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GA 2018
There are many benefits to having a graduate assistantship:

  • Monthly Stipend Fall and/or Spring semester
  • Tuition Waiver of up to 4 classes Fall or Spring semester and 3 classes in the summer semester
  • Working up to 18 hours per week
  • Flexible work schedules
  • GA's provide teaching support, research support, and service support (most GA positions are a combination of at least two of the three)
  • Opportunity to gain experience while working closely with distinguished faculty
  • 24/7 access to the MBA graduate assistant office and resources in Lumpkin Hall


Would you like to work closely with one or more of the distinguished faculty at EIU, gaining invaluable professional references? What if you were paid a monthly stipend and given a tuition waiver in the process? That is what a graduate assistantship as an MBA candidate in EIU's School of Business can offer you!

A GA in EIU's School of Business is assigned to work with faculty members based on the student's skills, expertise, experience, and future goals. The selection process is, no doubt, a competitive one, but the benefits of being selected are tremendous. Graduate assistantship applications can be sent with the application for admission. 

Research Support Responsibilities may include:

Assisting faculty in conducting data collection, entering of data and data analysis, obtaining and summarizing literature for faculty research, preparing research presentations, or conducting a collaborative study with a faculty member.

Teaching Support Responsibilities may include:

Provide assistance in the classroom of undergraduate courses, grading or proctoring exams of undergraduate courses and providing tutoring or supplemental instruction of undergraduate courses.

Service Support Responsibilities may include:

Technical support by assisting with classroom computers and laptops, providing support to faculty in short term or long term projects, and assisting in the recruitment of prospective MBA students.

But don't delay! To be considered for a position beginning in the Fall 2018 semester, GA applicants must be admitted to the MBA program and have submitted GA application materials by the preceding Feb. 15th.  Sometimes, one-semester GA positions become available in the Spring term; deadline for Spring applications are December 1.

Submit the online GA application  to the Graduate School and send an email to outlining your specific knowledge, skills, abilities and type of GA work that you are seeking.  GA Assignments are typically a combination of Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (identify specific courses of interest/expertise: BUS 2710, BUS 3710, BUS 2101, BUS 2102, BUS 2810), Faculty Research Support, Faculty Teaching Support (indicate discipline area of interest), and Service to the School of Business. 

Find out more about graduate assistantships through EIU's graduate school website. Look at what current graduate assistants are doing in the School of Business. The Graduate School's Graduate Assistant Handbook is online. Click here to access the School of Business' Graduate Assistant Guidelines.


Preference will be given for up to three of our MBA graduate assistantship positions to students who are willing to commit to the MBA with Research Option program. If you are interested in applying for one of these GA positions, your MBA application should indicate that you are applying for the MBA with Research Option and you should also state this preference in your GA cover letter where you outline your skills and abilities. The students who are chosen to fill these positions shall be called research graduate assistants. Although all graduate assistants are asked for their preferences in their assignments, a special effort will be made to ensure that research graduate assistants are given appropriate research-based assignments. A research graduate assistant who switches to another MBA Option or Concentration may lose their position in the following semester (it would be given to another student who applied but was not previously selected as a GA).

Our remaining GA positions are available for students in any of the MBA options or concentration.  If there are more than three applicants who meet our expectations for research graduate assistantship positions who are willing to commit to being MBA with Research Option students, then more than three research graduate assistantships may be awarded, or those applicants will be considered for regular graduate assistantship positions.

More about Graduate Assistantships

Thank you for your interest in graduate assistantships at EIU.  Graduate assistantships at EIU are highly competitive. We understand that you may have questions and concerns regarding the application process and the specifics of our graduate assistantships, therefore, below are some answers to some common questions we receive:

  1. GA Positions:  Numerous departments and organizations within EIU participate in the hiring of graduate assistants. To explore the full listing of these campus units, please visit this link:  Hiring Units Listing. Please keep in mind that the presence of a unit on this list does notnecessarily mean that assistantships are currently available; it serves as a reference for the units that hire graduate assistants.
  2. Eligibility: To be eligible for a GA, you must be admitted into a graduate degree program at EIU. Please note, only those students enrolled within a specific program can work as a GA within that program. For example, if you are not a graduate student in the Biology program, you will not receive a GA in Biology. Other GA positions are available outside of academic programs. Be sure to check the Hiring Units Listing for more details.
  3. Application Procedure:  When finalizing your application for admission to EIU Graduate School via the MyEIU portal, you will have the opportunity to concurrently submit a Graduate Assistantship (GA) application. If you are interested in securing a GA position, we strongly recommend completing the GA application at that time. If you wish to complete the application at a later time, simply return to your MyEIU portal to do so or by going to this link:
  4. Application Timeline: Graduate assistantship positions commonly are academic year positions beginning in the fall semester. The application process for those fall semester placements should be completed at the time you submit your application to the Graduate School or no later than February 15 for the upcoming Fall term. These dates are crucial to keep in mind when planning your graduate assistantship application.
  5. Selection Process: Graduate Assistantships are granted through a competitive selection process, with less than 20 percent of the graduate student body being awarded these positions. Securing a Graduate Assistantship is not assured, as applicants are evaluated against a range of criteria to determine eligibility.

    Students first accepted into the MBA Program are eligible for consideration for a GA position. The program has a residency requirement for consideration as well. After one year on campus, students are eligible for a position. The year may be spent at the undergraduate or graduate level. Selections are academically and professionally competitive, factors that influence selection for a GA position include undergraduate/graduate academic record, GMAT/GRE or other test scores, professional work experience, references, personal qualities and background, statement of goals, and MBA program need.
  6. Financial Coverage: A graduate assistantship provides a monthly stipend along with a tuition waiver scholarship. The scholarship waives tuition only. Payment of applicable fees is the responsibility of the graduate assistant. Please note that the tuition waiver may not be applied to some courses offered through the School of Extended Learning and study abroad courses. Scholarship information can be found at
  7. Terms and Renewal: GA positions at EIU are typically awarded for a period of nine (9) months and usually begin in the fall semester. It's important to understand that securing a GA for one year does not guarantee that your GA will be renewed for the following academic year.

We hope that this information provides clarity and guidance on the graduate assistantship application process at EIU. If you have further questions or require assistance, visit EIU Graduate Assistantships, or reference the appropriate information below:


Visit:  International Student Graduate Assistantships

Phone:  Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) at 217-581-2321




Visit:  Graduate Assistantships

Phone:  EIU Graduate School at 217-581-2220




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