldILBachelor of Science in Bus
Mateas, Brian J.WinfieldILBachelor of Science in Bus
Polacek, Margaret M.WinfieldILBachelor of Science in Ed
Ahrens, Lindsey J.WonderlakeILBachelor of Science in Ed
Cerceo-Jensen, Angelica G.Wood DaleILBachelor of Science
Picha, Zachary D.WoodridgeILBachelor of Science in Bus
Smith, Amanda A.WoodridgeILBachelor of Science
Wiechert, Natalie A.WoodridgeILBachelor of Arts
Avolio, Maria E.WorthILBachelor of Science in Ed
Ryan, Justine C.WyomingILBachelor of Arts


Name City State Program
Freer, RyanYorkvilleILBachelor of Arts
Warpinski, Alexander P.YorkvilleILBachelor of Arts