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EIU Department of Psychology

Faculty Awards

Psi Chi Outstanding Faculty of the Year

Year Recipient
2021 Dr. Jeffrey Stowell
2020 Dr. Mariana Juras
2019 Dr. Russell Gruber
2018 Dr. William Addison
2017 Dr. Cari Brito
2016 Dr. William Addison
2015 Ms. Marjorie Hanft
2014 Dr. Jeffrey Stowell
2013 Dr. John Best
2012 Dr. Linda Leal
2011 Dr. Jeffrey Stowell
2010 Dr. William Addison
2009 Dr. Christine E. McCormick
2008 Ms. Marjorie Hanft-Martone
2007 Dr. Boyd Spencer
2006 Dr. Daneen Deptula
2005 Ms. Marjorie Hanft-Martone
2004 Dr. Anu Sharma
2003 Dr. George Bizer
2002 Dr. Jeffrey Stowell
2001 Dr. William G. Kirk
2000 Dr. Kevin Jones
1999 Dr. Boyd Spencer
1998 Dr. William Addison
1997 Dr. John Best
1996 Dr. Ronan Bernas
1995 Dr. William McGown
1994 Dr. Richard Cross
1993 Ms. Marjorie Hanft-Martone
1992 Dr. William Addison
1991 Dr. William Addison

Spencer-McGown-Wilson Outstanding Faculty Award

Year Recipient
2022 Dr. Hao-Jan Luh and Dr. Jeffrey Stowell
2021 Dr. Mariana Juras
2020 Dr. Margaret Floress and Dr. Anne Walk
2019 Dr. Gary Canivez
2018 Dr. Gary Canivez
2017 Dr. William Addison and Dr. Gary Canivez
2016 Dr. Margaret Floress
2015 Dr. Lyndsay Jenkins
2014 Dr. Gary Canivez
2013 Dr. Margaret Floress
2012 Dr. William Addison
2011 Dr. Amy Brausch
2010 Dr. Jeffrey Stowell
2009 Dr. Shannon Rauch
2008 Dr. Michael Havey
2007 Dr. John Best
2006 Dr. Daneen Deptula
2005 Dr. Ronan Bernas
2004 Dr. Jeffrey Stowell


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