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EIU Master of Business Administration

Opportunity to customize your MBA to fit your career needs

MBA Core Courses (taken by all MBA students)

All EIU MBA students complete our MBA Core of six courses for 18 credit hours.  These courses are designed to provide you with the expected set of knowledge and skills that you would find in most AACSB MBA programs.  

MBA 5500, Quantitative Modeling BUS 3950, Operations Management; prerequisites to BUS 3950 are BUS 2810, BUS 3010
MBA 5550, Marketing Management BUS 3470, Principles of Marketing
MBA 5640, Financial Management BUS 2810, Business Statistics; BUS 3710, Business Financial Mgt; prerequisites for these courses are BUS 2101, BUS 2102, ECN 2802
MBA 5660, Operations Management BUS 3950, Operations Management; prerequisites to BUS 3950 are BUS 2810, BUS 3010
MBA 5670, Information Systems BUS 3500, Management Information Systems or ACC 3900, Accounting Information Systems
MBA 5680, Organizational Behavior BUS 3010, Management and Organizational Behavior

Information about each of the prerequisite courses (Phase I) listed for MBA Core and other MBA-prefixed courses is listed HERE

Options and Concentration (Choose one)

In addition to the core above, each MBA students chooses one of the following options or concentration to complete a total of 11 courses (33 credit hours).  Each option or concentration link will take you to a list of courses, course descriptions, and prerequisites for each.

MBA with Accountancy Concentration: The Accountancy Concentration is intended for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in accounting, and the program will prepare students to meet the educational requirements necessary to take the Certified Public Accountant examination.

MBA with Applied Management Option: The Applied Management Option is focused on “hands-on” development of students’ intellectual and creative capacities. The program addresses a broad range of business-related skills emphasizing a combination of teamwork, writing, contemporary global and ethical issues, and analytical skills that can be immediately put into practice.

MBA with Research Option: The Research Option is designed for students who want to focus on business research and quantitative methods for research. Students would want to complete the Research Option if their goals are to continue their education and pursue a Ph.D., or if they have an interest in conducting research with a faculty mentor.

MBA with Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) Option: The GIS Option is designed to support careers using computer systems to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present spatial or geographical data in a variety of fields including management, logistics, insurance, and telecommunications.

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