Deans' List

More than 745 undergraduate students have been named to Eastern Illinois University’s Fall 2017 Deans' List.

The Deans’ List at EIU recognizes undergraduates with a declared major whose academic performance has been excellent. Students who achieve a GPA of 3.80 to 4.00 (on a 4.00 scale) while completing a minimum of 12 graded semester hours, excluding credit/no credit grades, in a fall or spring semester will be named to the Deans’ List. (Zip code information has been included for media use.)

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Name City State Zip College Department
Campos, Araceli Y.Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Myers, Hannah K.ArcolaIL61910Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Stewart, Jessica R.AssumptionIL62510Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Appleby, Nicholas A.AtwoodIL61913Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Wilson, Jacquelyn B.AuroraIL60504Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Morris, Willie J.BellevilleIL62223Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Reinhardt, Alana L.BellevilleIL62223Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Moody, Travis L.BellmontIL62811Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Krapf, Kayla R.BentonIL62812Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Horan, Rebecca A.BloomingtonIL61704Arts and HumanitiesPhilosophy
Alvarado, AlexisBlue IslandIL60406Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Davis, Billy J.BourbonnaisIL60914Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Wunder, Derek R.BradleyIL60915Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Bozek, Erin M.BridgeviewIL60455-1349Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Caulkins, Kathryn E.BrimfieldIL61517Arts and HumanitiesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Ratajski, Rachel M.CarlockIL61725Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Hall, Meghan K.ChampaignIL61822-9343Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Schwartz, Ryan J.ChampaignIL61822Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Slotnick, Austin C.ChampaignIL61820-7304Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Bayer, Addison R.CharlestonIL61920-3156Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Burton, Ashlee M.CharlestonIL61920Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Callaway, Aaron C.CharlestonIL61920-2805Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Huddlestun, Jada R.CharlestonIL61920-1721Arts and HumanitiesJournalism
Jenkins, Susan J.CharlestonIL61920-3785Arts and HumanitiesPhilosophy
Lopez, Vanessa J.CharlestonIL61920-1349Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Maizel, AlbertCharlestonIL61920-3765Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Phillips, Christopher R.CharlestonIL61920Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Rote, Rodney A.CharlestonIL61920-2735Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Starkey, Arielle M.CharlestonIL61920Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Tupper, Phoenix O.CharlestonIL61920-2809Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Walker, Emma E.CharlestonIL61920Arts and HumanitiesTheatre Arts
Borowski, Brittany R.ChicagoIL60631Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Emanuel, Carmen C.ChicagoIL60629-1306Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Ramos, Nicholas A.ChicagoIL60634Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Smith, Mariah A.ChicagoIL60649Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Vergara, Alyssa D.ChicagoIL60609Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Ohira, ShinichiroChigasakiArts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Johnson, Karly L.ClintonIL61727Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Welk, Brianna S.CollinsvilleIL62234-5431Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Wilson, Elizabeth J.CollinsvilleIL62234Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design


Name City State Zip College Department
Kitchens, Fallon R.DanvilleIL61834Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Gottschalk, Chloe J.DavenportIA52807-1112Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Runge, Margaret G.DavenportIA52807Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Dambek, Emma L.DecorahIA52101Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Hoffman, Lydia R.DekalbIL60115Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Mitchell, Bailey N.DelavanIL61734Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Roark, Emma J.DundasIL62425Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Hansen, Andrew M.EffinghamIL62401Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Spinnato, Tyler R.ElginIL60124Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Moushon, Belle L.EurekaIL61530Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Egan, Caroline N.Evergreen ParkIL60805Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Smith, Molly E.Evergreen ParkIL60805Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Maskel, Balei S.FairmountIL61841Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Schonert, Jared W.FairmountIL61841Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Castle, Makayla R.Farmer CityIL61842-1411Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Furlin, Gina R.FishersIN46040-9024Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Winka, Brooke T.FloraIL62839Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Ebert, Kaitlyn M.FoleyAL36535Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Cunningham, Jack E.Fox River GroveIL60021-1117Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Herder, Katherine M.FrankfortIL60423Arts and HumanitiesMusic
O'Connor, Thomas R.FrankfortIL60423Arts and HumanitiesJournalism


Name City State Zip College Department
Duke, Rebecca D.GenevaIL60134Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Severson, Nicole M.GenevaIL60134Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Alberty, Kristen N.GermantownWI53022Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Lyday, Emily A.GilbertsIL60136-8009Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Hayden, Makenzie L.GreenupIL62428-0411Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Carpenter, Siera L.Hanover ParkIL60133Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Leman, Benjamin H.HighlandIL62249Arts and HumanitiesJournalism
Aronson, Audrey J.HomewoodIL60430-3210Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Stone, Melissa A.HuntleyIL60142-6779Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Lee, JiyeonIncheon22762Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design


Name City State Zip College Department
Massey, Sarah L.JacksonvilleIL62650Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Frykholm, Autumn A.JolietIL60435-7307Arts and HumanitiesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Crutcher, Rachel D.Lake VillaIL60046Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Amill, Maria R.LakewoodIL62438Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Retter, Briana L.Le RoyIL61752Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Salutric, Amber L.LockportIL60441Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages


