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Online B.A. in Psychology

Faculty Listing

Dr. Margaret T Floress, Associate Professor

Office: 1450 - Physical Sciences
Phone: 2175813523


Frequently Taught Courses

Undergraduate Courses: 

PSY 3515 Child Psychology
PSY 3620 Psychology of Learning

Graduate Courses: 

PSY 6890 Advanced Practicum in School Psychology
PSY 5023 Preschool Assessment
PSY 6050 Behavior Therapy
PSY 5170 Theories of Learning
PSY 5550 Neuropsychology


B.S., Central Michigan University (1999-2003)
M.A., Indiana State University (2003-2004)
Ph.D., Indiana State University (2004-2007)

Pre-Doctoral Internship, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Munroe-Meyer Institute
Post-Doctoral Internship, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Munroe-Meyer Institute

Licensed Psychologist in Illinois # 071.007945
Nationally Certified School Psychologist # 36455

Professional Organizations



Natural Rates of Teacher Behavioral Skills
Time-out and Teacher/Parent Training
Preschool Intervention
Behavioral and Academic Interventions
Sleep and Elimination Disorders

Selected Publications

* indicates graduate or undergraduate student

Floress, M. T.,Zoder-Martell, K., & *Schaub, R. (Oct, 2017). Social skills plus relaxation training with a child with ASD in the Schools. Research in Developmental Disabilities. Published on-line.
Floress, M. T., Jenkins, L. N., Reinke, W., & *McKown, L. (2017). General education teachers’ natural rates of praise and student off-task and disruptive behavior. Behavioral Disorders. Published on-line June 21

Floress, M. T., *Beschta, S., *Meyer, K., & Reinke, W. (2017). Praise research trends: Characteristics and teacher training. Behavioral Disorders. Published on-line June 15
Jenkins, L.N., Mulvey, N., & Floress, M. T. (in press). Social and language skills related to bullying roles in early childhood: A review of the literature. Education and Treatment of Children.  
Floress, M.T., *Berlinghof, J., *Rader, R., & *Riedesel, E. (2017). Preschool teachers’ natural use of praise in general, at-risk, and special education classrooms. Psychology in the Schools, 54, 519-531.
Floress, M.T.& *Jacoby, A. (Jan, 2017). The Caterpillar Game: A SW-PBIS aligned classroom management system. Journal of Applied School Psychology, 33, 16-42. doi:10.1080/15377903.2016.1229706
Floress, M.T., Kuhn, B.R., Bernas, R., & *Dandurand, M. (Oct, 2016). Nightmare prevalence, distress, and anxiety among young children. Dreaming, 4, 280-292.

Floress, M.T., *Rock, A.L., & HaileMariam, A. (2017). The Caterpillar Game: A classroom management system. Psychology in the Schools, 54, 385-403. doi: 10.1002/pits.22000.
Jenkins, L.N., Floress, M.T., & Reinke, W. (2015). Rates and types of teacher praise: A review and future directions. Psychology in the Schools, 52, 463-476. doi:10.1002/pits.21835
Floress, M.T. & Jenkins, L.N. (2015). A preliminary investigation of kindergarten teachers’ use of praise in general education classrooms. Preventing School Failure: Alternative Education for Children and Youth, 59, 253-262. doi:10.1080/1045988X.2014.942834 
Warzak, W.J., Floress, M.T., Kellen, M. Kazmerski, J.S., & Chopko, S. (2012). Trends in time-out research: Are we focusing our efforts where our efforts are needed? The Behavior Therapist, 35. 30-33. 
Warzak, W.J., Evans, S.E, Floress, M.T., Gross, A.C., Stoolman, S. (2011). Caffeine consumption in young children. Journal of Pediatrics, 158, 508-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2010.11.022.
Roberts, H., Floress, M.T., Ellis, C. (2009). Training school psychologists in psychopharmacology consultation Psychology in the Schools, 49, 827-835.
Warzak, W.J., & Floress, M.T. (2009). Deferred time-out: Time-out training without putbacks, spanks, or restraint. Child and Family Behavior Therapy, 31, 134-143.
Kuhn, B.R. & Floress, M.T. (2008). Nonpharmacological interventions for sleep disorders in children. In Ivanenko, A. (ed.) Sleep and Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents. (pp.261-278). New York, NY: Informa Healthcare USA, Inc.

Funding & Grants

2013 - College of Sciences Early Research Support Grant, Awarded for the purpose of carrying out research. Project titled: Video Observation of Teacher's Behavioral Skills in the Classroom, Eastern Illinois University, $300.

2013  - Society for the Study of School Psychology, Awarded for the purpose of carrying out research. Project titled: A Preliminary Investigation of Teacher's Use of
Praise in General Education Classrooms, $16,000.

2013 - College of Sciences Seed Grant, Awarded for the purpose of carrying out research. Project titled: Teachers' Use of Behavioral Skills in the Classroom and Student Classroom Behavior, Eastern Illinois University, $1300.

Graduate Student Thesis Projects: 


Utilizing Incentives to Increase Teachers Praise
Kari Meyer - In Progress (2016)

An Analysis of General Education Teachers’ Use of Diverse Praise StatementsExamining Preschool Teachers’ Praise Rates within General, At-risk, and Special Education Classrooms
Shelby Beschta - In Progress

Jessica Berlinghof - Completed (2016)

Examination of Externalizing Behaviors within General Education, At-risk, and Special Education Preschool-Aged Classrooms
Rebecca Radar - Completed (2016)

Examining the Effect of Caffeine and Technology on Adolescent Sleep
Kaci Clark - Completed (2016)

The Effects of the Caterpillar Game on Classroom Behavior and Teacher Stress
Amber Jacoby - Completed (2016)

The Impact of an Individualized Social Skills Intervention for a Child with High Functioning Autism
Rachel Schaub - Completed (2014)

Parent Knowledge of Child's Level of Play: Implications for Early Childhood and Preschool Assessment
Jessie Shumaker - Completed (2014)

The Relationship between Parents' Perceptions and Adolecents' Perceptions and Actions Involving Relational Aggression
Mallory Foster - Completed (2013)

The Caterpiller Game: A Classroom-wide Behavior Intervention
Angela Boyle - Completed (2013)

The Effects of Positive Bedtime Routines on Sleep in Toddlers
Mallory Osterloo - Completed (2012)

Undergraduate Student Thesis and Research Projects: 

Nightmares and Kindergarten-Aged Children
Megan Dandurand - Completed (2014)

Kindergarten Teacher Praise in General Education Classrooms
Jessica Berlinghoff & Christina Bounds - Completed (2014)

Rates of Teachers' Behavior-Specific Praise and Relation to Disruptive Behaviors
Morgan Eldridge & Sawyer Howe - Completed (2014)

Maladaptive Behaviors within the Context of Play
Elizabeth Schroeder - Completed (2013)

Assessing Adaptive Sleep Habits in Young Children
Jessica Berlinghoff - Completed (2013)

A Review of Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Morgan Nesbitt & Taylor Sauerwein - Completed (2013)


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