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EIU Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Internships

Allison Dart: Enhancing Her Education, Helping Others Through Internship from Eastern Illinois University on Vimeo.

Undergraduate Internship Coordinator

Dr. Anne Walk


The undergraduate internship program in psychology involves preparation for and completion of an internship in fields such as human services, human resources, child and/or adolescent services, or the criminal justice system. 

Completion of an undergraduate internship can improve chances of admission to graduate programs. In other cases, completion of an internship has led to employment in a substance disorders treatment center, domestic violence program, mental health clinic, or human resource office upon graduation.  

Please see the FAQs page for a list of answers to frequently asked questions.


To earn 3 credits, interns complete 135 hours of work during the fall, spring, or summer terms.  Interns receive dual supervision from a site supervisor and a faculty supervisor.  Students are expected to keep a log of their hours and activities and have regular supervision from both supervisors.


Interns must successfully complete PSY 4274, Orientation to Internship (1 credit), prior to completing a form to register for the internship course (PSY 4275, 3 credits). These 4 credits count toward the 120 credits required for graduation, but not as electives for the major.

Internship Locations

Students are encouraged to find their own internships, particularly when looking for an internship outside of Coles County.  Prospective interns have the responsibility of finding, interviewing for, and securing their internship.  In the Coles County area, there are many internship sites available including women’s services, children’s services, mental health, public health, hospital settings, day-treatment programs, developmental disabilities agencies, chemical dependency treatment programs, educational settings, family law and forensic settings, sexual assault victim services, and domestic violence programs.

View specific locations and contact information.

Don't take our word for it

"If there was anything I learned from my internship it was to go with the flow and be patient with myself and others in a new environment. I would absolutely recommend undergraduates to do an internship; it is an asset that can give you an edge when you face the job market and you get a chance to see if what you really are aiming for is what you really want. This internship has reinforced my desire to work in student affairs, and though I will pursue a graduate psychology degree, I can use every single thing I learned these past 4 years in almost any field I will end up in."

Kharis Christi S. Campanano

"The experience that I had during my internship was very inspiring and exciting. I had the opportunity to see firsthand what working in the counseling field would be like, as well as gain more knowledge and information on my particular career path. This experience allowed me to realize that Drug and Alcohol counseling was not quite the path I want to take in the future but it increased my passion for helping other individuals in need. I would recommend that everyone participate in the Undergraduate Internship Program because it allows you to gain more insight on the career path that you think you are interested, appreciate the work that goes forth within that career choice, and overall acquire the experience."

Khirsten Miller

"Prior to completing my undergraduate internship, I knew that I was interested in the clinical side of psychology, but I was not certain what type of setting I wanted to work in. I was convinced that I was going to pursue my Ph.D. right after receiving my undergraduate degree. I experienced the mental health population for the first time through my internship and quickly discovered that was exactly what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. I changed my future goals to pursuing a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and working in a community mental health setting after completing my studies, as opposed to pursuing a Master’s degree and doing less hands-on work with my clients. Completing an internship is a way to gain experience in your field (which is a resume builder), establish connections for your career, and support your plans for the future!"

Quincy Knolhoff

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