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EIU Master of Business Administration


The 'Dynamic Schedule' of courses offered each semester is available online through the EIU PAWS system. Graduate-level MBA courses may be viewed by selecting and submitting the relevant term of study (e.g., Fall 202X), and afterwards selecting the subject 'Business Administration'; prerequisite (Phase 1) courses are listed under the subject 'Business'; accounting classes are listed under the subject 'Accounting'; and courses numbered 4750 or higher from 'Management', 'Operations and Supply Chain', 'Management Information Systems', and 'Finance' generally may be taken as MBA electives. Ask the MBA Coordinator if you would like pre-approval for using a 4750-4999-numbered course from the School of Business for MBA elective credit. Coordinator approval is required to assure MBA elective credit for courses that do not use the 'MBA' prefix.


For a list of approved elective courses, click here.

  • Accountancy Concentration Students must take electives with the prefix ACC.
  • Applied Management Option must take one course from the pre-approved list. Other graduate-level courses available at EIU, numbered 4750 or higher, may be considered and approved by the Coordinator of Graduate Business Studies by completing the following steps:
    1. Complete the Elective Approval Form and submit it as an attached .pdf document to prior or concurrent to registering for the course for pre-approval,
    2. Provide the Coordinator with a copy of the course syllabus after the first class meeting.


Internships can be used to earn MBA elective credit for the Applied Management Option or for general MBA elective credit. Most MBA-level internships become available through the student's efforts to secure professional employment or develop relationships with a prospective future employer. The Graduate Coordinator provides notification of internships as employers indicate they are available, but most internships initiated by employers are at the undergraduate level. Thus, MBA students are encouraged to reach out to prospective employers and ask if internship possibilities exist. The Graduate Coordinator can help coordinate these efforts once a prospective internship and site has been identified.

MBA for-credit Internship Registration and Enrollment Process:

1. Internship Site Application: For organizations that have not identified their intern already and are asking the MBA program coordinator to assist them with collecting a pool of applicants, this form is for the organization to complete.  Information for organizations about internships for the MBA program, the paperwork that needs to be completed and deadlines can be found here.

2. Internship Proposal and Learning Agreement: Once an intern and organization have been identified, the prospective intern works with the organizational representative to complete a learning agreement. This includes the major learning objectives that are to be accomplished during the internship, the types of projects and tasks that the student will be assigned to achieve these objectives, and confirm the internship details (hours, salary, contact information of supervisor). This paperwork must be submitted at least one month prior to the start of the semester for final approval by the School of Business, and so that the class is added to the student's schedule once approved.

3. Mid-Term Evaluation and Final Evaluation: The site supervisor is responsible for providing a mid-term and final evaluation to the Graduate Coordinator of the student and their work. Forms for each are provided and linked.

4. Internship Portfolio Instructions: The MBA internship student is required to complete and submit to two progress reports during the term and an internship portfolio to the Coordinator of Graduate Business studies no later than the last day of the regular semester. These requirements may be altered by the Graduate Coordinator to reflect the credit hours and length of internship. Please confirm your student requirements as an intern with the Coordinator of Graduate Business Studies prior to the start of the internship.

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