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Be a OneNote Buddy


What is a OneNote Buddy?

Think of a OneNote Buddy as a "study buddy". Research shows we learn new things better when we have a partner to learn with. You have an opportunity at the ITC to learn new technologies outside of class time that will be useful to you for a lifetime. To get started I recommend you explore the following "Sway" to learn more about getting started with OneNote:


What is OneNote?

OneNote is an online notebook modeled after the physical 3-Ring Binder that teachers and students are already familiar with. You can think of OneNote as a “Trapper Keeper” for your notes.

OneNote Notebooks can also be collaborative. You can share a notebook with your OneNote Buddy to explore all the collaborative possibilities of OneNote and how it can help you with teaching and learning. You can setup a "practice" OneNote Notebook and give your OneNote Buddy edit rights and you both can be taking notes at the sane time! That is just the tip of the iceberg, OneNote was made with education in mind.

OneNote, The Best Kept Secret in Education

Every single Eastern Illinois University faculty, staff, and student has access to OneNote through our university Office 365 plan. You can access OneNote through your EIU PantherMail logon.

Become a OneNote Buddy today!

At the ITC we have many technologies for you to explore. This is your chance to learn more about OneNote in a low-risk environment with the support of the ITC and your OneNote Buddies.

See Dr. Grissom in the ITC to learn more about becoming a OneNote Buddy and take your learning to the next level.


Keep on Learning,

Dr. Grissom
Director, Instructional Technology Center

BUZ 1440

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