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EIU Medical Clinic

Women's Health Appointments

Appointment Guidelines

  • Basic Women's Health Appointment Charge is $20
  • Certain appointments have additional charges associated - Call 217/581-3013 or ask your medical provider. These include:
    • Pap exam
    • Pap plus (includes STI screening):
    • Basic STI screening only
  • Additional charges may apply if further testing is ordered (ask your provider)
  • Changes/Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance
  • Emergency Contraception (Plan B) is available through Health & Counseling Services

Services Offered By Appointment Only

  • Pap Exams
  • Breast Exams
  • Contraception Consults (birth control pills, the patch, the ring, depo-provera)
  • Counseling, insertion and removal contraceptive subdermal implants (NEXPLANON)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing, counseling, and treatment
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) testing and treatment
  • Common vaginal infection testing/treatment (yeast, bacterial vaginosis - BV)
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) / external genital wart treatment
  • Medication refills for established patients

Women's Health Education

  • Contraceptive Counseling
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection prevention, screening, and information
  • Counseling regarding pap smear results
  • The Health Education Resource Center (HERC) also offers numerous resources on various aspects of women's health care.

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Contact Information

Health & Counseling Services

Medical Clinic
Eastern Illinois University Human Services Building
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920

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Summer Hours

8am – 4:30 Monday – Thursday, 8am – 12pm Friday

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