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Course Descriptions

Each semester, English faculty offer individual descriptions for specific sections of upcoming classes. In addition, the course descriptions include tags for themes students have said interest them. Scroll down to see a list of courses for next semester grouped by these themes.




Course Description Listings (all ENG courses offered above 1091) 

Fall 2017 Courses by Theme

  • Media, Technology & Popular Culture: These courses address changes in communications media and technologies over time; changes in readership and viewership; the growth and development of popular audiences; the relationship of popular culture to ideology; the effects of media, technology and popular culture on writers and their readers. ENG courses tagged with this theme for  Fall 2017: 2950, 3008, 3300, 3401, 3504, 3704, 3808
  • Identity & Culture: These courses explore the relationship among the individual’s sense of self, membership in identity groups, life experiences, and perceptions. In other words, these courses answer the question: how does who I am shape my understanding of the society and the world? ENG courses tagged with this theme for Fall 2017: 2950, 3001-001, 3009, 3099G, 3300, 3405, 3504, 3700, 3705, 3808, 4742, 4775, 4850
  • Education & Society: These courses address changing practices, values, and/or theories of education over time; changes in literacy and readership, and how these changes may have affected writers and their readers; education as a theme in literature. ENG Courses tagged with this theme for Fall 2017: 2950, 3008, 3300, 3401, 3405, 3705
  • Science and the Environment: These courses examine issues and controversies in science or the environment through the lens of literature, film, or other media; environmental advocacy; writing for or about the sciences and/or the natural world. ENG Courses tagged with this theme for Fall 2017: 3704
  • Genre, Form, and Poetics: These courses focus closely on the relationship of form to meaning; historical considerations of generic traditions and conventions; uses, appropriations of, and changes to genre over time; hybridity and experimentation; genre, poetic, and narrative theories. ENG Courses tagged with this theme for Fall 2017: 2950, 3008, 3009, 3099, 3300, 3401, 3405, 3504, 3808, 4742, 4775
  • Law and Social Justice: These courses explore the ways individuals and groups influence social norms regarding ethics and morals. In other words, these courses answer the question: what needs to be changed in the world, and how can I work to change it? ENG Courses tagged with this theme for Fall 2017: 2705, 3001-001, 3700, 3808, 4742, 4775, 4850   



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