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EIU Faculty Development and Innovation Center


CSI Active Learning Classroom

Instructional Use Opportunities

Starting in fall 2024, the CSI Active Learning classroom (ALC) will be available for course sessions to support enhanced pedagogical innovation opportunities and student learning outcomes. Faculty members can reserve the ALC for up to four class periods per semester, per course.

This new opportunity provides the following active teaching and learning opportunities:

Classroom Layout and Environment 

  • The ALC has flexible seating which allow for countless arrangements that facilitate group work and otherwise can enhance the effectiveness of active learning.

Alternative Techniques 

  • The ALC can support various active learning techniques, such as think-pair-share, group discussions, problem-solving tasks, case studies, and peer teaching, to cater to different learning styles.

 Technology Integration 

  • Upon request, the CSI can provide a variety of technologies to support active learning including tablet computers and presentation monitors. These tools can also bridge with external applications like learner response apps or collaborative tools like Google Docs or Kahoot!.

Reservations will be on a first-come first-serve basis; not all requests may be accepted due to availability, usage rationale, or technology accommodation(s). Please submit your request at least 14 days in advance to ensure that we can accommodate your request and technology needs. Requests can be submitted at this link: CSI Active Learning Classroom Reservations.

As part of the submission, you will be asked to explain how the ALC will be used. Describe how it's beneficial over other available spaces on campus, including the traditional classroom designated for the course.  

You will receive an email confirmation once you submit this request, and a CSI staff member will confirm your reservation within 48 hours. If your request is unable to be met, the staff member will work with you to find alternative dates and/or times. Please contact the CSI at with any questions.

If your sessions are scheduled in the ALC, a CSI staff member will contact you two days in advance to ensure that your needs are met, including staff support, technology setup, and any special requests.

FDIC staff is available for ALC tours and orientations at the request of faculty members. The FDIC Instructional Designer is available for consultations on how to integrate the ALC into course designs and curricula. For more information or to request these opportunities, please email the FDIC at  

As you plan the use of the ALC, here are some considerations for incorporating active learning in courses: 

Learner Preparation 

  • Communicate expectations clearly and provide any necessary pre-class materials or instructions to ensure learners come prepared to engage in active learning activities. Make sure to request that your learners bring any technology necessary.


  • Design activities that are inclusive and consider the diverse backgrounds and abilities of your learners. Ensure all learners have the opportunity to participate and contribute – this includes learner mental and physical abilities.

 Assessment and Feedback 

  • Develop strategies for assessing learner participation and learning during active learning activities. Provide timely and constructive feedback to help learners improve.

Time Management 

  • Plan activities carefully to ensure they fit within the class time. Be prepared to adjust the pacing based on learner needs and engagement levels.

Facilitation Skills 

  • Enhance your facilitation skills to guide and support learners effectively. This includes asking open-ended questions, encouraging dialogue, and managing group dynamics. For active learning, the facilitation skills of the instructor are key.

Reflect and Adapt 

  • Continuously reflect on the effectiveness of your active learning strategies. Gather feedback from learners and be willing to adapt and improve your approaches based on what works best.


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