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EIU Master of Science Nutrition & Dietetics

MSND: Dietetic Internship Application

Graduate School Application

All students applying for a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (MSND): Dietetic Internship will need to apply to the Graduate School at Eastern Illinois University. The MSND application has two parts: application to the larger Graduate School, and then, to the specific MSND program. Please apply via the MyEIU Admission portal, noting the Nutrition and Dietetics Option: Nutrition Education Option as your preferred program. If you are matched the EIU DI, then, your degree program will be changed to the MSND: DI Option.

If you are an international student, please check with the Office of International Students and Scholars for assistance with your application to the graduate school here.

EIU Fees:

  • $30 application fee for the Graduate School application (payable in the MyEIU Portal)
  • $35 fee for DICAS application review
  • If you are applying with an undergraduate degree in something other than nutrition and will not earn a DPD (Didactic Program in Dietetics) verification statement, you'll also need to pay the DPD transcript fee ($20)
  • EIU DI fees are payable at:

Dietetic Internship Application Process

  1. Review AND match cycle timelines and instructions here.
  2. Apply to the EIU Graduate School as indicated above.
  3. Complete and submit D & D Digital paperwork entering Eastern Illinois University as a match choice by the designated due date. The DI accepts students in both the Spring and Fall computer match cycles.
  4. Complete and submit your application to DICAS. Items to include in your personal statement (limit to 1,000 words):
    • Why is EIU right for you?
    • Long and short term professional goals
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Letters of recommendation - 1 supervisor, 2 faculty

Application Pro Tips

  • In the MyEIU admission portal, you will be asked if you will be participating in the DICAS process. If you click "Yes," you will not need to upload your 3 letters of recommendation.
  • Mail transcripts directly to the Graduate School, 600 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston, IL 61920. The Graduate School also accepts electronic transcripts from accredited US colleges and universities sent via eSCRIP-SAFE, Docufide, Parchment Exchange or directly from the accredited U.S. College and University. Please have the transcripts emailed to Juli Bishop. Please note you'll also supply transcripts to DICAS.
  • EIU undergrads do not need to provide transcripts to the Graduate School.

DI Preselect Application

Eastern Illinois University has two pathways to preselection for the Dietetic Internship. First, if you have a DPD verification statement from EIU, you are eligible for preselection. Second, any student with a DPD verification statement from any undergraduate Nutrition & Dietetics program may apply for one of three graduate assistantships in the program, which includes preselection. The Pre-Select Application contains the components listed below. With your permission, the review committee will use these materials from your Graduate School application. You can grant your permission by checking the pre-select box in your graduate school application.

  • Resume, including dietetics and non-dietetics volunteer and paid experiences
  • Three letters of recommendation - 2 faculty, 1 supervisor
  • Official undergraduate transcripts

Notify Melissa Maulding of your intent to apply for the pre-select option by January 13.

Skype or phone interviews will be conducted with select candidates in mid January, with those not selected for interviews notified by January 31. Notification of pre-selected positions will occur by February 1.

Graduate Assistantships at EIU

EIU offers a variety of GAs, regardless of your starting semester. We encourage you to apply. You will have the opportunity to apply for a GA position when you apply for graduate school admission.

Additional information regarding applying for the Dietetic Internship, is found at DI App FAQ.

General Information

Openings in MSND: Dietetic Internship Option

25 total annually

Fall: 7 - 9

Spring: 16-18

Average number of applicants to EIU MS/DI program, last 2 years

9 for Fall match

37 for Spring match

Minimum cumulative GPA required


Average GPA of enrolled interns in the last 2 years



A phone interview will be conducted with candidates as needed.

Ranking of importance for acceptance into the MS/DI Program

1. Professional Experiences (40%)

2. Letter of Application (25%)

3. GPA (20%)

4. Letters of Recommendation (15%)

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Contact Information

MSND graduate program, contact:
Julie Dietz, PhD
MSND Graduate Coordinator

600 Lincoln Avenue
4307 Klehm Hall
Charleston, IL 61920-3099

Dietetic Internship at EIU, contact:
Melissa K. Maulding
Instructor and DI Coordinator

Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL 61920
Fax: 217-581-6090

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