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EIU Housing

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Residence Halls/Apartments

Assistant Director - Housing
The Assistant Director (AD) is a full-time member of the professional staff. The AD is responsible for the overall operation of an area and functions in an advisory capacity to develop the potential of each student towards their educational goals.  They have earned at least a master's degree and has an extensive background in the field of Residence Life or Student Development.

Complex Directors - Residence Halls
Complex Directors (CD) are live-in, full-time professional staff members. A Complex Director's primary function is the management of a residence hall or group of residence halls. A CD must have earned at least a master's degree and have an extensive background in the field of Residence Life or Student Development.  CDs serve as advisors to residence hall governments, and, when applicable, assist in planning programs in the residence halls.

Associate Resident Directors - Residence Halls
Associate Resident Directors are live-in professional staff members who are working toward a master's degree. Associate Resident Directors are jointly responsible for their area and other individual responsibilities as outlined by their supervisor(s).

Associate Resident Directors - Greek Court
The Greek Court Associate Resident Directors are live-in professional staff members who are currently working towards a master's degree.  Each Greek Court Associate Resident Director is responsible for the overall operation of two Greek Court buildings and is a coordinator of special programs.

Apartment Manager - University Court
The University Court Apartment Manager is a full-time, live-in professional staff member. The Apartment Manager is responsible for the operation of an apartment complex housing approximately 550 students.

Associate Resident Directors for University Court (Web and Marketing)
The Associate Resident Directors for University Court are live-in professional staff members. They assist the Apartment Manager with the overall operation of the apartment complex. They are also members of the University Housing & Dining Services Marketing Committee, specializing in either marketing research or webpage development.

Secretaries - Residence Halls
The Hall Secretaries work with the Resident Assistants, Front Desk Assistants, and other professional staff members to complete the day-to-day tasks required to run a residence hall in an efficient manner. They are an excellent source of information for residents.

Senior Staff Assistant (Greek Court)
Senior Staff Assistants (SSA) are an integral part of Greek Court, which is Greek housing administered by University Housing Services in conjunction with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs. SSAs serve as a resource for students and encourage students to engage in all aspects of campus life. SSAs contribute to the chapter leadership by helping establish an environment that is conducive to academic, personal, and leadership growth in the fraternity or sorority house.

Resident Assistant
Resident Assistants live on each floor in the residence halls. Their primary concern is the resident population on their floor. They assist students personally or through appropriate referrals with academic, personal, social, or other types of services that aid college students with university life.

Service Assistant
Service Assistants work at the residence hall front desks and are responsible for checking out equipment, sorting mail, answering the phone, and acting as a resource for residents and guests.

Housing & Dining Office Student Worker
This is a customer service position whose duties include answering phones, data input, computer inquiry, answering questions, mail forwarding, filing, and providing assistance at the reception counter. They are responsible for many other miscellaneous tasks necessary to efficiently manage the University Housing & Dining Services office.

Night Assistant
The Night Assistant program works closely with the University Police Department in order to provide security for students and university property. Night Assistants have a number of duties, with their primary function being to ensure a safe living environment for residents.

Conference Assistant
(May-August) Conference Assistants act as ambassadors to the campus for thousands of guests who travel to Charleston each summer. The position has a wide variety of responsibilities which include: working the front desk, night security, greeting at dining centers, maintaining the linen program, and recruiting future Eastern Illinois University students.

Panther Dining Staff

Assistant Directors - Panther Dining
Assistant Directors are responsible for the overall management of the dining operations that fall under the umbrella of Panther Dining.

Panther Dining Staff
Composed of full and part-time employees, the Panther Dining Staff operates four residential dining centers, two convenience centers, the University Food Court, Panther Catering, and Java Beanery & Bakery.

Dining Student Manager
Dining Student Managers are employed in one of the four residential dining centers, University Food Court, or Panther Catering. They are responsible for training and directing student employees. Duties include opening and closing each shift, training student employees, and enforcing sanitation laws and Panther Dining guidelines.

Dining Center Student Assistant
Dining Center Student Assistant is a general title used to describe a variety of positions held by students who are employed in the University Food Court, Marketplace Convenience Centers, Panther Catering, or any of the four residential dining centers. Positions vary and include Kitchen, Line, Salad and Hot Bar Assistant, Reservation Only Host and Waiter, Catering, Checker, Busser, and others.

Building Service Worker Staff

Building Service Workers (BSW)
Building Service Workers clean the lounges, stairwells, hallways, and other public areas of the residence halls. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms or apartments. Cleaning supplies are available at the front desk of the residence halls, and on-site University Apartments/University Court offices.

Student Custodian
Every residence hall employs one or two residents to work with the Building Service Worker (BSW) staff. These student helpers assist with various duties like emptying trash cans; sweeping common areas such as basements, stairwells, and the lobby; cleaning glass doors and windows, and vacuuming common area rugs and carpeting.

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