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EIU Department of Psychology

Awards for which Students are
Selected by Faculty

Donald A. and Marie Rothschild Award

Established in memory of Dr. Donald A. Rothschild, a member of the Eastern faculty from 1934-1967 and Head of the Department of Psychology, this annual award is given to a Psychology major who is a junior and who demonstrates the potential for making a significant contribution to psychology.

Year Recipient
2022 Destinee Carter
2021 CB Knifong, Bayleigh Townsend, Alexa Fifield, and Jocelyn Hernandez
2020 Shelby Martell
2019 Lindy Dokken
2018 Samantha Boomgarden
2017 Eleanor Crouse
2016 Jessica Runde
2015 Jacob Johnston
2014 Jade Owen
2013 Felisha McCullum
2012 Daniel Delaney
2011 Bridget Sanchez
2010 Olivia R. Buttram
2009 Ayaka Hisanaga
2008 Ryan Pezold
2007 Sarita Desai
2006 Anne McClure
2005 Jessie Gerfen
2004 Jennifer Lampley
2003 C.J. Weber
2002 Julie Skalitzky
2001 Kara M. Lidy
2000 Amanda March
1999 Nicole Glover
1998 Barbara Anne Davis
1997 Heather Lugar
1996 Jessica Borah
1995 Katarina Baker
1994 Holly Brunton
1994 Michael Tagler
1993 Eric Davidson
1992 Christy Buehnerkemper
1992 Laura Mannix
1991 Heidi Olsen
1990 Angela Rowe
1989 Sherry Bucher
1988 Jeffrey Schmidt
1987 Marilyn Talbott
1986 Kristen Davidson
1985 Cynthia Baranowski
1984 John Grimes
1983 James Bailey
1982 Diane Von Houdnos
1981 Kathleen Kramer
1980 Herbert Demmin
1979 Tamara Hoxworth
1978 Paula Kopp
1977 Gina Gardner
1976 Michael Eastin
1975 Michele Thomson
1974 David Cunningham
1973 Kathleen Holliday
1972 Peggy (Edwards) Carter
1971 Gregory Hochstetter

Spencer-McGown-Wilson Award

  • This award of approximately $2000 is given annually to a student majoring in Psychology who has demonstrated a capacity for excellence in the quantitative and experimental areas of Psychology. The minimal requirements are as follows:
  • Completion of Statistical Methods in Psychology (PSY 3610) with a grade of "A"
  • Completion of Research Methods/Experimental Psychology (PSY 3805) with a grade of "A"
  • Junior or Senior year status.
  • Special consideration will be given to any student who has had a research project accepted for publication or published in a refereed Psychology journal or who has presented a paper or poster at a regional (MPA) or national (APA, APS) association meeting. Other consideration will be given to students who have papers or posters officially accepted for future presentation in national or regional conferences.
  • In the case where 2 or more candidates are considered to be equally qualified by the committee, the scholarship will be awarded to the student with the highest overall GPA.
Year Recipient
2022 Emma Beck
2021 Shaelyn Page
2020 Megan Evans
2019 Samantha Boomgarden
2018 Madison Fisher
2017 Trevor Levingston
2016 Karlie Mirabelli
2015 Jade Owen
2014 Ashley Lamb
2013 Daniel Delaney
2012 Bridget Sanchez
2011 Amanda Clevinger
2010 Andrew Luttrell
2009 Ryan Pezold
2008 Kristen M. Russler
2007 Stacey Macklin
2006 Erin Fulkerson
2005 Ashley Clark
2004 Leah Diedrich
2003 Julie Skalitzky
2002 Jessica Dohm
2001 Michelle Croft
2000 Scott Beaudry
1999 Nathanael Carmichael

Fred L. Yaffe Award

For recognition of outstanding achievement in research as an undergraduate Psychology student.

Year Recipient
2021 Alyssa Tripod
2020 Shelby Martell and Lindy Dokken
2014 Megan Dandurand
2013 Jessica Berlinghoff
2012 Joseph E. Morger
2011 Emily A. Estes
2010 Cassandra Ledvina
2009 Chelsie Young
2008 Stephanie Kibble
2007 Anne McClure
2006 Laura Hankins
2005 Britt Roberts
2004 Abby Dalenberg
2003 David Weise
2002 Beth Martin
2001 Jeffrey Dressel
2000 Julie Sidwell

Awards for which Students are
Selected by Student Organizations

Psi Chi Outstanding Student of the Year

Year Recipient
2019 Brandi Soard
2018 Sydney Rohmann
2017 Trevor Levingston
2016 Natalie Goodwin
2015 Maggie Perry
2014 Kassandra Vandenberg
2013 Elizabeth Schroeder
2012 Bridget Sanchez
2011 Amanda Clevinger
2010 Cassandra Ledvina
2009 Sarita Desai
2008 Amanda Padgitt
2007 Amanda Cole
2006 Jesse Gerfen
2005 Jennifer Cole
2004 C.J. Weber
2003 Tom Edwards
2002 Kara Lidy
2001 Michelle Croft
2000 Nicole Glover
1999 Sarah Bordenkircher
1998 Heather Lugar
1997 Jessica M. Borah
1996 Maria Katarina Baker
1995 Jennifer Marie Watson
1994 Sean Gilliam
1993 Heidi Henning
1992 Susan Burroughs
1991 Merrile Morland

Psychology Club's Most Valuable Member

Year Recipient
2019 No award given
2018 No award given
2017 No award given
2016 Morgan Tudor
2015 Maggie Perry
2014 Christopher Carlsen
2013 Christopher Carlsen
2012 Nicole R. Davidson
2011 Oladapo (Queenie) Akindele
2010 Linda Morrical

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