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EIU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium is held most Fridays at 4:10 p.m. in Old Main Room 2210, unless otherwise indicated.

Spring 2019

Date Speaker(s) Title
Jan. 25 Gregory Galperin (EIU) Two Remarkable Constructions in Hyperbolic Plane  and Their Justification in the Klein Model
 Feb. 8 Ghaith Husari (UNC Charlotte) TTP Mining Fom The Unstructured Text of Cyber Threat Intelligence
Feb. 11  Abdul Moh’d (EIU)  Using Data Science to Create Solutions for Industry & Tools for Natural Language Processing and Social
Media Analysis
Feb. 13  Yi Li (UT Dallas) Social Network Analysis - Algorithmic Foundation and Practical Uses
Feb. 22 Peter Andrews (EIU) How A Chebyshev Polynomial Can Save Your Picture
Mar. 22 Andrew Parrish (EIU) From Khinchine's Conjecture to Erdös' Similarity Conjecture
Apr. 12 Kamleh Parwani (EIU) Pathological Foliations of the square
Apr. 19 Seth Yeakel Billiards with Pockets: Some structural observations
Apr. 19 Joseph Melberg An Examination of Database Solutions

March 29 - 31

Eastern Illinois Integrated Conference in Geometry, Dynamics, and Topology
Click here for the conference website.



Fall 2018

Date Speaker(s) Title
Sept. 7  Bogdan Petrenko (EIU) Some Conjectural Properties of Coefficients of Cyclotomic Polynomials
Sept. 14 Charles Delman (EIU) An Informal Primer on the Alexander Polynomial
Sept. 21 Peter Andrews (EIU) A Proof of Morley’s Theorem Using Complex Analytic Geometry
Oct. 1 (Mon) Konstantin Slutsky (nuTonomy) Autonomous vehicles in a nutshell 
Oct. 5 Grant Lakeland (EIU) An introduction to the Cheeger constant
Oct. 26 Gregory Galperin (EIU) Non-Convex Polyhedra inscribed in a sphere, and a New 
Intriguing 4-dimensional Polytope
Nov. 2 Gregory Galperin (EIU) Projections of Lines in Hyperbolic Geometry
Nov. 8 Benson Farb (UC) Perry Lecture: The Power of X (held in the Doudna Fine Arts Center @ 6:00)
Nov. 9 Benson Farb (UC) Perry Lecture: Braids, Polynomials, and Hilbert's 13th Problem
Nov. 30 Amin Bahmanian (ISU) Fair Detachments of Hypergraphs

 You can find previous colloquia here


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Contact Information

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920-3099
(217) 581-2028

Marshall Lassak, Chair

Bogdan Petrenko
Graduate Coordinator (Math)

Peter Wiles
Graduate Coordinator (Math Education)

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