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Infographic Project

in·fo·graph·ic /ˌinfōˈɡrafik/ noun *
  1. : a chart, diagram, or illustration (as in a book or magazine or on a website) that uses graphic elements to present information in a visually striking way
    "a good infographic is worth a thousand words"

The FDIC Infographic Project is curating information and resources for faculty in the form of visual images to represent information or data. This project is ongoing and we are open to suggestions on topics and content as we build this repository. Please contact us by email with ideas and suggestions.


Best Practices for Working with International Students (updated August 2023)

Use these practices to enhance your experience working with international undergraduate and graduate students.

Assessment Design Buckets (updated August 2023)

A visual guide for determining the principles, goals, purpose, method(s), evaluation, evaluator, and mode of communication for your assessment design.

Univeral Design for Learning Guidelines (updated July 2023)

Guidelines for providing multiple means of representation, multiple means of action and experience, and multiple means of engagement.

Six Ways Faculty Can Support Students' Academic Success (updated June 2023)

From clear, obtainable deadlines to taking mental health serisouly, here are six important ways that faculty can foster student success.

CATs for Active Engagement (updated June 2023)

Classroom assessment techniques (CATs) can combine priciples of active learning with no-stake and low-stake formative learning assessments. Here are some tried and true CATs for active engagement and assessment.  

Ways to Embrace AI Chatbots in the Classroom (updated March 2023)

ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing AI have a space in our pedagogy. This infographic presents several ways that these chatbots can be used in our courses and with our students pto enhance their learning. 

How Instructors Can Use ChatGPT (updated March 2023)

ChatGPT has become a powerful tool for teaching and learning. This inforgraphic gives some ideas for instructors on how to use it to develop ideas for courses, help with time management, and more.

Bloom's Taxonomy & Assessment Types (updated February 2023)

Whether you are assessing learning for comprehension, knowledge, application, analysis, synthesis, or evaluation - a well written, measurable set of learning outcomes are necessary. Here is a tool to help you be right on target when writing learning goals for your courses.

Intentional Assessment Design (updated February 2023)

Authentic assessments are a valuable tool in encouraging academic integrity that require learners to demonstrate their capacity and competencies through thoughtful, complex, unique, and creative activities.

Innovative Office Hours (updated December 2022)

Looking for ideas for a change of scenery for your students? Where might you envision holding your time to meet with students? This infographic can provide some ideas! If you find others, please share them with by emailing us!

Early Alert System (updated December 2022)

Do you have students who might need extra academic support? Have you contacted and met with a student, but their performance is still a concern? They might benefit from a referral to the Early Alert System (EAS). Please consult this infographic to determine if an EAS referral is appropriate.


*Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

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