Parkland Information

Teaching at Parkland College? Please review the EIU Center at Parkland Faculty Guide for guidelines regarding your teaching experience on the Parkland campus.

The Parkland College Department of Public Safety welcomes you and encourages you to use the student facilities to further your educational process.  They would like to remind you that while you are at Parkland you must adhere to the student conduct code for all Parkland students as well as those set forth by the university you are attending.  The Parkland College student conduct code can be found at the following link (click here).

Other rules to note would be:

  • Smoking is allowed on campus but you must be at a minimum of 15 feet from exterior doorway;
  • If a fire alarm is to sound you must leave the building immediately;
  • Tornado shelters are on the lower level of each building.

In addition, Parkland College‚Äôs Department of Public Safety is in operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week offering escorts to your car, vehicle unlocks, and a police presence here on campus.  If you are in need of their assistance, please call 217-351-2369.

EIU Instructors teaching at Parkland College: Parkland will not allow you or students to load any software onto their computers or hook your computer to their network. Faculty and students can use thumb drives or disks in Parkland computers as long as nothing is downloaded. For specific software that you need installed for your class, please contact the EIU Center at Parkland College, 351-2543 at least 2 months prior to the start of the semester.