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EIU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Department Mission Statement

The mathematical sciences comprise some of the most significant aspects and achievements of human culture, valued for their intrinsic beauty as well as for their many interdisciplinary applications and practical contributions to human welfare.

The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is to integrate teaching and research in the areas of mathematics, computer science, and mathematics education so as to create a vital and diverse intellectual community dedicated to the study and further development of these subjects, both in departmental degree programs and in service to other academic majors. In particular, this mission entails:

  • Fostering a genuine love of learning in our students;
  • Developing the capacity of our students to imagine, visualize, think creatively, and reason with logical rigor;
  • Enabling our students to construct mathematical models of physical, biological, and social processes and to implement these models computationally;
  • Providing a strong general foundation in the mathematical sciences in addition to the essential knowledge specific to each student’s chosen area of study and the practical knowledge needed for a successful and satisfying career;
  • Inspiring the next generation of mathematics teachers at all levels of education and providing them with the pedagogical acumen, as well as the deep mathematical insight, that they need to further the development of mathematical understanding in others;
  • Sharing knowledge of our discipline with the larger community through conferences, colloquia, and other forums;
  • Contributing new knowledge of high quality in the areas of mathematics, computer science, and mathematics pedagogy.

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Contact Information

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920-3099
(217) 581-2028

Marshall Lassak, Chair

Peter Wiles
Graduate Coordinator (Math Education)

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