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EIU Master of Science Nutrition & Dietetics

MSND: Dietetic Internship Application

Graduate School Application 

All students applying for a MSND: Dietetic Internship will need to apply to the Graduate School at Eastern Illinois University as well as to the Dietetic Internship.  

_____ Apply to Graduate School via the MyEIU Admission portalnoting the MS in Nutrition and Dietetics as your preferred program. Please note there is a $30 application fee for the Graduate School application. 

The Fine Print

  • Graduate School - DICAS Implication: In the MyEIU admission portal, you will be asked if you will be participating in the DICAS process.  When you click "Yes," you will not need to upload your letter of intent or letters of recommendation.  The MSND Graduate Admission Committee will use your personal statement and letters of recommendation from your DICAS application.
  • Transcripts: Prospective graduate students who completed their undergraduate program at EIU, do NOT need to include transcripts in their application for Graduate School at EIU. 
    Those students with transcripts from other universities need to have those transcripts mailed directly to the Graduate School, 600 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston, IL 61920.  The Graduate School also accepts electronic transcripts from accredited US colleges and universities sent via eSCRIP-SAFE, Docufide, Parchment Exchange or directly from the accredited U.S. College and University.  Please have the transcripts emailed to Tracey Hutchison
  • Application Due Dates: Applications are accepted year-round; however, admission decisions are made twice annually, October (September 25 application deadline) and March (February 15 application deadline).
  • Graduate assistantships (GA) within the MSND program are available for those students beginning their coursework in August, and will be completing their coursework in a typical academic year (August-May).  You will have the opportunity to apply for a GA position when you apply for graduate school admission.

Dietetic Internship Application Components

Those applicants interested in applying for EIU's ACEND accredited Dietetic Internship, which has a Nutrition Education Emphasis, need to complete these components as well as the MSND components listed above. 

_____ Complete and submit D & D Digital paperwork entering Eastern Illinois University as a match choice by the designated due date. The DI accepts students in both the Spring (February 15 due date) and Fall (September 25 due date) computer matches.

_____ Complete and submit your application to the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services (DICAS). In your personal statement, be sure to include your strengths and weaknesses, long and short term professional goals, and how the EIU program will help you achieve your professional goals (limit to 1,000 words).  For your letters of recommendation, one will need to be from a work supervisor and two from faculty.

The DICAS applications are evaluated using the following criteria: Overall GPA (10%); DPD GPA (10%); Personal Statement, including overall writing ability, strengths, weaknesses, long-term and short-term goals explained, and how the DI at EIU will assist the student in the achievement of the goals (25%); Professional Experiences, including leadership roles, participation in extra-curricular activities, honors, awards, certificates, and writing ability/ease of reading (40%); and Letters of Recommendation (15%).

_____ Pay the Eastern Illinois University Dietetic Internship (DI) application fee of $35 by mailing a check or money order payable to Eastern Illinois University to Melanie Tracy Burns, 600 Lincoln Ave, Nutrition and Dietetics, Charleston, IL 61920 or pay online at note that the DI application fee is in addition to the Graduate School fee of $30.

Additional clarification regarding applying for the Dietetic Internship, please visit the DI App FAQ.

General Information

Openings in MSND: Dietetic Internship Option

25 total annually

Spring: 16 – 18

Fall: 7 - 9

Average number of applicants to EIU MS/DI program, last 2 years

18-20 for Fall match

50 for Spring match

GRE score requirement (General Exam)

Competitive quantitative and verbal GRE scores

Minimum GPA required (cumulative and DPD)


Average DPD GPA of enrolled interns, last 2 years


Average GRE scores of enrolled interns, last 2 years

>50th percentile in all areas


A phone interview will be conducted with a few selected applicants. Note, if you have come for a campus visit, attended an open house, and/or spoke with the DI coordinator prior to applicant review date, you likely will not be emailed for a phone interview as a soft interview has been taking place during these times. Therefore, you are likely still considered for our DI.

Ranking of importance for acceptance into the MS/DI Program

1.  Professional Experiences (40%)

2. Letter of Application (25%)

3. GPA (20%)

4. Letters of Recommendation (15%)




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Contact Information

MSND graduate program, contact:
Melanie Tracy Burns, PhD, RD
MSND Graduate Coordinator

600 Lincoln Avenue
1439 Klehm Hall
Charleston, IL 61920-3099
(217) 581-6353
Fax: (217) 581-6090

Dietetic Internship at EIU, contact:
Melissa K. Maulding
Instructor and DI Coordinator

Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL 61920
Fax: 217-581-6090

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