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EIU Student Affairs

Retreat 2023

Get Centered: Student Affairs Retreat

Tuesday, May 16, 2023


  • 8:30-9 am: Check-In, Doudna Concourse

  • 9-9:05 am: Welcome from President Glassman, Doudna Recital Hall

  • 9:05-10 am: Leadership Keynote: Rik Roberts "Game Winning Drive", Doudna Recital Hall

  • 10-10:50 am: Breakout Session 1
    • Beyond Insurance… Utilizing the Benefits of EIU Employment and Preparing for Retirement, Doudna Lecture Hall
      Led by Linda Holloway and Lori Kern (SURS Representative)
      The first half of this session will provide an overview of the unique benefits of being an EIU employee (the Employee Assistance Program for support during difficult times, tuition waiver for employees and dependents, employee discounts, and more). The second half will provide a brief overview of the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) and basic information to consider for retirement planning.
    • Work Smarter, Not Necessarily Harder, Doudna Recital Hall
      Led by Jeremy Alexander
      This session will explore tools available to help lighten our load. The facilitator will share tips to improve workflow efficiency on the computer.
    • Listen Up Laugh It Up, Doudna Room 1550 (Band Room)
      Led by Rik Roberts
      This program will combine high-energy, clean stand-up comedy with improvisational exercises that teach attendees to “listen to hear” instead of “listen to respond.” This shift has a tremendous impact on the way we serve one another. In this session, attendees will be on their feet, working together to reach a common goal.
    • Learning from Our Students: International Student Panel, Doudna Room 1518
      Moderated by Matt Boyer
      During this panel discussion, international students will share why they chose to attend EIU and what the process of becoming “ALL IN” was like for them.
  • 11-11:50 am: Breakout Session 2

    • EIU Trivia Competition, Doudna Room 1550 (Band Room)
      Led by Vice President Wetstein 
      Bring your competitive spirit and institutional enthusiasm to this trivia game where the questions are all about EIU! Compete as a team for the ultimate prize – a trip to the roof of Old Main led by Mark Hudson. (In the event of inclement weather, the prize will be a tour of Pemberton Hall, complete with a telling of the tale of Mary Hawkins.)
    • Recruiting Future Panthers, Doudna Room 1518
      Led by Kelly Miller and Brittany Tierney
      Eastern’s loyal employees are among the university’s very best recruiters! Our colleagues in Admissions will discuss the critical role employees play in influencing the college choices of prospective students. They will also explain special programs offered by Admissions that are designed to help employees assist with recruitment (e.g., “Recommend a Future Panther” and “to-go bags”).
    • YIKES! You Want Me to Talk to a Stranger???, Doudna Lecture Hall
      Led by Bobbi Kingery
      This session will focus on networking effectively, while being true to oneself. Guidance will be offered regarding creating an “elevator pitch,” meeting new people at conferences, answering the traditional first interview question (“Tell me about yourself.”), and more. Leave feeling more confident and prepared for future conversations!
    • Learning from Our Students: Students with Diverse Backgrounds and Experiences Panel, Doudna Recital Hall
      Moderated by Ceci Brinker
      During this panel discussion, students from diverse backgrounds and experiences will share why they chose to attend EIU and what Eastern means to them. They may also recommend ways Student Affairs professionals can help support them academically, personally, and professionally.
    • 12-12:50 pm: Lunch, Doudna Concourse
      Greeting from Dr. Gatrell, Message from Dr. Flaherty, Door Prizes
  • 1-1:50 pm  Breakout Session 3

    • American Red Cross Hands-Only CPR Training, Doudna Room 1550, Band Room
      Led by Sarah Daugherty
      Learn how to save lives! This session is for all who would like to learn the skill of hands-only CPR and see a demonstration of the AEDs currently available in public spaces at EIU. This training does not result in certification.
    • You Get In Where You Fit In: Understanding the Realities of Diversity in the Campus Community, Doudna Lecture Hall
      Led by Dr. Mona Davenport and Dr. John Davenport
      This program will focus on cross cultural communication in the workplace. We will have open dialogue about the intention of diversifying our employees as part of the strategic plan and why this is SO important. We will offer scenarios and discuss how we can increase effective communication with our colleagues of different experiences and backgrounds. We will also focus on cultural competencies and creating an inclusive environment for our employees and growing diverse student population.
    • EIU Budget Basics, Doudna Room 1518
      Led by Vice President Bierman
      This session will introduce participants to the six ledgers that comprise EIU’s budget. Each ledger and what it can (and can’t) be used for will be explained.
    • Learning from Our Students: Student Leadership Panel, Doudna Recital Hall
      Moderated by Matt Boyer
      During this panel discussion, current student leaders will share the ways they have gotten involved since arriving at EIU. They may also recommend how Student Affairs professionals can help encourage greater student engagement on campus.
  • 2-4:30 pm: Community-Building Activities

    • Meditation in the Quad, Led by Sarah Daugherty
      Meet Sarah at Doudna Room 1550, Band Room. Will walk together to the Library Quad.
    • Disc Golf, Led by Kevin Linker
      Meet Kevin at Doudna Room 1518. Will walk together to the disc golf course.
    • Walk on Campus, Led by Anne Flaherty
      Meet Anne at Doudna Lecture Hall.
    • Doudna Backstage Tour, Led by Conor Baltz and Dennis Malak
      Meet Conor and Dennis at Doudna Recital Hall.

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