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EIU Faculty Development and Innovation Center

Past Partnership Grant Recipients

Please visit the Faculty Development and Innovation Center to review other examples of successful past partnership grant applications. You may contact us at 217-581-7051 for an appointment.

Grant Examples

Fall 2018 Recipients

At the end of Fall semester 2017, the Partnership Grants Subcommittee of the Faculty Development Advisory Committee (FDAC) reviewed the grants submitted; and the FDAC agreed with their recommendations to allot $800 to each of the following projects on-going in Spring 2018. 

  • “B.I.O.N.I.C: Essential Leadership Qualities of Students in a School-Based Mentoring Programs,” proposed by Dr. Heidi Larson of the Counseling and Student Development Department to work with Mr. Richard Stuart, Mattoon High School, and 5 student interns. 
  • “Interdisciplinary Disability Awareness and Service Learning,” proposed by Dr. Hasan Mavi of the Kinesiology and Sport Studies Department to work with Ms. Beth Gillespie, Civic Engagement and Volunteerism, and Charleston Transitional Facility. 
  • “Rural School Educational Collaboration,” proposed by Dr. Melissa Ames, of the English Department to work with Dr. Marjorie Worthington, English & Women Studies, and local rural high school liaisons. 
  • “Supporting Healthy School Communities,” proposed by Dr. Julie Dietz of the Health Promotion Department to work with Dr. Jeanne Okransinski, ECELEMLE. Dr. Nikki Hillier, Health Promotion, Dr. Katie Lewandowski, Geology-Geography, Dr. Brian Reid ECELEMLE, and local schools. 
  • “The CAH, CEPS, and BTC Partnership to Evaluate and Implement History-Based Curricula,” proposed by Dr. Jay Bickford of the Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle Level Education Department to work with Mrs. Michele McDaniel, Library, Dr. Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, History, and EC/ELE/MLE graduate students.  


Partnership Grants encourage EIU faculty develop interdisciplinary teaching and research projects; fostering collegiality and collaboration across departmental and collegial lines; and forming partnerships with the wider community. The Faculty Development Office is proud to support these innovative projects. 

Spring 2017 Recipients


  • Partnership for History Literacy Instruction
    • J.H. Bickford, Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle Level Education
    • Dr. Cynthia W. Rich, Director, Teaching with Primary Sources/Library of Congress, and Secondary Education and Foundations
    • Area school teachers
  • Intraspecific diversity of Oxalobacter formigenes, an important gut bacterium that prevents kidney stones in humans
    • Steven L. Daniel, Biological Sciences
    • Lama Nazzal, Nephrology Division, NYU School of Medicine
  • Expanding our Central Illinois Social Studies Educators Network & Building Bridges with Teaching Alumni
    • Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, History/ Social Science Teaching
    • Regional high school history partners
  • Student Production – Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph and pre/post show guidance by the Counseling Center
    • Anne Thibault, Theatre Arts
    • Amanda Harvey, Interim Associate Director, Health Services, Health Education Resource Center
    • EIU Students

Fall 2015 Recipients

  • English Studies Summer Camp Scholarship for Local High School Students
    • Melissa Ames, English
    • Robert Marinez, English
    • Kristin Runyon, Charleston High School
    • Kaleigh McRoberts, Mattoon High School
  • Interdisciplinary Professional Development Workshop Series on Social Justice Pedagogy
    • Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, History
    • Melissa Ames, English
  • Captivated with Interdisciplary Information Literacy Tutorials
    • Steve Brantley, Library Services
    • Kristin Duffin, Library Services
    • Ruth Chesnut, Biological Sciences

