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Lesson Plans

The Swap Shop of Lesson Plans has been a successful and valuable part of the conference. Participants are asked to use the following format for their submissions:

Lesson plans should be original, typed and include the art teacher’s name, name and address of the school, title of lesson, grade level, behavioral objectives, art materials, procedures, and evaluation rubric. Lessons will be posted online and participants will be given the website address at Conference registration to download the lesson plans.


Submit Lesson Plans

2015 Lesson Plans

3rd Grade Ancient Egypt Unit
Joshua Shearer

Henri Rousseau SPACE
by Alice Ferguson

Picture Weaving (Sample 1) (Sample 2)
by Lexi Mayberry

by Courtney Becherer

Using Perspective
by Jennifer Thomas

Candy Heaven Still Life
by Yosha Dasenbrock

2014 Lesson Plans

Functional Food Sculpture (powerpoint)
by Traci Manning

Matisse Paper Cut-Outs “Happiest Day of My Life” (4th Grade)
by Mueller

Fabric Designs, Fabric Designs 2, Multicultural Lesson Plan, Rubic
by Meredith Little

by Martha Summers‐Romero

by Aleta Garcia

Kindergarten Symbols
by Alice Ferguson

The Empty Bowl Project with Sumi-e
by Deborrah Pagel

2013 Lesson Plans

3-Dimensional Shoe (5th or 6th Grade)
by Heather Pierce

Casting with Plast'r Craft
by Lauren Bruntjens

Monet's Japanese Bridge (3rd Grade)
by Kerry Jo Mueller

Recyclable Plastic 3-D Sculpture (6-12 Grades)
by Pamela Moore

2012 Lesson Plans

Where's the Fire (Color Scheme Worksheet) (sample)
by Katie Voegel

Wire & Plaster Figure Sculpture
by Deborrah Pagel

O’Keeffe Flowers
by Beth Sund

Creating Colorful Art with Candy (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here)
by Andrea Kumlin

Japanese Landscape Prints
by Alice Ferguson

Monochrome Me (power point) (student samples)
by Shaughn Bianchi

Graffiti/Creative Lettering (grade sheet)
by Jeri Kelly

Parody Painting LP 
by Heather Curia

Festival Masks, Third Grade Masks, Eighth Grade Masks
by Katrina Hanners

Pen and Ink Animals
by Danielle Schultz

Recycled Robots
by Amy Minch