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EIU Master of Science Nutrition & Dietetics

MSND: Dietetic Internship Option (NDDI)
2020 - 2021 EIU Graduate Catalog

This degree program offers the Dietetic Internship that is necessary to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Degree-seeking students who match with EIU's Dietetic Internship through D & D Digital and who are admitted, will take 2 (two) academic semesters of graduate coursework. Once the student completes the coursework, he/she will relocate to the location of his/her dietetic internship. The dietetic internship is granted accreditation status by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 120 Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190, Chicago, IL 60606-6995, (312) 899-5400.

Our program focus is nutrition education. What does that mean? Our program provides emphasis on building and delivering evidence based nutrition communication strategies, whether that happens in a hospital room, outpatient office, a public health facility, a private practice, a food service establishment, a public school, an athletic training facility, or any number of other places Registered Dietitian find themselves engaged. Our program will provide you ample experience in clinical settings to prepare you for your clinical career if that is your desired path. However, if you have other plans, a foundation in evidence based nutrition education and communication will be a valuable asset, no matter where you find yourself after graduation. So, join us for a well-balanced approach to preparing you for your future.

Timeline MSND: DI Program
Interns accepted in Fall and Spring DICAS cycles. Deadlines in Oct and Feb, respectively. Spring: 16-18
Fall: 7-9
Eligible applicants Graduates of an accredited DPD program who meet EIU Graduate School admission criteria.
Program Emphasis Nutrition Education
Program location Charleston, IL
EIU Graduate credits required 33
Hours of Supervised practice 1200
Anticipated time for completion 18-24 months
Schedule for completion Year 1: 2 semesters of graduate course work
Year 2: Supervised practice
Upon completion of the MSND: DI Option program, the student earns DI verification statement and Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Certification of Comprehensive Knowledge (CCK)

The CCK policy states that the MSND student must successfully complete the systematic review as presented in Research Methodologies in Nutrition and Dietetics (NTR 5600) as determined by this rubric.

Core Courses (30 hours)

NTR 5150 - Medical Nutrition Therapy
NTR 5153 - Nutrition Education Throughout the Life Cycle
NTR 5154 - Medical Nutrition Therapy
NTR 5155 - Principles of Nutrition Education and Behavior
NTR 5156 - Leadership Development in Nutrition and Dietetics
NTR 5600 - Research Methodologies in Nutrition and Dietetics
NTR 5981 - Dietetic Internship
NTR 5982 - Dietetic Internship
NTR 5983 - Dietetic Internship
NTR 5984 - Dietetic Internship

Elective Course(s) (3 hours)

Options include:

  • 1-3 semester hours of an individualized independent study/thesis with a faculty mentor
  • 1-3 semester hours of additional courses selected from this list

Graduate Study Plan Stipulations

  1. You must complete 33 semester hours.
  2. In consultation with Dr. Julie Dietz, your graduate advisor, draft your graduate study plan and submit for approval by her within the first few weeks of your second semester taking courses.

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Contact Information

MSND graduate program, contact:
Julie Dietz, PhD
MSND Graduate Coordinator

600 Lincoln Avenue
4307 Klehm Hall
Charleston, IL 61920-3099

Dietetic Internship at EIU, contact:
Melissa K. Maulding
Instructor and DI Coordinator

Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL 61920
Fax: 217-581-6090

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