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Committee on
General Education and University Learning Goals

On April 25, the Council on Academic Affairs (CAA) approved a resolution to establish a standing Committee on General Education and University Learning Goals.

On May 2, CAA approved a resolution establishing the Committee's structure and meeting schedule for the Fall 2013 semester.  CAA also names Rebecca Throneburg (Communication Disorders and Sciences) and Stephen Lucas (Secondary Education and Foundations) as Committee Co-Chairs.

The work of this Committee will be conducted under the aegis and with the final approval of the Council on Academic Affairs.

Current Committee Members (Fall 2013)

Rebecca Throneburg (Co-Chair; CAA At-Large; CASL Co-Chair) (rmthroneburg@eiu.edu)

Stephen Lucas (Co-Chair, CAA At-Large) (selucas@eiu.edu)

Alejandra Alvarado (Mathematics and Computer Science) (aalvarado@eiu.edu)

Angela Beckman Anthony (CAA COS) (abanthony@eiu.edu)

Dagni Bredesen (Office of Faculty Development) (dabredesen@eiu.edu)

Kristin Duffin (CAA At-Large) (kduffin@eiu.edu)

Richard England (Honors College (rengland@eiu.edu)

Kathryn English (CAA Student Government) (keenglish@eiu.edu)

Jill Fahy (CASL Critical Thinking) (jkfahy@eiu.edu)

Marita Gronnvoll (CAA CAH) (mgronnvoll@eiu.edu)

Lora Green (CAA Academic Advising) (llgreen@eiu.edu)

Miranda Haywood (CAA Student Government) (mlhaywood@eiu.edu)

Kai (Billy) Hung (Faculty Development Advisory Council) (khung@eiu.edu)

Rich Jones (CASL Speaking) (rgjones@eiu.edu)

Danelle Larson (CASL Co-Chair) (dlarson@eiu.edu)

Andy Methven (Biological Sciences) (asmethven@eiu.edu)

Debra Reid (CAA At-Large; CASL Global Citizenship) (dareid@eiu.edu)

Misty Rhoads (CAA At-Large & Chair) (mlrhoads@eiu.edu)

Stacey Ruholl (CAA CEPS & Vice-Chair) (slruholl@eiu.edu)

Karla Sanders (CASA Executive Director) (kjsanders@eiu.edu)

Tim Taylor (Director of Composition) (tntaylor@eiu.edu)

Larry White (CAA LCBAS) (lrwhite2@eiu.edu)


If you have questions, comments, concerns, or feedback about the work of the Committee on General Education and University Learning Goals, please send them to learninggoals@eiu.edu.