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Active Learning in Action


Active Learning in Action is an occasional video series showcasing innovative ways EIU faculty members are incorporating the use of the teaching strategy active learning in their courses. Active learning engages the learner in critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter while considering varying learner strengths and preferences. Each video in this series features an EIU faculty member describing an active learning activity they effectively use to engage their learners in the learning process. Seasoned and growing faculty members can find fresh strategies their colleagues are using to transform the learning experience, one active learning activity at a time. Please feel welcome to contact us by email with any active learning course activities that could be shared in this video series.

Initiating the Learner's Mindset for Economics (updated December 2023)

Dr. Jim Bruehler describes an engaging activity designed for learners new to economics that aims to broaden their perspectives and introduce the economic way of thinking. By dividing the class into two groups and presenting conflicting aphorisms, Dr. Bruehler encourages students to question conventional wisdom and discover the importance of thinking at the margin. The activity proves to be a successful introduction, fostering openness and eagerness among students, making economics an unexpectedly enjoyable and applicable subject. 

Virtual Reality for French Language Development (updated April 2023)

Dr. Jessica Tindira explains a virtual reality (VR) activity, "My Hometown" designed for beginning French learners. The immersive experience focuses on practical language skills, with learners using VR headsets to navigate a virtual hometown, give directions in French, and write descriptions. The activity, evolving from a paper map to VR, fosters community building, language development, and positive student engagement. 

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