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EIU Master of Business Administration

About MBA Candidate Research

Eastern Illinois University's School of Business has a rich tradition of preparing students for PhD or other graduate-level work.  However, many MBA candidates have the opportunity to conduct research while at EIU's MBA program to enhance their professional expertise in a field or to develop research and analytical skills to apply to their career field.  Our Graduate Faculty regularly serve as mentors to Research Option students working their year-long research project, collecting data and writing papers with MBA candidates that serve as Graduate Assistants, mentoring student research projects in MBA classes, and continuing these relationships after MBA students have recently graduated.  Below, a list of recent conference papers and publications from our MBA candidates and co-authored with faculty mentors.

Valle, K., Coker, K., & Flight, R. (2015, September).  Social Entrepreneurship in Marketing Education: Where are we now?  2015 Marketing Management Association Fall Educators’ Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Boggs, D., & Story, J. (2016, April). The Impact of the Designed Work Environment on Recruitment and Retention of Knowledge Workers. North American Management Society, MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL.

Boggs, D., & Sun, X. (2016, April).  Emerging Technologies in Emerging Markets: The Case of the Drones Industry.  Academy of International Business-Midwest USA Division, MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL.

Podwojski, E. (2016, April).  Socialization Efficiency: Decreasing Time Allocated to Socialization Processes through Effective Orientation. North American Management Society, MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL.

Islam, S., & Karim, W. (2016, April). Revaluation of Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE): Motivations, Value Relevance, and Effects on Audit Fees. North American Accounting Society, MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL 

Kim, H., & Sallehu, M. (2016, April). The role of product market dynamics on cost behavior. North American Accounting Society, MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL.

Chiou, I., Kim, H., & Minnis, W.  (2016, April). The effects of product recalls on group companies: Evidence from a Korean chaebol. Academy of Finance, MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL.

Sedari Mudiyanselage, A., & Flight, R. L.  (2016, June). Out of Necessity or Opportunity? The Drive to Innovate in Small and Medium Enterprises, Conference on Subsistence Marketplaces, University of Illinois.

Akalin, G. I., Huang, Z. & Willems, J. R. (2016). Is Supply Chain Management Replacing Operations Management in the Business Core Curriculum? Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 9(2), pp. 119-130.

Illia, A., Ngniatedema, T., Huang, Z. (accepted) A Conceptual Model for Mobile Banking Adoption, Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal (Forthcoming).

Valle, K., Coker, K. C., & Flight, R. (2015, March).  Social Entrepreneurship in its Social Context: The Role of Leadership Culture on Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.  Marketing Management Association, MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL.

Chiou, I., & Liu, Y. (2015, March).  How Does a Negative Economic Shock Affect the Dynamics of Yield Spreads?  Evidence from the 2008 – 2009 Financial Crisis.  Academy of Finance, MBAA International Conference. Approved for publication in Proceedings of the Academy of Finance. Chicago, IL. 

Chiou, I., & Liu, Y. (2015, March).  The Valuation Effects of Banks’ Entry into the Free-Trade Zone: Evidence from China.  Academy of Finance, MBAA International Conference. Approved for publication in Proceedings of the Academy of Finance.  Chicago, IL. 

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