Fall 2014 Recipients

  • The Herbarium Joins The Keep - Biological Science Teams with Library Science to Promote Botanical Scholarship
    • Stacey Knight-Davis, Library Services
    • Todd Bruns, Library Services
    • Gordon Tucker, Biological Sciences
    • Tina Jenkins, Library Services
  • English Studies Summer Camp Scholarship for Local High School Students
    • Melissa Ames, English
    • Robert Martinez, English
    • Kristin Runyon, Charleston High School
    • Kaleigh McRoberts, Mattoon High School
  • Addressing Educational Inequality: A Keynote Event
    • Melissa Ames, English
    • Stephen Lucas, Secondary Education and Foundations
    • Matthew Landrus, Lakeland Community College
    • Jennifer Reichart, Parkland Community College
  • Faculty Writing Fellows: A Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) Initiative
    • Terri Fredrick, English
    • Fern Kory, English
    • Tim Taylor, English
  • We Need Diverse Books!: An Educational Celebration
    • Ann Brownson, Library Services
    • Fern Kory, English
    • Jamila Smith, English
  • Development of the Thermophilic Acetogens as Microbial Catalysts for the Bioconversion of Untreated Syngas to Biofuels and Feedstock Chemicals
    • Steven Daniel, Biological Sciences
    • Volker Muller, Johann Wolfgang Goethe Univeristy, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Parker Pioneer Burial Ground Historic Preservation and Mapping Initiative
    • Steven DiNaso, Geology/Geography
    • William Lovekamp, Sociology/Anthropology
  • Interdepartmental Dementia Neuro-Rehab Lab and Support group for Caregivers of Individuals with Demensia
    • Fayeza Ahmed, Psychology
    • Naomi Gurevich, Communication Disorders and Sciences
  • Race, Activism, Censorship, Erasure
    • Suzie Park, English
    • Malgorzata Rymsza-Pawlowski, History

Fall 2013 Recipients

  • Young Adult Literature and the Common Core: A Partnership between YARG! and the P12-University Advisory Committee on Implementing the Common Core
    • Donna Binns, English
    • Ann Brownson, Library Services
    • Teresita Hunt, Secondary Education and Foundations
    • Fern Kory, English
    • Jeanne Okrasinski, EC/ELE/MLE
    • Jamila Smith, English
  • Integrative Learning through Field Trip: Experiencing Language, Culture, and History in Chicago Chinatown
    • Rose Gong, Secondary Education and Foundations
    • Jinhee Lee, History
  • Acknowleding Excellence in Secondary English Students: Maintaining a National English Honor Society Chapter at Sullivan High School and Offering Creative Writing Opportunities
    • Teresita Hunt, Secondary Education and Foundations
    • Robin Murray, English
    • Rebecca Lawson, Sullivan High School
  • Organizing Interdisciplinary Colloquium Series in Asian Studies
    • Jinhee Lee, History
    • Mukti Upadhyay, Economics
    • Zhiwei Liu, Biological Sciences
    • Brian Mann, History
    • Simon Lee, Business
  • Friday Club (Service Learning Project)
    • Sandy Johnson, Special Education
    • Diane Ratliff, Recreational Administration
  • Strengthening Teachers, Encouraging Parents: A Two-Pronged Approach to Building Strong Readers
    • Jeanne Okrasinski, EC/ELE/MLE
    • Dana Stodden, East Central - EIU Reading Council
    • Julia Colombo, Mattoon Middle School
  • Bridging Voices in Our Community Bullying Project: A Time for Prevention and Intervention: Renewing Hope in Education
    • Mildred Pearson, EC/ELE/MLE
    • Kathryn Havercroft, Special Education
  • B.I.O.N.I.C.: An Analysis of a High School Mentoring Program
    • Heidi Larson, Counseling and Student Development
    • Michele Sinclair, Mattoon Middle School
    • Rob McKinney, Counseling and Student Development (Grad)
    • Adriane Moody, Counseling and Student Development (Grad)
    • Maggie Schwartzkopf, Counseling and Student Development (Grad)
    • Aaron Hale, Counseling and Student Development (Grad)
  • Restaurant Leadership Mini-Conference
    • Lisa Brooks, Family and Consumer Sciences
    • Jeff Oetting, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Solutions Center

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