Name City State Zip College Department
Jacobucci, Alyssa N.MantenoIL60950-3443Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Cunico, Evee M.MarseillesIL61341Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Post, Alicia M.MartintonIL60950Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Anderson, Elizabeth M.MasonIL62443-2310Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Brockman, Jaida S.MattoonIL61938-5911Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Hilbert, Alyssa L.MattoonIL61938Arts and HumanitiesTheatre Arts
Goldstein, Andrew M.MechanicsburgIL62545-7991Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Schwartz, Brooke S.MenomonieWI54751-4702Arts and HumanitiesJournalism
Brown, Justin L.MetamoraIL61548Arts and HumanitiesJournalism
Morgan, Emily F.MetamoraIL61548Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Morris, Faith D.MetcalfIL61940-1011Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Baltz, Conor L.MillstadtIL62260Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Smith, Kia M.MonticelloIL61856Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Norris, Avery S.MorrisIL60450Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Paschal, Joshua J.MorrisonIL61270Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Fishel, Samuel F.MortonIL61550Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Peter, Christina M.Morton GroveIL60053Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Stangel, Alison J.Morton GroveIL60053-2411Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Rice, Preston C.Mount AuburnIL62547Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Roberson, Stevie D.Mount VernonIL62864-5728Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Frank, Anders E.Mt HorebWI53572Arts and HumanitiesMusic


Name City State Zip College Department
Kiessling, Amanda B.NapervilleIL60564Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Effner, Kieran L.NeogaIL62447Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Goldstein, Joseph G.NeogaIL62447Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Warfel, Rebecca D.NeogaIL62447Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Austin, Morgan C.New LenoxIL60451Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Harris, Christiana M.New LenoxIL60451Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Ghast, Landon C.NewtonIL62448Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Wengerski, John C.NilesIL60714Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Lamparter, ChristineNrdlingen86720Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages


Name City State Zip College Department
Hardy, Jacob C.O FallonMO63366-3228Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Richardson, Hayley C.O'FallonMO63368Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Marban, Melissa M.Oak ForestIL60452Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Blakney, Payton R.OlneyIL62450Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Jones, Alexa E.OreanaIL62554Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Barileau-Zamora, Samantha M.Orland ParkIL60462Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Bradford, Timothy A.Palos HillsIL60465Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Ed, Kristen M.PetersburgIL62675Arts and HumanitiesJournalism
Pettit, Anne E.PetersburgIL62675-7546Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Dally, Kathleen M.PlainfieldIL60544-7349Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Evans, Thaija V.PlainfieldIL60446Arts and HumanitiesJournalism


Name City State Zip College Department
Standley, Natalie A.QuincyIL62301Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Blakley, Gabriella C.RantoulIL61866-3465Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
York, Connor A.RobinsonIL62454-6350Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Tauscher, Aurelia A.RockfordIL61114Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Shay, Adam C.Rolling MeadowsIL60008Arts and HumanitiesJournalism
Calabrese, Morgan L.RoselleIL60172Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design


Name City State Zip College Department
Gross, Ingrid A.Saint CharlesIL60175Arts and HumanitiesMusic
McGinn, Alyssa R.Saint CharlesIL60174-4721Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Emmert, Abigail L.Saint JosephIL61873Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Duncan, Carah M.SalemIL62881Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Barnes, Nicole A.SavoyIL61874Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Knell, Jessica H.SaybrookIL61770Arts and HumanitiesTheatre Arts
Heitman, Robyn O.SchaumburgIL60194Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Mayer, Michael J.SchaumburgIL60193Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Lee, JiyoonSeongnamArts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Carswell, Elizabeth A.ShelbyvilleIL62565-1537Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Davis, Breanna F.ShelbyvilleIL62565-4103Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Toland, Kelsey J.ShelbyvilleIL62565Arts and HumanitiesMusic
West, Benjamin I.SidneyIL61877Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Lerette, Summer N.St JosephIL61873Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Snyder, Riley R.St JosephIL61873-9495Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Antrim, Madison L.StewardsonIL62463Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Daniels, Tori J.StrasburgIL62465-2061Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Jones, Aaron A.SullivanIL61951Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Whitaker, Kirk A.SullivanIL61951Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages


Name City State Zip College Department
Cardinal, Halie B.Tinley ParkIL60477Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
O'Boyle, Jennifer D.Tinley ParkIL60487-7386Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Venatta, Jacob W.ToledoIL62468-1221Arts and HumanitiesArt and Design
Seiler, Laura A.TolonoIL61880Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Gillespie, Ava I.TonicaIL61370Arts and HumanitiesHistory


Name City State Zip College Department
Oldham, Emily J.UrbanaIL61802Arts and HumanitiesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Johnson, Janine M.Villa ParkIL60181Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Becker, EmilyWeldonIL61882Arts and HumanitiesTheatre Arts
Held, Elisabeth J.West BendWI53095Arts and HumanitiesCommunication Studies
Young, Wyatt A.WestfieldIL62474Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Cowger, Tia J.WheelerIL62479-2621Arts and HumanitiesMusic
Woolard, Paige K.WindsorIL61957-1438Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Padilla, Gloria P.Wonder LakeIL60097Arts and HumanitiesForeign Languages
Wilkes, Hannah M.Wonder LakeIL60097Arts and HumanitiesEnglish
Surles, Michael A.WoodridgeIL60517-1562Arts and HumanitiesTheatre Arts
Ramirez, Gabriella N.WorthIL60482Arts and HumanitiesHistory
Munzinger, MagnusWrzburgIL97082Arts and HumanitiesHistory