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EIU Department of English


Placement Statistics for Recent Alumni

Here's where our alumni go in the first few years after college

Among EIU English graduates from the classes of 2010-2015:

  • 29% are secondary teachers or employed in other roles in the K-12 education system.
  • 16% work in writing, marketing, social media management, or editing.
  • 15% are in graduate school in creative writing, composition and rhetoric, literature and other fields.
  • 12% are business professionals, with titles like manager, mortgage banker, technical recruiter, or analytics specialist.
  • 6% work in higher education, as either faculty or professional staff at colleges or universities.
  • 4% work at nonprofit agencies, such as the United Way and Harvest Hope Food Bank.
  • The remaining 18% pursue a wide variety of careers, everything from attorneys and librarians to full-time military to professional musicians and comedians.

The English Department supports career planning by helping students  explore options as soon as they join the major (in our one-credit orientation course English Forum), bringing career-related speakers to campus regularly, and offering a career development course for seniors. In addition, EIU Career Services offers assistance to all EIU students, and alumni can continue to get support from Career Services throughout their career.

Information and career advice from EIU English alumni 

Professional Writing


Creative Writing


Library and Information Science

College Student Services

Human Resources

Secondary Teaching

College Teaching

Community Service Managers 

EIU's overall 6-month job placement rate for new graduates is 18% above the national average.

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