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EIU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Academic Honesty

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science considers academic dishonesty to be a voluntary act for which there is no acceptable excuse. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to:

  • Plagiarism
  • Accessing, receiving, or knowingly supplying information for which you have not received authorization by the instructor to view, possess, or discuss
  • Using materials or sources in any coursework/examination for which you have not received authorization by the instructor to use
  • Turning in work that has been generated by other individuals, work completed by the same individual in a previous term, or work used in another course during the same term.
  • Unauthorized collaboration on assignments, quizzes and exams
  • Changing an answer after work has been graded and presenting it as improperly graded
  • Accessing confidential information in any form and from any source for which you have not been authorized by the instructor to access
  • Assuming the identity of another, or collusion in such an act, with the presumed intent of deceiving another person regarding the authorship of any work or assignment. This includes accessing accounts or using login information not your own, or intentionally allowing your accounts or logins to be used by a third party.

When a student has failed to abide by the standards of academic honesty, the instructor has the right to give the student a failing grade (F) for the assignment or entire course even though the student may have successfully and, presumably, honestly passed the remaining portion of the assignment or the course. An instructor will also report the student to the Office of Student Standards.

A student who commits academic dishonesty should further understand that faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science may no longer provide letters of recommendation or reference.

Note that being complicit in misconduct carries the same penalties.


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