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Speaking and LIstening

Speaking and Listening

EIU graduates prepare, deliver, and critically evaluate presentations and other formal speaking activities by:

  1. Collecting, comprehending, analyzing, synthesizing and ethically incorporating source material.
  2. Adapting formal and impromptu presentations, debates, and discussions to their audience and purpose.
  3. Developing and organizing ideas and supporting them with appropriate details and evidence.
  4. Using effective language skills adapted for oral delivery, including appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.
  5. Using effective vocal delivery skills, including volume, pitch, rate of speech, articulation, pronunciation, and fluency.
  6. Employing effective physical delivery skills, including eye contact, gestures, and movement.
  7. Using active and critical listening skills to understand and evaluate oral communication.


March 3, 2014 workshop video.

March 3, 2014 PowerPoint.

Speaking and Listening Newsletter.

Speaking and Listening workshop handout.

Sample speech evaluation form.

Sample speech evaluation form (editable).

EIU primary trait matrix for speaking.

Modified primary trait matrix for speaking.


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