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Writing and Critical Reading

Writing and Critical Reading

EIU graduates write critically and evaluate varied sources by:

  1. Creating documents appropriate for specific audiences, purposes, genres, disciplines, and professions.
  2. Crafting cogent and defensible applications, analyses, evaluations, and arguments about problems, ideas, and issues.
  3. Producing documents that are well-organized, focused, and cohesive.
  4. Using appropriate vocabulary, mechanics, grammar, diction, and sentence structure.
  5. Understanding, questioning, analyzing, and synthesizing complex textual, numeric, and graphical sources.
  6. Evaluating evidence, issues, ideas, and problems from multiple perspectives.
  7. Collecting and employing source materials ethically and understanding their strengths and limitations.


February 25, 2014 workshop video.

February 25, 2014 PowerPoint.

EIU Writing Across the Curriculum Handbook.

EIU Writing Across the Curriculum Appendix.

Handout: "Strategies that Foster Critical Reading."


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