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EIU Department of Psychology

Psychology Department Scholarships

Application forms are available from the EIU Scholarship page.

Frances M. Hoene Memorial Scholarship

The recipient must be a full time student, majoring in psychology, Junior or Senior status with two semesters at EIU, minimum 3.25 GPA in Psychology and 3.25 GPA overall, and interested in pursuing a career working with children.

Year Recipient
2024 Corbin Hoots
2023 No award given
2022 Amani Jackson-Gladney and Katherine Wallace
2021 Chavionne Thomas
2020 Megan Evans
2019 Brooke Tozer
2018 No award given
2017 Rebecca Nelson
2016 Jenna Dietz
2015 Kirsten Taylor
2014 Marlynn Reuter
2013 Jenny Martin
2012 Michelle R. Watson
2011 Aaron Hale
2010 Alyssa N. Anderson
2009 Cassandra N. Ledvina
2008 Stefanie R. Ghan
2007 Amanda M. Cole
2006 Stephanie N. Guthrie
2005 Michael Grenda

David R. & S. Lynn Murphy Psychology Scholarship

The recipient must be a full-time junior or senior student, majoring in Psychology, minimum GPA of 3.0, transfer student with an Associates Degree, and have an interest in pursuing a career in education. Writing ability is a consideration.

Year Recipient
2024 Callie Meadows
2023 Callie Meadows
2022 Katherine Wallace
2021 Courtney Neeley
2020 No award given
2019 No award given
2018 Lisa Dickens and Melanie Adams
2017 Adam Griffy and Jessica Brown
2016 No award given
2015 Kayla Jacobs
2014 Roberta Peterson
2013 Katelyn Keown
2012 Dana L. Miller
2011 Michelle R. Watson
2010 Tyler L. Grubb
2009 Danny Bennett
2008 Elizabeth A. Woods
2007 Ryan W. Althoff
2006 Jennifer L. Hauptly

Sue B. Stoner Scholarship

The recipient must be a full-time undergraduate student, majoring in Psychology, mimum 3.2 GPA, with a plan to pursue a career in School Psychology or Psychology Education.

Year Recipient
2024 Ellie Hill
2023 Eric Wescher
2022 Amani Jackson-Gladney
2021 Bayleigh Townsend
2020 Megan Evans
2019 Lindy Dokken
2018 Bailey Mitchell
2017 Madison Fisher
2016 Kayla Jacobs, Jenalee Reardon
2015 Christina Bounds
2014 Stephanie Saintyl, Kassandra Vandenberg
2013 Michelle Restko, Nicole Davidson
2012 Johnathan A. Ritchie
2011 Taryn Claunch
2010 Michael R. Stinson
2009 Andrew L. Luttrell
2008 Molly J. Van Deursen
2007 Tyson R. Holder

Lynn Karen Adams (nee Broholm) Memorial Scholarship

This generous scholarship will award one Psychology student $3000 to be paid next semester.  The student must:

  • Be a full-time student majoring in Psychology.
  • Be a transfer student from a two-year college who is currently enrolled at EIU or will be enrolled the semester the award is received.
  • Have at least a 2.75 GPA in all college-level courses.
  • Financial need is not a consideration.
  • Students must be enrolled at Eastern in the semester when they will receive the award (Fall).
  • Preference will be given to candidates for this scholarship who have a demonstrated knowledge of and familiarity with customs and culture of the Mediterranean area of the world.  (However, this is not an absolute requirement, and should not be a barrier to anyone applying for the award).
Year Recipient
2024 No award given
2023 No award given
2022 No award given
2021 Katherine Wallace and Isaiah Loyd
2020 Elise Mackie
2019 Bayleigh Townsend
2018 No award given
2017 Melanie Adams
2016 Dominika Charczuk
2015 None
2014 Kirsten Taylor
2013 Nathaniel A. Young
2012 Diamond Douglas

Dr. William Bailey Award

The Bailey Award is designed to support the research of students working under the supervision of psychology faculty. Awards may fund registration and travel to conferences to present research, costs associated with completing research, and other research-related costs.

Criteria for the award include the following:

  • Must be a full-time junior, senior, or graduate student majoring in psychology.
  • Research must be supervised by a psychology faculty member.
  • Preference is given to students who are likely to publish an article or present a paper at a professional meeting.
Year Recipient
2024 Emma Hurston-Gates
2023 No award given
2022 No award given
2021 Christopher Hansen, Kaeli O’Donnell, Samantha Boomgarden
2020 Adaeze Akubueze, Alexandrea Cardot, Madison Fisher, Asmita Saha
2019 Melanie Adams, Joseph Milosch, Chloe Lindstrom
2018 Melissa Beaudoin, Dalia Bunni, Samantha Boomgarden
2017 Trevor Levingston, Alexandra Hammond, Cassandra Vogt
2016 Emma Riedesel, Kari Meyer
2015 Olivia Link, Emily Rardin, Kaci Clark
2014 Megan Dandurand, Emily Estes
2013 Rachel Schaub, Dean Pappas, Leah Welker
2012 Melissa C. Werfelmann, Sanja Trtanj
2011 Amanda Clevinger, Andrea Hadley

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