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EIU Department of English

Advising FAQ

Who's my adviser?
Do students in the teacher certification program have a different adviser?
When should I see my adviser?
Will study abroad count towards graduation?
What GPA is required for teacher certification students?
What GPA is required for students in the English major (without teacher cert)?
What are the special requirements for the teacher certification program?

Who's my adviser? 
Currently, Dr. Melissa Caldwell advises all English majors.  Normally, you should meet with your adviser during the fall and spring registration periods.  Over the summer, advising is handled by the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Department Chair.  If you are in an English minor but you are not an English major, please meet with Dr. Caldwell if you need assistance with planning or scheduling classes for the minor.

Do students in teacher certification have a different adviser? 
No. Your primary academic adviser will be the same as for students in the English major. However, you should also establish and maintain a file with the Director of English Education, Dr. Melissa Ames.


When should I see my adviser? 
You should schedule an appointment with your adviser during the registration period for each semester. Registration for spring semester normally begins in early October and for fall semester in early to mid-March. Come in before your first day to register. The best way to schedule an appointment is to stop by your adviser's office, where you'll find a schedule on the door. If you need assistance at other times during the semester, come in during office hours or contact your adviser to make an appointment.

Will study abroad count toward graduation?
The English Department encourages all students to consider study abroad, and we host two of Eastern's study abroad programs. Your adviser will work with you to plan courses that will fulfill requirements toward graduation.

What GPA is required for graduation for teacher certification students?
If you are in the English Language Arts option for teacher certification, there are several GPA requirements you must meet. In order to take advanced-level courses in the College of Education prior to student teaching, you will need a minimum GPA of 2.65, both overall in your EIU coursework and in the English major. In order to be approved to student teach, you will need minimum GPAs (overall and major) of 2.75. You should be aware that high schools hiring new teachers prefer GPAs even higher.

What GPA is required for graduation for students in the English major?
If you are in the English major (not studying for teacher certification), the only GPA requirements you must meet for graduation are those the University establishes for all students: 2.00 overall and in your major. Depending on your career goals, however, you may "need" a GPA much higher than this, so if you have questions you might want to discuss this with your adviser.
What are the requirements for the teacher certification program?
Students preparing for teacher certification must meet requirements for the English Language Arts major, but they must also meet the requirements of the College of Professional Studies and Education that apply to all students studying for certification to teach in secondary schools. All teacher certification students should have copies of the following checklists:

You should also be aware of the important dates calendar from the College of Education, and you will find more important information on the Teacher Education website.

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